23 04, 2014

DIY sensory bottles

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A little while ago I posted about some things I had made up for Chloe to help her wind down from school as she was struggling a little and was over tired. One of the things I made her was a sensory bottle, much like the ‘time out jar’ filled with glitter that I had seen on pinterest. Chloe’s is filled with pretty little beads and gems, sequins and glittler for her to shake and watch everything settle back down while chilling out.When I made Chloe’s I thought I’d make one for Noah as […]

25 02, 2014

:: well hello there ::

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Well hello there!! – it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.I lost my mojo for blogging somewhere. I’m not sure exactly where, or why, or how. But I guess it happens sometimes! Especially when life is busy.And especially when you have a baby that doesn’t sleep. Really doesn’t sleep. Currently we are lucky to get a 2 hour stretch overnight.During the day? If not in a pram being pushed around – 30 minutes is about our maximum. BUT I know it’s just a phase. (please let it be just a phase) And that it will get better.Meanwhile […]

15 01, 2014

a few of my favourite {baby} things

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Hi everyone!I am often asked what I am loving in terms of baby products this time around and so thought I’d share my top 5-6 with you every few months. Here is the first instalment that covers a few things we are loving in the first few months of Owen’s life. In addition to these things, we are also still absolutely loving our video baby monitor which is a Uniden Baby Watch and I couldn’t live without our capsule/infant carrier for the car and pram. This is the first time I’ve had one for one […]

23 11, 2013

{great things for baby} review + giveaway :: ergoCocoon {now closed|

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Hi guys!This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Allison A and Carlene D!This is one of my all time favourite baby items! We have been using ergoCocoons from ergoPouch since Chloe and I really wish they had been around or I had known about them when Noah was a bub!Noah liked being swaddled until I couldn’t find any muslin wraps that would fit around my nine month old! The transition to a sleeping bag for Noah was pretty hard as he just didn’t like having his arms out. Chloe was very much the same and […]

23 11, 2013

{great things for baby} review + giveaway :: Uniden Baby Watch Video Monitor {now closed}

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Hi all,This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Jennine S!I wanted to share with you the Uniden Baby Watch Video Monitor :o}We had the same baby monitor for Noah and Chloe, and after SIX years of non-stop use it was well and truly on it’s last legs so I was excited when Uniden contacted me and asked if I’d like to review one of their new video monitors! We were sent the BW3102 Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor to test out. Uniden have been around for a long time and are known for their excellent wireless […]

22 11, 2013

{great things for baby} review + giveaway :: baby beanbags {now closed}

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This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Corrine D!Hi everyone!I am playing catch up since my blog was broken! Don’t forget to check back often as I post all the posts that were scheduled for last week as well as some new fun Christmas posts! x Today I am continuing on with the Great Things for Baby series and today I’m sharing with you these amazing Baby Beanbags! :o} We love our baby beanbag and so does our little Owen who is now 3 months old.Baby Beanbags are the original Aussie based baby beanbags company. Their beanbags […]

13 11, 2013

{great things for baby} review + giveaway :: ultrasonic vaporiser from lime tree kids {now closed}

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This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Teresa M! Hi lovelies!Over the next few days I will be showcasing a few great things for baby here on the blog – and the great thing is that you can win some of them, too! I have some fabulous businesses that would like to share the love with my readers so let’s get the ball rolling with the Ultrasonic Vaporiser from Lime Tree Kids!This has become a must have in our house and has completely replaced our ‘traditional’ vaporiser which we gave away after being so […]

4 11, 2013

what my babies have taught me

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Before I was a mother, I dreamt of what it would be like to raise a family. I imagined beautiful days filled with baking and crafting and reading on the couch.I would tear pages out of my mum’s magazines when I would find a fun craft idea or decorating tip or delicious recipe to stash away for when I had children. {old fashioned pinterest!} I honestly thought I was prepared for motherhood before I actually had a baby- turns out nothing really prepares you for it, having children has been the biggest learning curve of […]

7 10, 2013

Owen’s dreamy cloud nursery

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Finally I’ve had some time to sit down and share Owen’s dreamy cloud nursery with you all! I was so excited to share this with you and had hoped to share shortly after I shared his little nook in our bedroom but then he arrived and things have been pretty crazy since then :o}At first we weren’t going to find out girl or boy so we chose an aqua and white colour theme as a neutral starting point for the nursery. I had planned on adding in some yellow and blue or green for […]

1 10, 2013

life lately …

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Well hello! I know it’s been forever, it’s been a whole lot more crazybusy than I though it was going to be lately.I’ve had a blog post sitting in my drafts folder titled 3 weeks, which I changed to 4 weeks, which then changed to 6 weeks and now I’ve deleted it so I can start over. Now – now it’s been 7 weeks since our gorgeous beautiful Owen joined our family earthside and I had hoped to come on here and record a weekly diary of sorts of what it’s been like so far […]