The other week I had the pleasure of helping out in Chloe’s kindy class and volunteered to take some stuff home to help with prep for Easter crafting. 
The kids are making these little chickens in kindy to take home and Chloe and I got to be the craft testers to see how they’d turn out which she was super excited about. 
To make these chickens, you will need:
orange felt – cut your little chicken feet and beaks out
googly eyes
styrofoam balls
feathers or yellow tissue paper {or both!}
pva glue + paintbrush
First we made the feathery chickens. Cut the feathers into smaller pieces as they are easier to glue onto the styrofoam ball this way. 

Cover the ball as best you can, it does get a little sticky and the feathers tend to lift so it’s a little tricker than the tissue paper but the end result is such a cute fluffy chicken it’s well worth it :o}
The tissue paper chickens were easier. Crepe paper would work well too. 
Just cut into little squares for glueing onto the styrofoam ball.

This is such a good craft for fine motor skills. Once the styrofoam ball is mostly covered with tissue paper, I rolled it around in my hands to kind of squash the paper down and then it was ready for feet!
Using the pva glue, glue the little feet on the bottom of the ball.

Then glue your beak and googly eyes on and allow to dry.

And there you have your cute little Easter chickens! 

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