A little while ago I posted about some things I had made up for Chloe to help her wind down from school as she was struggling a little and was over tired. One of the things I made her was a sensory bottle, much like the ‘time out jar’ filled with glitter that I had seen on pinterest. Chloe’s is filled with pretty little beads and gems, sequins and glittler for her to shake and watch everything settle back down while chilling out.
When I made Chloe’s I thought I’d make one for Noah as well so he could use it for winding down at the end of a busy day. But after also seeing some awesome sensory bottles a friend of mine made {she is super clever and runs amazing sensory classes for children called Caterpillar Kids- check it out here} I decided to make some for Owen, too.
They are very easy to make and last for ages. We haven’t had any of ours break and my kids play with them every day!!
I used plastic milk bottles from the reject shop, these are fairly large and perfect for bigger kids. I thought they’d be too big for Owen but he loves this size as he pushes them around and crawls after them. Go for smaller plastic bottles though if you’re worried these are too big.

We have 6 sensory bottles and they are
– Frozen themed bottle, with snowflake sequins, blue leaves and white gems etc
– Moon and starts bottle, with blue glitter and tiny star glitter, moon and star sequins
– Rainbow water bead bottle, just some of our usual water beads
-Pink fairy and butterfly bottle – with gems, butterfly sequins and pink fairy dust 
– Pom pom bottle, with glittery green pom poms and glitter
– Button bottle with a selection of different coloured and different sized buttons

What you need:
Plastic bottles
glycerine or baby oil {please note that while glycerine is more expensive than baby oil, it works much better in these bottles especially when using glitter}
glitter, sequins, pom poms, buttons, gems etc 
super glue
** Let your imagination run wild with what you pop in these bottles – Noah is asking me to make him one with lego one and Chloe would like an i-spy one with little charms etc and my friend has some with cellophane and ribbon in them. Just be prepared that you need to super glue the lids onto these bottles so you’re not likely to get back what ever you put in them.
** also with the glitter, the ‘bigger’ the glitter the better – really fine glitter just ends up looking cloudy in the bottles.
What to do:
Half fill your bottle with water and then add in your glitter, sequins, pom poms or what ever you choose. Put in about a tablespoon of glycerine or baby oil and then add more water {but don’t fill to the top just yet!}
Pop the lid on and give it a shake. The baby oil or glycerine is there to help things swirl around and settle back down a little slower than it would in just plain water so decide if that’s enough of you’d like to put a little more in {If using water beads, just use all plain water, no oil etc as it doesn’t need it}.
Once you’re happy with it, top up all the way with water.
Put some superglue in and around the edge of the bottle lid and then twist it onto the bottle nice and tight. Leave to set for a little while and your bottle should be ready!

There you go :o} Awesome home made fun!
These have proven such a big hit at our house and have been especially great for our little crawler who pushes the bottles and follows and makes his way all through the house like that!