Beautiful Ideas for a Stunning Front Door with Sidelights

22 Gorgeous Front Door with Sidelights Ideas

The front door of a house is not just an entryway; it’s an important piece that sets the tone for your home’s exterior. It plays a big role in making the door look nice and eye-pleasing. One way to increase the beauty and attraction of your front door is by installing sidelights.

Sidelights are narrow windows placed on either side of the door, giving an extra bit of smoothness and beauty. Whether you have a traditional, modern, or eclectic style, there are countless creative possibilities for designing a stunning front door with sidelights.

And we’ve collected the best 22 ideas that can transform your home’s entrance. If you prefer a classic look or a more updated and fashionable design, we’ve got you something to suit your taste and artistic mood.

Let’s look at some collected possibilities that will make your front door stand out.

1. Woodgrain Front Door with Sidelight

Woodgrain Front Door with Sidelight

Turn your home’s entrance into a great place with a special door called a woodgrain front door and attractive glass panels called Sidelights. This door looks like real wood and makes your front entrance welcoming and charming. The woodgrain texture makes it fancy and creates a warm and friendly feeling. Sidelights are extra glass panels next to the door that let sunlight come inside and show you the outside view.

The front door with sidelights makes the entrance bright and large. It’s the perfect way to make your entrance look amazing and impress all your friends who visit.

2. Mixed Panels and Sidelights

Mixed Panels and Sidelights

If you want your front door to look superb, try using a design with mixed panels and sidelights. Mixed panels are made of multiple materials like wood, glass, or metal, arranged in a wonderful pattern. They make your entryway look creative and interesting. Sidelights are glass panels on the sides of the door with sidelight curtains that add even more beauty.

When the sun shines through, it lights up your entryway and makes it feel comfy and inviting. Choosing mixed panels and sidelights will make your front door stand out and look different from others. It is unique and makes people say, “Wow!”.

3. Customized Sidelights

Customized Sidelights

You can make your front door special by choosing custom sidelights. These are like small windows on the sides of the door. Customization means you get to observe how they look, how big they are, and what they’re made of. You have lots of choices, like distinct kinds of glass, patterns, and pretty decorations. Give a touch of fashion and privacy to your sidelights with decorative window film.

These films come in various patterns and designs, allowing you to customize the look of your front door. This makes your front door rare from everyone else’s. Whether you want a modern way or a fancy, vintage design, custom sidelights help you create the perfect front door with sidelights that show off your way and match your house. It’s a fun way to add a singular touch to the entrance of your home.

4. A Royal Experience

A Royal Experience

Welcome your guests with a showy front door with sidelights that looks super stylish and stand out. Choose a design with beautiful details, like pretty glass pieces, sharp carvings, metal decorative, grilles, or decorations. These refined things make your front door look luxurious and royal.

The designers of the door put great effort while making it just to look like a beautiful piece of art. When you open the door, it feels grand and artistic. It makes everyone feel mesmerized, and they will remember it for a long time. Having a royal front door with sidelights makes your house feel important and fashionable compared to the other houses in the neighborhood.

5. Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome

Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome

Your front door with sidelights is like a big happy face, ready to meet visitors. It’s not just pretty to look at, but it also lets sunlight in through the windows on the sides. This fills your home with lots of cheerful light. When guests come through the door with a wooden welcome sign, they feel comfy and happy, like getting a friendly hug.

However, the friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel relaxed and joyful. Whether you’re welcoming friends, family, or new friends, your front door with sidelightscreates a perfect first impression. It shows how much you care about your guests and makes them feel really special.

6. Bold, Black, Beautiful

Bold, Black, Beautiful

Imagine having front door sidelights that catch your attention. It creates a super cool entrance that looks fancy and sleek. The black color is really deep and rich, which includes a lot of excitement and style to the outside of your home. It also looks amazing when it’s next to light-colored walls or other things around it. When you have black front door sidelights on each side and Smart Door Lock, everything looks balanced and even.

It makes your whole house look even more attractive. Plus, this color choice never goes out of trend and can work with any kind of house design, whether it’s vintage or fashionable. So, when people come to visit your home, they will be impressed by your awesome black front door with sidelights, and they will feel super welcome.

7. Unusual Color Mixture

Unusual Color Mixture

Make your front door sidelights extra special by trying out some lively color mixtures. Instead of using the usual colors, why not mix things up and create a unique door? You can have a lot of fun by picking colors that are bright and different from each other. Imagine having a door using multi-purpose spray paint that’s bold and red, with sidelights that are as sunny as a yellow sunflower. That would make your entrance cheerful and welcoming.

A door that’s soft and pastel, and has colors that go well together, would give your home a magical and playful feel. The trick is to choose colors that look nice together and match the colors of your house. When you pick a superior color combination, your front door with sidelights will stand out and show off your creativity. It’ll be like having a work of art in your house.

8. Classy and Modern

Classy & Modern

Turn your front door into a super stylish and modish masterpiece by adding modern sidelights. Get a trendy look by choosing clean lines, simple designs, and really good materials. Pick a front door and sidelights with nice details like shiny metal handlesor glass panels that aren’t see-through. This will make your entrance look extra modest.

Try using trendy materials like metal or glass to make it look even more amazing. A fantastic and advanced front door with sidelights will make your house look fashionable and wondrous. Everyone will think it’s the coolest house on the block. Update your entrance with this updated and fresh combo that never goes out of style.

9. Go Big, Go Bold

Go Big, Go Bold

Make your home’s entrance stand out by choosing a big front door and wide sidelights. When you have a bigger door and big windows on either side, it makes your home look superb and lets lots of natural light inside. The front door with sidelights will be the main focus of your house and will grab everyone’s attention.

The wide windows bring in a lot of light and make your home feel open and roomy. This entryway design with a welcome doormat not only makes your entrance look beautiful but also makes your home feel warm and welcoming. People who visit or walk by will be impressed by your bold front door and with how broad your home looks. It’s something they won’t forget.

10. Set a Warm Tone to Your Outside

Set A Warm Tone To Your Outside

Turn your home’s outside into a warm and attractive place with a friendly front door with sidelights. Choose colors like gentle browns, rich woods, or earthy tones to make it feel super comfy. Pick materials like wood or pretend wood that has a natural look and give a traditional or old-fashioned feel to the entrance.

Make it even cozier by adding cool things like potted plants, a welcoming doormat, or pretty outdoor lights. The comforting colors of the door and sidelights will make your home feel welcoming and create a happy atmosphere for everyone who comes over.

11. A Game of Light and Shadow

A Game of Light and Shadow

Be creative and play an artistic game of the sunlight giving shadows as they create lovely patterns inside your home. The front door with sidelights lets the sunlight sneak in and make amazing shapes. Throughout the day, the light and shadows keep changing, making it feel like a magic show just for you.

Wrap these delicate fairy lights around your sidelights or doorframe to create a whimsical atmosphere. When you come home or have guests over, it’s like moving into a fairytale. The light and shadow dance together, making your home feel extra memorable. So, this is where ordinary doors become extraordinary and where everyday moments become full of wonder.

12. Where Classic Meets Modern

Where Classic Meets Modern

Think of having a front door that is both old-fashioned and trendy at the same time. You can make it look outstanding by adding fancy sidelights with a door viewer peephole to a wooden door. This makes your house look cool and striking. They make your entrance look even more incredible.

When people see your front door with sidelights, they will think it’s quite stylish and fashionable. It’s a special combination of old and new that makes your home come out from others. So you can welcome your friends with a front door that is classic and trendy, and they will be so impressed by how awesome your house looks.

13. Simple and Stylish

Simple & Stylish

You can have a beautiful front door with windows on the sides. It’s like a particular door that catches your eye right away. It looks neat and clean with straight lines and not too many things on it. It’s like being showy without trying too hard. The door and windows are plain, so you can make them extra remarkable by adding pretty things like smart doorbells or bright colors.

This shows that sometimes simple things are the best and can make a really big impact. So, if you want a front door with sidelights that are both simple and impressive, just remember that less can be more. You can make it your own by adding your personal touch, making it unique.

14. Revise Your Style with Wooden Doors

Revise Your Style with Wooden Doors

You should give your home’s entrance a magical makeover with the help of attractive wooden doors. This front door with sidelights is like a permanent treasure that brings a fine beauty to your house. The wood used to make them has an individual design and quality that make your entrance look inviting.

Not only are these doors nice, but they are also strong and keep your home comfortable. They last for a very long time and create a warm and welcoming feeling. By choosing wooden doors, you can make your home look stylish and classy. It’s like adding some magic to your house.

15. Design Tall and Shiny Entryways

Design Tall and Shiny Entryways

Create an amazing entrance with a tall and shiny front door with sidelights and Outdoor Wall Sconces that shine bright. The tall design makes your entrance look important and inviting. The sidelights are made of see-through material like glass, allowing lots of natural light inside and making it feel cheerful.

The shiny side of the door and sidelights reflect light, making your home look fancy and special from the outside. This makes your home leaves a lifelong impression on everyone who sees it. People will be surprised when they see your extraordinary entrance.

16. The Jenga Door

The Jenga Door

The Jenga Doors are a cool and unique design for your front door. Just imagine a door that looks like a giant Jenga game! The door has wooden pieces collected in a fun and eye-catching way, just like when you play Jenga. This front door with sidelights makes your house look exceptional and different from others.

When your friends come over, they will be so surprised by your awesome door. The Jenga Door is all about having fun and showing off your creativity. It’s like a secret code that says, “This house is full of fun!” You can easily make a first impression with the Jenga Door.

17. Design a Bright Entryway

Design A Bright Entryway

Creating a bright and friendly entrance is important to make your home feel warm and welcoming. One way to do this is by choosing a front door with special windows on the sides called “sidelights.” These sidelights let lots of natural light come into your entrance, making it bright and safe.

With a summer wreath on sidelights, you can enjoy the beautiful sunlight and look outside before walking inside. The front door with sidelights makes your entrance happy and welcoming for everyone who comes to visit your home.

18. Pop It Out with Metal Panelling

Pop It Out With Metal Panelling

These shiny and strong panels add a super cool touch to your entryway. You can pick the perfect size for your door and choose from finishes like brushed steel or bronze. It’s like dressing up your door in a wonderful shield. A sleek and modern wall mirror with a brushed metal frame.

It can be placed near the front door to create an illusion of space and increase the overall aesthetic. The shiny metal makes your front door look fancy and notable, making it the star of your house. So, if you want to make your front door with sidelights stand out and look amazing, try using metal panels. It’s a fun and stylish way to make a big impression.

19. Play Everywhere with Wooden Board

Play Everywhere With Wooden Board

Step into a world of magic with a wooden board front door with sidelights. These doors never go out of fashion and have a classic look that will surprise you. There are many different ways and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect wooden door for your home. Wood has a special comfort and beauty that makes your entryway welcoming and unique.

Whether you like the old-fashioned style or the updated look, a wooden board front door can match any taste. Wood is also strong and long-lasting, which is why lots of people choose it for their front doors. It’s like having a magical entrance that welcomes you every day.

20. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Having a simple front door design can make a big difference. It’s like when you have just the right amount, not too much or too little. A minimalist approach means keeping things clean and simple. Choose a front door with sidelights that are plain and not too fancy, like a door with just one color or one big panel. Don’t add too many decorations or difficult patterns.

By keeping it simple with a simple Doormat, your front door will look stylish and classy. It will match the vibe of your home and make everything look nice and balanced. A simple front door is like a quiet and peaceful welcome to your house. Let your front door show off its mode by keeping things simple and beautiful.

21. Cool, Classy, Contemporary

Cool, Classy, Contemporary

Give your front door with sidelights a cool, classy, and upgraded makeover. Choose a design with shiny lines and trendy materials to make it look modern. Add glass panels with modern door handles or put them to allow natural light to brighten up your entryway. To complete the latest look, use a shiny metal handle or hardware.

When you have fresh, refined, and up-to-date front door sidelights, your house will look super fancy from the outside. It will have a fresh and trendy look that everyone will admire. So, why not update your home’s entrance and make it extra notable with a great and advanced front door?

22. Go for a Textured Look

Go For A Textured Look

Transform your front door into something extraordinary with the use of texture. Texture means adding something interesting and stony to the outside of your front door with sidelights. Add a touch of texture to your front door by using stone texture wallpaper. There are different ways to do this, like making patterns or designs on the door, using outstanding glass pieces, or painting it in a textured way.

These stony parts make the door look more exciting and outstanding. You can choose a texture that is nice and gentle or one that is big and bold. It’s like turning your front door into a piece of art.


All in all, it is about time to give farewell to ordinary front doors and get extraordinary. When sidelights partner the front doors, it can give the entrance new heights of beauty and fashion. These simple but attractive front doors with sidelight designs will instantly turn heads and create curiosity.

By adding sidelights, you not only fill up your entryway with natural light but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for a memorable welcome. So, why settle for a run-of-the-mill entrance when you can give it a feel of a palace?

Step out of the ordinary, let your creativity shine, and convert your front door into a masterpiece. Get ready to make your home a beacon of beauty and way, one sidelight at a time.

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