Herringbone Backsplash Kitchens That Look So Dynamic

26 Herringbone Backsplash Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen.

Have you ever heard of a herringbone backsplash? No, it’s not a type of dance move, although it could certainly add some style to your kitchen. A herringbone backsplash is a patterned tile design that can add a dynamic touch to any kitchen. It offers a versatile and eye-catching alternative to traditional tile arrangements.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, a backsplash could be just the thing you need to make it pop. Not only does it look great, but it’s also practical and easy to clean. Plus, you’ll be able to impress your dinner guests with your elite new backsplash.

So, if you’re ready to take your kitchen to the next level, check out these backsplash kitchens that will leave you feeling inspired.

Who knows, you might even start cooking more often so that you can admire your new backsplash.

1. Smooth Herringbone Tiles

Smooth Herringbone Tiles

Smooth herringbone tiles are like puzzle pieces that fit together in a novel way to make your kitchen look awesome. They are rectangular tiles that are arranged in a slanted, zigzag pattern. These tiles have a smooth side that feels nice to touch, and they come in distinct materials like ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Smooth herringbone tiles are easy to keep clean, which is super important in a busy kitchen.

When you use these tiles for your herringbone backsplash, it gives your kitchen the latest and most fancy look. It’s like adding an extra touch of style and superbness to your cooking space. So, if you want your kitchen to look modern and spirited, smooth herringbone tiles are a great choice.

2. Plaster Paint

Plaster Paint

Plaster paint is a special kind of paint that can make your kitchen backsplash look gorgeous. It’s thick and smooth, which makes it easy to put on. You can use a brush, or a particular tool called a trowel to spread the paint and make interesting textures. Plaster paint comes in various styles, like smooth and shiny or rough and stony. It gives your herringbone backsplash a 3D effect, making it stand out and look awesome.

Not only does plaster paint look classy, but it’s also strong and easily maintainable, so it’s perfect for the kitchen. With plaster paint, you can turn your normal herringbone backsplash into something super outstanding that everyone will love.

3. Single Row of Tiles

Single Row of Tiles

A single row of tiles is a sharp and nice way to decorate your kitchen. Instead of covering the whole wall, you can put a line of tiles along the countertop. It gives your kitchen a neat and arranged look. You can choose different shapes and materials for the tiles, like subway tiles or mosaic patterns.

The tiles protect your wall from sprinkles and stains while making it look nice. If you want a simple and fine design that goes well with the rest of your kitchen, a single row of tiles is a great choice. It gives a touch of style without being too showy.

4. Mirrored Surfaces

Mirrored Surfaces kitchen tile

Mirrored surfaces in kitchen herringbone backsplashes are like magical mirrors that make the kitchen look superb and flashy. They reflect light and make the kitchen seem bigger and brighter. It’s almost like having a secret trick to make your kitchen shine. Mirrored backsplashes come in distinct types, like unique tiles or big pieces of mirrored glass. You can use them to cover the whole backsplash or mix them with other materials to create a matchless design.

The best part is that they’re really low maintenance. Having mirrored surfaces in the kitchen gives a touch of class and creates an extra-leading atmosphere. It’s like having a desire and a glamorous kitchen that’s full of magic.

5. Dark Matching Counters

Dark Matching Counters kitchen tile

Dark matching counters in kitchen backsplashes create a creative and low-key look. When you have dark countertops that match your backsplash, it adds deepness and makes things look interesting. The dark colors can be super dark, like black or dark brown, or a little bit gray. It depends on how you want your kitchen to feel. This design makes your kitchen look extraordinary, and all the parts fit together nicely.

Dark matching counters work well with a diversity of herringbone backsplash materials like tiles, stones, or glass. They make your kitchen look outstanding and modern. And guess what? Dark countertops are also easy to take care of because they hide stains and scratches better.

6. Shiplap

Shiplap kitchen tile

Shiplap is a kind of wooden wall covering that makes kitchens look comfortable and simple. It’s made of longboards that neatly fit together, arranging an attractive pattern on the walls. Shiplap adds a touch and makes the kitchen feel pleasing and attractive, like a comfortable farmhouse. You can keep the wood as it is or paint it different colors to match the kitchen’s style.

Cleaning shiplap is a breeze, and it’s known for its strength, which is great for kitchens where things can get dirty. It also makes the kitchen look nice with cabinets and devices. Lots of people love using shiplap in their kitchens because it makes them feel comfortable and gives a fresh country vibe.

7. Brick Veneer

Brick Veneer kitchen tile

Brick veneer is a great way to make your kitchen look like it’s made of real bricks. It’s like a brick cover for your wall. You can use thin pieces of real bricks or particular bricks made just for this. When you put them on the wall, it adds a feel and makes the kitchen look older and more comfortable, like a secret hideout.

Brick veneer comes in many colors and styles, so you can pick the one you like best. It works with kitchens that look old-fashioned or super modern. You can even mix it up with other materials like wood, metal, or glass to make it even more classy. Brick veneeris hard and designed for quick sanitation, and it gives your kitchen an extraordinary touch that makes it grand and welcoming.

8. Dark Granite and Paint

Dark Granite and Paint kitchen tile

If you want your kitchen to look great, using square-shaped tiles is a great idea. These tiles are like little squares that you can stick on the wall behind your sink or stove. They fit together perfectly, so there are no spaces in between. You can choose tiles made of various materials like ceramic tile, porcelain, or glass. When you cover the full wall with these tiles, it looks smooth and neat.

The wall becomes the center of attention in your kitchen and makes it look awesome. Plus, cleaning square tiles is a piece of cake, which is important when you cook a lot. So, if you want your kitchen to be stylish and maintained effortlessly, go for square tiles.

9. Copper Counters

Copper Counters kitchen tile

Copper counters in kitchen backsplashes are like shiny treasures that make the kitchen look fine and creative. Copper is a kind of metal that adds comfort and beauty to the kitchen. It stands out from other things in the kitchen, like cabinets, copper kitchen sinks, and devices, because it looks different and novel. Copper counters make the kitchen feel classy and stylish.

The great thing about copper is that it can fight germs and keep the kitchen clean. With proper care, copper counters can last a long time and become even more beautiful as they get older. When we mix copper counters with other things in the herringbone backsplash, like tiles or stone, the kitchen looks super fancy, and everyone will be surprised.

10. Full Square Tile Coverage

Full Square Tile Coverage kitchen

When you use dark granite and paint together in your kitchen, it looks trendy and stylish. Imagine having dark countertops made of granite. If you paint the wall behind it with a matching dark color, it will make your kitchen look even more wondrous. You can choose shades like black, deep gray, or brown, depending on the type of style you like. This mix makes your kitchen look great and superior. The dark granite and paint go together really well, making everything look even better.

It doesn’t matter if you like traditional or contemporary kitchens; this mix works for both. The best part is that dark granite is strong and has a dirt-repellent surface, which is great for busy kitchens. You can use granite cleaner for maintaining and cleaning dark granite countertops. So, if you want your kitchen to look neat and modest, try using dark granite and matching paint!

11. Take a Risk on a Bold Pattern

Take a Risk on a Bold Pattern kitchen tile

Instead of being plain and boring, you can choose a really fun design for your kitchen backsplash. A herringbone backsplash featuring a bold pattern. This stylish design includes a bit of personality and drama in your space. Whether you prefer classic black and white or vibrant colors, a herringbone backsplash adds uniqueness to your kitchen.

The interlocking tiles bring movement and depth. You can use more types of tiles, wallpapers, or stickers to make these mind-blowing designs. By selecting a stylish design for your backsplash, you’ll make your kitchen a fun place to cook and hang out. And you will wow your friends and family easily with your grand kitchen.

12. Make the Most of Your Space

Make the Most of Your Space

You can make your kitchen backsplashes even more exciting. If you have a small kitchen or not much space on the walls, you can make your backsplash go all the way from the counter to the ceiling. It will give you more space to play around with, and it will look super soothing too. Another idea is to add distinctive things to your herringbone backsplash.

You can have shelves, hooks, or even magnetic lines to hold your kitchen tools, spices, and pans. That way, everything will be easy to find and use. By using these fun ideas, you can make your kitchen arranged and practical. You’ll get to use every part of your kitchen in the best way possible. So let your imagination run naturally and create wonderful extra space for your kitchen.

13. Play with Color

Play With Color kitchen

When you play with colors in the backsplash, you can make the kitchen look super trendy and unique. Colors can change how the kitchen feels and show off our special style. You can use bright, bold colors or soft, gentle shades to make the herringbone backsplash more attractive and unique.

Even you can use colorful tiles, paint, or other things to add color. And can make the colors match or look separate from the other things in the kitchen, like the cabinets or countertops.

14. Hold Tiles with Texture

Hold Tiles With Texture kitchen

Give your kitchen a playful vibe by using tiles. Herringbone backsplash tiles have a unique trick that makes the kitchen look grand and exciting. They come in various styles, like increased patterns, lines, or artistic designs. When you use stony tiles, your kitchen will look separate and stand out from others.

Stony tiles can be made from different things, like clay, glass, or even rocks! They make your kitchen look classy. So, if you want a kitchen that looks magnificent and feels sharp to the touch, using these tiles is a great idea. Give your kitchen a fun twist with striking stone tiles.

15. Try an Unexpected Material

Try an Unexpected Material kitchen

Get creative and make your kitchen look superb by using materials that you wouldn’t expect for your herringbone backsplash. These special kitchens show how you can use some things in fun ways to make your kitchen look amazing. You can pick shiny and modern glass tiles or go for safe and old wood pieces.

You have so many choices; by trying something new and exciting, you can make your kitchen look unique and show everyone your awesome style. Use your imagination and have a blast trying out diverse materials to make your kitchen a place that’s all your own.

16. Make a Fine Statement

Make a Fine Statement kitchen

When it comes to kitchen backsplashes, making a fine statement means making something recent that stands out and gets everyone’s attention. You can do this by using bright colors, trendy designs, special materials, or attractive patterns. Making a statement with your herringbone backsplash lets you show off your style and make your kitchen a fashionable place. It could be like a beautiful picture, a puzzle made of small pieces, or a mix of different materials.

A herringbone backsplash makes your whole kitchen look better and covers a lot of art and fancy style. With these fun options, your kitchen will be super exciting and get lots of compliments!

17. Set the Tone in Your Space

Set the Tone in Your Space kitchen

When you want your kitchen to feel clear, you can use the herringbone backsplash to make it happen. The backsplash is the area behind the sink and stove, and it can help create a special mood in the kitchen. You can do this by selecting diverse colors, materials, or patterns for the backsplash.

For example, if you want a quiet and peaceful kitchen, you can use soft colors or natural materials like stone. But if you want a kitchen that feels exciting and active, you can use bright colors, brilliant patterns, or unique materials. By making these options, you can make your kitchen feel just the way you want it to, and it will be a fun and welcoming place to be!

18. Skip for a Different Shade

Skip for a Different Shade

When you’re designing your kitchen, the backsplash is an important part to compare. One way to make it look prime is by using distinct colors. Instead of using the same color all over, you can choose two colored tiles that are separate but look good together.

Herringbone backsplash will make your kitchen more interesting and fun. You can even use more types of tiles or materials to create an amazing pattern. By doing this, your herringbone backsplash will become the star of the kitchen, and everyone will notice it.

19. Play with Your Tile Position

Play With Your Tile Position kitchen

You can have a great time playing with tiles in the kitchen. You can try more ways to arrange them and make the design look superior. Instead of placing the tiles in straight lines, you can make them go diagonal or make trendy zigzag patterns. It will make the kitchen look super fun and exciting. You can use some more types of tiles and materials to make your design extra superior and unique.

To secure the tiles in place and achieve a polished finish, you’ll need tile adhesive and grout. It’s like being an artist and making your very own masterpiece in the kitchen. Let the imagination get wild and creative, and have lots of fun trying out different tiles.

20. Layer Texture on Texture

Layer Texture on Texture kitchen

When you add distinctive touches to the walls in the kitchen, it makes them look more scenic and fun. You can use more materials, like stony tiles or rough wood grain wallpaper, to make a special design. For example, you can mix tiles that feel stony with wallpaper that has a flashy touch. Or you can put a stone design on the wall and add a shiny metal piece.

Putting various touches together like this makes the kitchen look stylish, and everyone will want to look at it. Not only does it look good, but it also feels nice to touch. Plus, you can be creative and make it your own. This is a great idea if you want your kitchen to be uncommon and look crazy.

21. Add a Pop of Print to Your Space

Add a Pop of Print to Your Space kitchen

You can make your kitchen look lively. Make it happen by adding some really fun patterns and prints to your herringbone backsplash. You can use special tiles, printed wallpapers, or even stickers with fabulous designs on them. These prints will make your herringbone backsplash look super eye-catching and superb. You can choose patterns that are bright and bold or ones that have lots of details, depending on what you like.

When you add these gorgeous prints, your kitchen will become a really exciting and fun place that shows off your superior style and creativity. So go ahead, and make your kitchen the coolest spot in town with some wonderful prints that are full of awesomeness and fun.

22. Paste to Simply Painted Wood Paneling

Paste to Simply Painted Wood Paneling

Imagine having a great kind of wood in your kitchen called wood paneling. It feels like being in a comfortable room. But you can make it more awesome by painting the wood in a nice, simple color like white or gray or using decorative tile stickers. This makes it look contemporary and clean. Now, let’s have some fun and decorate the painted wood with superb things.

You can use some stickers, tiles, or colorful paper. It’s like making a remarkable design on the wall. Adding these decorations to the painted wood makes our kitchen look super classy and attractive. It’s like adding feel and patterns to a plain picture. Everything still looks nice and balanced. So, to make your herringbone backsplash kitchen look grand, try putting sharp things on the painted wood paneling.

23. Match Your Cement to Your Tiles

Match Your Cement to Your Tiles

If you want your kitchen backsplash to look super cool, just match the color of the cement to your tiles. Instead of using normal grout, go for custom building products fusion pro single component Grout that has the same color as your tiles. This will make the side look smooth and permanent, and it will make your tiles stand out even more. No more lines or differences to disturb your eyes!

Cleaning and taking care of your kitchen will also be much simpler because everything will be nice and neat. Say goodbye to boring grout and hello to a fresh and modern herringbone backsplash. With the right cement, your tiles will shine like stars, and your kitchen will look completely wonderful.

24. Exchange Rectangles for Squares

Exchange Rectangles for Squares

If you want to make your kitchen look amazing and superb, try using square tiles instead of long ones. Square tiles have a contemporary shape that’s up-to-date. You can arrange them in lots of separate ways, like making a grid or storing them on top of each other, to make your kitchen look fabulous. When you control from long tiles to square ones, your kitchen will look tidy and balanced.

To enhance the latest look of your kitchen, consider using the smart chessboard. Plus, you can get creative and design your special patterns because square tiles come in all types of sizes, materials, and styles. This is a great idea if you want your herringbone backsplash kitchen to have a simple and modern feel that everyone will think is great.

25. Paint Everything but Your Backsplash

Paint Everything but Your Backsplash

Make your kitchen look matchless by painting everything except the backsplash. Instead of painting the whole wall, just leave the space behind the backsplash without any paint. This will make the backsplash stand out and look mind-blowing. You can use diverse colors and finishes to match your herringbone backsplash design and make it even more outstanding.

It’s like having your special artwork in the kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen extraordinary and show off your wonderful backsplash, this is the perfect way to do it. So take your paintbrush and let your creativity shine in the kitchen.

26. Choose Tiles with Texture

Choose Tiles With Texture

When you’re thinking about your kitchen’s fantastic wall called the herringbone backsplash, why not choose tiles with texture? These tiles can make your kitchen look even cooler by adding deepness. Textured tiles aren’t flat like regular tiles. They have a stony side that pops out and makes your herringbone backsplash super attractive. You can find them in lots of designs with raised patterns or modern textures.

The best part is you can pick tiles that match your style because they come in many types of materials, colors, and finishes. These tiles will make your kitchen look fancy and fancy means nice. The Herringbone backsplash is also really hard and easy to refresh, which is perfect for a kitchen that gets a lot of use. When you choose tiles with texture, it adds something important and unique touch to your kitchen’s look.


All in all, after scrolling through all the ideas, you can confidently say that you’re feeling inspired. Who knew that a simple pattern could make a kitchen look so dynamic? One of the things you love most about herringbone backsplashes is how versatile they are. The possibilities are endless, and each material gives the pattern a rare look and feel.

Whether you want to create a bold statement or a subtle accent, a herringbone backsplash is a great way to do it. But let’s be real; the real reason you are all here is to drool over these stunning kitchens. The herringbone pattern adds depth and texture to the space, making it feel warm and inviting.

If you’re looking to add some grand finish to your kitchen, then a herringbone backsplash might just be the way to go.

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