Gray Houses (Exterior Examples and Ideas)

35 Stylish Dark Grey House with Cedar Accents Ideas

Find the wonders of “Gray Houses,” where homes rock the cool, classy, and cultured vibes! The exterior of this place is simply stunning and sure to impress. With gray, it’s not just black and white; it’s a whole new level of trendy!

Whether you’re into clarity or classic beauty, there’s a gray house out there to suit your taste. Oh, and let’s not forget the power of pops! Highlight with cheerful colors will make your gray house a happy traveler in the colorful world of exteriors. Time to wave goodbye to dull and say hello to lovely fun!

So, buckle up and join us on this gray journey, where we’ll show you the secrets to making your house jealous of the block. Prepare yourself for humor, cheering, and a heap of gray-spiration!

Let’s turn those gray skies into the most stylish dark grey house with cedar accentsever!

1. Elegant Home

Elegant Home

Find the classic beauty of the gray house. This dark grey house with cedar accentscombines classic elements with an advanced touch, making it perfect for those who want a cozy yet present look. The outside has a mix of white and gray siding, with pretty details like outdoor wall lanterns and exposed rafters. This design adds character and lets lots of natural light in. The nicely landscaped grassland connects the house with its surroundings. The White and Grey Craftsman is a symbol of a simple way and a great choice for homeowners who love tradition with a bit of forward trend. Welcome to a home that’s both attractive and fashionable.

2. Greeny Grassland

Greeny Grassland

Have wonderful nature at your doorstep with a Grassland house and an Outdoor Furniture Set. This type of architecture aims to blend indoor and outdoor spaces smoothly. The house has big gray exteriors, with big glass windows that offer amazing views of the grasslands around it. The dark grey house with cedar accentsbasis on clean lines and an easy look, giving the house the latest mark. Natural materials like wood and stone add a homestyle and original feel. The spacious outdoor areas, furnished with the Outdoor Furniture Set, are best for having gatherings or simply enjoying peaceful moments in nature. The Green Grassland design represents advanced living neatly connected to the great outdoors.

3. Dark Modern

Dark Modern

If you want a fresh and fancy-looking house, go for the Dark Modern gray design. This method uses dark gray colors that make the house look smooth and futuristic when combined with lighter parts. The design also adds metal touches, smooth lines, and refreshing shapes to make it respond futuristic. Big windows let lots of natural light inside, and at night, fun led lights to make the outside look awesome. If you like the idea of a fresh home that’s different and superior, the Dark Modern design is just right. A dark grey house with cedar accents is a special choice that will make your house stand out and look great in the neighborhood.

4. Classic Stone

Classic Stone

The Grey and Stone house design looks strong and tough. It mixes gray siding with natural stone accents to create a blend of old and new trends. The result is a unique and friendly look that everyone will love. The stone features not only make the house look nice but also add texture and character. The gray siding is like a plain background, making the stone stand out and be the star. With big windows and wooden window frames, the design detects warm and on-trend at the same time. If you want a tough and good-looking exterior for your home, the dark grey house with cedar accents house is a prime choice. It’s strong and beautiful.

5. Sunny Yellow

Sunny Yellow

Lighten up your gray house by including lively yellow marks. The magic happens when the soft gray outside mixes with the sunny yellow bits, making your home lively and full of energy. Add a pop of color by choosing a yellow front door, putting sunny yellow trims around the windows, or using cute yellow decorations, such as Yellow Outdoor Pillows. This dark grey house with cedar accents makes your home look advanced and trendy with the gray backdrop, while the sunny yellow accents give it a kind and joyful reflection. Enjoy a home that’s bright, inviting, and full of positivity and happiness every day.

6. Bright Like Pink

Bright Like Pink

Think of a gray house with bright pink highlights that catch everyone’s eye. This exciting combination adds drama and a progressive feel to the outside of the house. Pink doors, shutters, or architectural details stand out against the gray background, making it a memorable sight. The neat gray tones mixed with the lively pink create a rare contrast that’s hard to miss. The strong pink accents add an odd and brave touch, making this design perfect for people who want to show off their sort and personality. Dark grey house with cedar accents impresses everyone with their eye-catching combo for your house.

7. Dual-Toned Home

Dual-Toned Home

A Dual-tone home looks latest and stylish from the outside. It has two colors – a lighter gray on top and a slightly darker gray below. This dark grey house with cedar accents makes the house look nice, with a contrast that adds deepness and character to how it looks. The great thing about a two-tone design is that it goes well with various house models. So, whether your home is old-fashioned or new, the two-toned doormat adds a rare connection that makes it superb and distinct. Just think of your house standing out in the neighborhood! People passing by will notice its cool and awesome appearance. The two-tone home is a plain but smart idea that makes your house look amazing and makes you realize proud of it.

8. Try Solid Grey

Try Solid Grey

Choosing a solid gray exterior paint gives your house a permanent and fashionable look. It’s a simple yet fancy way to make your home look polished. Whether you like light or dark gray, this one-color method makes your house look put-together and impressive. Solid gray is so easy to work with. You can try out multiple colors for doors, garden decor, and designs to make your house more interesting and exclusive. Gray houses always look nice and never go out of the way. They give your home a shining and friendly comfort. A dark grey house with cedar accents makes your house look wondrous and stunning, think about using solid gray on the outside.

9. Mix with Vintage

Mix With Vintage

The wonders of a gray house come from blending old and new elements. When you mix traditional and novel features, it creates a decorative and eye-catching exterior. Think about vintage windows and doors paired with smooth gray siding, along with a pleasant traditional mailbox, making an artistic combination that applies to both classic and modern tastes. This mix not only adds character to the house but also brings the sight of balance and stunner. The permanent design elements and contemporary look make a unique and welcoming home that stands out in its beauty. Whether you like traditional or recent type, this dark grey house with cedar accents offers something special that captures the hearts of all who see it.

10. Brick Is Beauty

Brick Is Beauty

Give your home’s outside a current upgrade with a gray-painted brick. It’s an epic way to make the old brick look fresh and new. Just add a gray color, and it gives the brick a polished and textured form that goes great with any style. You can even combine it with wood, stone, or siding for a balanced and natural look. The best thing about painted brick is how well it matches with other outside materials. A dark grey house with cedar accents makes your home look even better. Gray-painted brick is a clear way to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. It’ll impress everyone who sees it.

11. Blend of Light and Dark

Blend of Light and Dark

Mixing light and dark gray colors on the outside of your house can make it look more interesting. Light gray siding or stucco makes it feel nice and open, while darker gray accents like shutters, trim, or roofing add contrast and definition. The combination of these shades improves the overall view and gives your home’s front a festive mark. Dark grey house with cedar accents, a nice mix that not only looks good but also adds character and attraction to your property. With this color blend, your house will stand out in the neighborhood, leaving a strong impression on anyone who passes by. Changing the look of your home is easy with this plain design choice, making it a beautiful and sparkling place to live.

12. Warmth in Neutrals

Warmth in Neutrals

Make your home’s outside look secure and inviting by using bright gray and beige colors together. These colors go well with each other and give a nice, neutral, yet pretty look. You can choose either gray or beige for the main color and use the other as accents to create a soft and classy quality that matches different house designs. The best part is you can also add colorful plants and decorations outside to make your home look even more lovely. So, try out this easy color combo of gray and beige, and see how your dark grey house with cedar accents becomes a homely and welcoming place that everyone loves.

13. Blues Haven

Blues Haven

Give your home a peaceful and posh look by using a mix of grey and blue colors. The soft bluish grey goes perfectly with the radiant blue, making it look nice. This color combo works great for coastal or new homes and gives off a calm and cool vibe. To make your house even more pleasant, add touches of blue to doors, shutters, or trims. This dark grey house with cedar accents will make the whole place look even better. For a clean and fresh look, try adding white or off-white elements alongside this color scheme. With a mix of grey and blue, your home will have a smooth and artistic atmosphere that will impress everyone who visits.

14. Attractive Hues

Attractive Hues .jpg

To create a happy and friendly vibe, use bluish-grey with butter-yellow accents. The bluish grey is a flexible base, letting the pleasant butter yellow stand out. This dark grey house with cedar accents works great for cottages or homes with a homey excitement. Choose bluish grey for the outside and add splashes of butter yellow on the front doors, window frames, or flower boxes. The result is a delightful mix of colors that spread happiness and make your place reflect open. Whether you’re decorating a cottage or updating your home, this color palette, along with the blue and grey ceramic table lamp, will bring joy to your space and make it inviting for you and your guests.

15. Go with Grey & Brown

Go with Grey & Brown

Grey and brown are classic and lasting pair that work together to create a polished and fine look for any house. These neutral colors go well together and can suit several ways of architecture. For a gentle contrast, you can choose a light grey exterior with dark brown accents. Alternatively, a dark grey base with light brown details adds deepness and character to the house. This combination is both safe and stylish and never goes out of fashion. Hold the lasting beauty of grey and brown to give your house a joyful and sweet invite that will always look great. Whether you like a present or a traditional look, this dark grey house with cedar accents shown by Grey Stone Planters has got you covered.

16. Trendy White

Trendy White

To make your home look clean and latest, use grey and white colors. Grey will be the main color, and white will add a rare bit. For a fine look, go with light grey walls and white trims, and addition the decor with superb White Ceramic Vases showcasing your favorite flowers or greenery. If you want a daring effect, choose a darker grey exterior with white details. This color combo works well for both advanced and traditional homes, giving them a fresh and polished look. Using grey and white will make your home flashy and never changing. It will enhance the overall appearance of your property and make it look great. Whether you like a subtle mode, this dark grey house with cedar accents will bring out the best in your home’s design.

17. Simplicity is Beauty

Simplicity is Beauty

Greyboard is a type of wood siding, and batten is narrow vertical strips that add texture. This combo, paired with the plain greyboard wallpaper, works great for farmhouse-type homes or cottages. The greyboard and batten make the house detect cheerful and joyful, skilled for those who love the countryside. With this trend, your home will feel warm and welcoming, enveloping the wonders of nature. The natural wood look of the greyboard goes well with the vertical battens, creating a lasting notification that fits right into the countryside. Whether you live in the country or want to bring a joint of it to the suburbs, this mode will turn your dark grey house with cedar accents into a fair escape that welcomes you with open arms.

18. Fusion of Blue-Grey

Fusion of Blue-Grey

Give your home a touch of natural beauty with blue-grey siding and fit stone veneer panels. The refreshing blue-grey color blends with the earthy stone, creating a classy and lovely exterior. The blue-grey siding sets a trendy tone, while the stone adds comfort and texture. This mix works well for contemporary or blue-grey houses, adding culture and rarity to your home. Think about your dark grey house with cedar accents with this pleasing blend, standing out in the neighborhood with its beauty. Let your home be the envy of all, radiating a sight of luxury and attraction for years to come. Hold the mix of blue-grey and stone to turn your house into a permanent masterpiece.

19. Subtle Drama

Subtle Drama.jpg

Increase the beauty of your gray house exterior with a gentle touch of excitement. Try adding darker shades of gray or black for things like window frames, doors, or decorative trims. This simple difference will give your home more character and deepness, with a touch of subtle drama that catches the eye without being too much. When you pair these darker accents with the calming gray background, it creates a cool look that stands out and feels classy. It’s an easy way to make your house more noticeable in the neighborhood while still keeping it stylish and classic. The key is finding the right balance between being subtle and making an impact, and these darker accents do just that. Your dark grey house with cedar accents will have a unique beauty that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

20. Latest Style

Latest Style .jpg

Design your gray house with a fashionable grip by using clean and simple lines. Fresh architecture loves simplicity, using basic shapes and minimal features. To get that forward look, choose big windows, flat or low roofs, and uneven facades. Gray exteriors go great with this form, creating a stylish and comforting atmosphere that shows off your home’s details. Include the changing trends by adding these new elements, making your home suffer fresh and up-to-date. With its easy trend and cool attraction, your dark grey house with cedar accents will stand out in the neighborhood and impress everyone who sees it. Your trending lifestyle finds its perfect expression in your gray house.

21. Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Try out different shades of grey for your house’s exterior to make it look fascinating and one-of-a-kind. Using various grey colors along with the addition of beautiful outdoor Wall sconces adds texture and richness, making your home eye-catching. Mix lighter and darker greys with mid-tones to create a balanced and peaceful look that’s best for recent homes. This design choice will give your house a culture and delightful presence, setting it apart from others. Your home will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Merge the divine of grey and give your dark grey house with cedar accents a fantastic makeover that will impress both you and your guests.

22. Sunny Houses

Sunny Houses

Make your home’s exterior look delightful and refreshing by combining grey with bright yellow accents. The grey color is a clear background that lets the pops of yellow add cheer and present-day touch to your house. Try using yellow for the front door, window frames, or even in the landscaping to make everything look nice and coordinated. This dark grey house with cedar accents will lighten up your whole home and make it more inviting. Grey and yellow together create a friendly atmosphere that will impress your visitors. So, give it a try and see how your home becomes a cheerful and modish gem in the neighborhood.

23. Earthy Combo

Earthy Combo .jpg

Make your home’s outside walls look lovely by mixing brown and grey colors along with a cheery garden flower planter bed. This combo creates a comfy and welcoming look, making your house react cozy. You can use brown for most walls and grey for accents, or do it the other way around. Either way, it gives a mark of classy to any type of house. The brown pattern goes well with the fresh feel of grey, making the finest match that catches the eye. Take up this dark grey house with cedar accents to give your home a fresh and designer view that stands out in the neighborhood.

24. Coastal Bliss

Coastal Bliss

Design your house into a beachy paradise by mixing sandy beige tones with different shades of grey and adding candle holders. The sandy colors give a relaxed beach vibe, while the greys add an innovative connection. This dark grey house with cedar accents creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere, prime for those who love the beachy connection with a fashionable look. Think about your home surrounded by the calming colors of the beach, where the sandy tones bring peace and the greys include a bit of excitement. It’s like having your coastal getaway right at your doorstep. Whether you’re chilling on the porch or hosting friends inside, this coastal-inspired look will set the best mood for any occasion. Hold the coastal lifestyle with this mix of sandy beige and soothing greys.

25. Natural Blue

Natural Blue

The mix of colors creates an exclusive and inviting look that stands out. It feels calm and artistic for both residents and visitors. The lovable stone texture adds character to the front, giving it a touch of plain beauty. To increase the quality of this pleasing home, decorate your dining table with the attractive sparkle grey table runner. Whether it’s in the quiet countryside or a busy city, this Stone Blue with Grey house will catch everyone’s eye in the neighborhood. With its unique sparkle and superb colors, this dark grey house with cedar accents is a symbol of magic. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and lasting invite of this delightful home, where every moment reacts special. It’s more than just a house; it’s a place to call home and create lasting memories.

26. Sharp Design

Sharp Design

Photo – copyright -Rebecca McAlpin

The Sharp Design is a current masterpiece, combining dark grey with shiny white elements to make an amazing contrast. The dark grey outside looks stylish, while the white mark and the modish bookshelf make it realize clean and fresh. The mix of these dark and light colors gives the house a permanent picture that will stay fashionable for many years. These colors not only make it look deeper but also show off the beautiful details of the house, giving it a fancy and luxurious look that’s sure to catch the eye of people passing by. The dark grey house with cedar accents is a truly amazing example of updated architecture.

27. Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic

This pretty gray house with an outdoor fire pit is nestled among dreamy mountains, and its attraction blends effortlessly with nature’s beauty. The natural colors of the outside match the surroundings perfectly, making a fair connection between the house and the landscape. Inside, big windows and glass walls frame amazing views of the mountains, letting residents enjoy the peace of nature without leaving home. Mountain Magic is a calm getaway, a safe place for those who love nature and want to relax. Surrounded by stunning views, this dark grey house with cedar accents is a peaceful escape from everyday life. Nature lovers will be happy here, and the house becomes a gateway to explore the wonders of the mountains.

28. Garden Pathway

Garden Pathway

The well-kept landscape and stone pathways to the front door give the house a fair, homely meet. The garden not only makes the house look pretty but also creates a calm and refreshing atmosphere, making it a quiet and shining place for residents and guests. A restful hammock chair nestled among the greenery invites you to relax and unwind in nature’s hold. The house design blends totally with nature, offering a serene and relaxing living space. Step inside and feel the joyful energy of this nature-inspired design. The garden entrance sets the tone for a delightful living experience, where you can enjoy the divine and serenity of nature every day. So come and experience the joy of living in this attractive dark grey house with cedar accentssurrounded by its inspiring garden entrance.

29. Class of Southern

Class Of Southern

The classic design welcomes you with comfort and gentleness. Inside, a traditional ceiling fan gently hangs from the ceiling, similar to times gone by. Outside, a pretty porch with sharp columns and detailed woodwork takes you back to the nice homes of the South. The gray color includes a bit of class, making it look even more exceptional and old-fashioned. This Classic Southern Design house is a lovely tribute to tradition. It offers a restful and cheerful home, not just for today but for many years ahead. Think about making great memories in this decorative home, where the spirit of the South is felt in every corner. With its mix of fashion and relief, this dark grey house with cedar accents truly captures the essence of Southern living.

30. Go Bold with Red

Go Bold with Red

The Bold & Red gray house is truly amazing. It has an extraordinary mix of gray and red accents that make it stand out in any neighborhood. The red parts are carefully added to the outside design, creating a impressive contrast against the gray background and giving the house a lot of personality. The strong choice of colors, along with the cedar wood birdhouse, makes the house individual and shows off the owner’s daring and creative way. With its advanced and eye-catching appearance, the Bold & Red house becomes a real centerpiece that leaves a strong impression on everyone who sees it. People will love looking at this dark grey house with cedar accents and detect jealousy of its charm. It brings life and vibrancy to the whole area around it.

31. Balanced Look

Balanced Look

Gray houses look special because they have the right balance of size and aging. Size means that all the parts of the house, like windows, doors, and roofs, fit together nicely. A well-sized gray house looks classy and fun. The aging of a gray house, including the lined beauty of antique brass door knobs, adds character and wonders. Aging happens when materials naturally change over time, giving the house a unique and lived-in look. Dark grey house with cedar accents with nice aging looks classic and friendly, creating a warm and inviting desire. The good balance of size and the attraction of aging combine to make gray houses stand out as interesting and delightful homes to see.

32. Classic Style

Classic Style

Restored gray houses are like precious treasures that keep the excitement of the past while giving us all the new joy. With careful renovation and fixing, the original architectural features are brought back to their former glory. These houses become a window into history, showing beautiful details like fancy designs and old-fashioned hardware and a decorative fireplace screen that tell stories of the past. Every corner has a tale to share, and stepping inside feels like traveling through time. Preserving these dark grey houses with cedar accents lets us enjoy the wonder of old times while still living relaxed today. They remind us to value our heritage and the skilled workmanship passed down through generations.

33. Proper Cottage

Proper Cottage

The proper cottage is a classic gray house that suffers pleasant and dreamy. This dark grey house with cedar accents has a slanted roof, cute windows on the top floor, and a nice front porch that makes you enjoy homely and comfortably. The gray color gives it a traditional look, and you can add pretty colors to make it even more stunning. Inside the proper cottage, you’ll connect grabbed by its taking pleasant. The gray walls make it believe traditional, while the little windows on the top floor add a sweet touch. With a joyful front porch, this snug home invites you to relax and enjoy peaceful moments. Decorating the proper cottage is fun. The neutral gray color lets you use different colors, like bright flowers or colorful wall art, to make it your singular place.

34. Symmetrical Delighted


The gray cottage looks nice because everything is balanced and in order. It has a centered entrance and windows on both sides, spaced out evenly. This dark grey house with cedar accents makes the cottage experience very close and pleasing to look at. The balanced design creates a sight of balance and finish. When you look at the cottage, it feels calm and silent. The simple and modish design makes it a welcoming and enjoyable sight for both the people who live there and those who pass by. The gray cottage shows how symmetry can make a home more friendly and expressive.

35. Makeover of Dark Grey House with Cedar Accents

Makeover of Dark Grey House with Cedar Accents

An old and plain gray cottage got a wonderful makeover that made it look brand new. They added a fresh coat of paint, made the garden look nice, and put in new windows and doors. Additionally, a hanging wall mirror was strategically placed to reflect the natural light and increase the overall art of the interior. The cottage still keeps its charm but looks even more pretty now. Everyone in the neighborhood loves the new look. People passing by can’t help but stop and admire how cute the cottage has become. This dark grey house with cedar accents has inspired others to spruce up their homes too. It goes to show that a little care and creativity can make a big difference in giving an old house new life. The cottage’s change is truly amazing.


All in all, from stylish to modern, it’s got you covered! We’ve walked through a lovely neighborhood of gray houses, each one showing its unique beauty. Whether they were smooth and latest with clean lines or homely cottages with a join of vintage flair, they all rocked their gray look!

So, if you’re considering the perfect exterior color for your dream home, don’t be afraid to go gray! Let your creativity flow, and you’ll end up with a house that’s the talk of the town, impressing guests and bringing smiles to people. There you have it, folks! Gray houses are a delightful canvas for your imagination, bringing a touch of fashion and humor to the world of architecture.

Happy house-hunting, and may your future dark grey house with cedar accents be the talk of the town!

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