spring time paper plate sun catchers
These are gorgeous and super easy, and fun to make, too!

The kids and I went out to collect some pretty spring time flowers and leaves to make some paper plate sun catchers to hang from the window. 


We found a beautiful range of colours and textures and sizes on our little flower and leaf hunt! Just perfect for creating a colourful masterpiece.


What you need:
Paper plates
Clear contact paper
Flowers and leaves
Hole punch

Cut the middle out of your paper plates. I found the easiest way to do this is to poke a hole and then pop the scissors through and cut the middle out. 
Cut a square of contact paper that will fit over the paper plate hole. 
Adhere the contact paper to the underside of the paper plate and then turn it over so the sticky side is now facing up.

Start arranging your leaves and flowers on the sticky side of the contact paper. This was easy enough for even Owen to join in!
It was fun to see how different my kids arranged their leaves and flowers, with one going for a bit of a streamlined look and the other totally random. Both beautiful!!


When you’re happy with your work of art, punch a hole up the top and thread some ribbon through for hanging! They look particularly nice when hung on the window! {just don’t pay attention to how dirty my windows are ok?!}
paper plate sun catchers window

 I can tell you that these certainly brighten up our home! And the kids are pretty proud of them too :o}