{craft} little easter chickens

The other week I had the pleasure of helping out in Chloe’s kindy class and volunteered to take some stuff home to help with prep for Easter crafting. The kids are making these little chickens in kindy to take home and Chloe and I got to be the craft testers to see how they’d turn out which she was super excited about. To make these chickens, you will need:orange felt – cut your little chicken feet and beaks outgoogly eyesstyrofoam ballsfeathers or yellow tissue paper {or both!}pva glue + paintbrushFirst we made the feathery chickens. Cut […]

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{DIY} decorative glass bottles

 I wanted to share this quick and easy little way to decorate those popular glass milk bottles {or mason jars with handles or anything glass really – let your creativity run wild!} with something we probably don’t think much of {except during back to school time where most of us probably really don’t like it} – contact paper.I shared this photo a couple of months ago of some back to school afternoon tea prep for my kids and so many of you asked where I got our apple milk bottles so I thought I’d […]

Our Alfresco Make-Over :: Taubmans Endure Paint Challenge

This post is brought to you by TaubmansFor nearly five years {so the whole time we’ve lived in our house!} we’ve been a bit ‘meh’ about our alfresco area. It was never that inviting or anything special to look at. The huge wall of yellow brick left me very uninspired and Daniel and I literally just stuck 1/3rd of an old bamboo Japanese screen on there above the daybed in an attempt to ‘pretty’ up our outside area. Somewhere along the lines I added some string lights and we called it done. And it stayed like […]

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{recipe} honey and blueberry muffins

One of my favourite things is a nice warm blueberry muffin for breakfast {with butter!}I whipped these up a little while ago and they’ve been baked at our house every week since. They’re delicate and delicious and not overly sweet and contain no refined sugar {unless you use brown sugar with the oats on top, though we sometimes use coconut sugar and it’s just as yummy!}Since they’re not too sweet you really get to appreciate the flavour of the blueberries. I’ve called them muffins but I make them in our mini loaf tin.I usually make […]

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{review} new everyday cookbook for thermomix

If you have a thermomix and the old EDC then perhaps like I was you might be curious about the new version of the Everyday Cookbook.I needed a new spatula and when having a browse of the thermomix online store I noticed the new EDC was on special (until the end of March 2014 I believe) if you trade in / recycle your old book, so before I recycle mine I thought I’d share some of the differences I noticed and liked about the two versions. Firstly, it’s bigger. I like the new size. It is […]

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after school wind down time and my exhausted kindy kid

Anyone else have an exhausted kindy kid?We have finished week 6 of school and although so many people I know have kindy kids that have finally adjusted to being at school, my kindy kid is still not used to it and is absolutely exhausted by the end of her Kindy day.I am lucky that Chloe LOVES school. She gets ready for school in 10 seconds flat and she happily says goodbye to me and has a really great day. I know I’m really lucky that she loves it.But some days, the minute we walk […]

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keeping organised :: school papers

Hi everyone! I am working through some of the questions I get asked most and this one pops up all the time – how do I deal with / sort / keep all the school papers and newsletters from school… so I am sharing my little system here.I don’t share stuff like this all the time simply because I am often looking for a ‘better way’ and never want to share something with you under the guise of ‘it works!’ when it doesn’t really or if I’ve only just set it up or have only […]

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:: well hello there ::

Well hello there!! – it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.I lost my mojo for blogging somewhere. I’m not sure exactly where, or why, or how. But I guess it happens sometimes! Especially when life is busy.And especially when you have a baby that doesn’t sleep. Really doesn’t sleep. Currently we are lucky to get a 2 hour stretch overnight.During the day? If not in a pram being pushed around – 30 minutes is about our maximum. BUT I know it’s just a phase. (please let it be just a phase) And that it will get better.Meanwhile […]

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10 Australia Day crafts and activities!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great start to the week! There’s still plenty of time to find a few crafts or activities to do in the lead up to Australia Day and here I’ve put together 10 awesome ideas! Some of these we have done before and some from around the net that we’re hoping to do. I hope you find something that you’d love to do with your kids this week! :o}1. Make paper plate Koalas and Wombats2. Colour in an Aussie flag – thanks so much to Kerina at Living on a Latte and her […]

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{printable} Australia Day Toppers and Flags

G’day everyone!If you’ve been around a while you’ll recognise the koala printable toppers in red and blue, but since sharing those a few years ago I have been asked quite a few times if I’d consider a green and gold printable. As so many of you requested a green and gold version, here it is!! 🙂 

I used a circle scalloped punch to cut my toppers out but you could leave them square or just cut a circle – it’s up to you! I have used them just square as a topper for lollipops or as […]

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