Anyone else have an exhausted kindy kid?
We have finished week 6 of school and although so many people I know have kindy kids that have finally adjusted to being at school, my kindy kid is still not used to it and is absolutely exhausted by the end of her Kindy day.

I am lucky that Chloe LOVES school. She gets ready for school in 10 seconds flat and she happily says goodbye to me and has a really great day. I know I’m really lucky that she loves it.
But some days, the minute we walk in the door from school we get the meltdowns. So much crying! Everything makes her upset. I can just see that she is absolutely shattered after giving it her all at school during the day. A friend was right when she said it’s like they have nothing left when they get home. 

I remember this transition with Noah too when he started kindy and then pre-primary as they get used to being at school more and working harder. He was much less stubborn though so I’m finding it a little more challenging with Chloe! She is exhausted and our afternoons are often not very pleasant with a lot of crying and a lot of her saying the word “no!!!” to everything I ask.

The biggest help I have found is to get them into the bath (alone) and just let them play and have some of their own space for a little while. 

I pop a good sprinkle of epsom salts in there too, just to help them calm. You don’t have to follow the amounts on the box, I find a nice scoop helps a lot for little kids!

I’ve also made up a few other things for Chloe as did I say she is more stubborn? Haha. Noah used to have his bath and enjoy a little time out and then happily go play with lego or blocks or trains. Chloe on the other hand needs to do ‘homework’ because her big brother does. She flat out refuses to just play or read, so has little activities, some busy bags and flash cards etc to choose from but on days she has had school I set out these things in the hope they will help her calm down and chill out after a long day.

Lavender playdough, a calm down bottle and lavender rice.

My kids will play with playdough for ages and I find it’s a great way to get them to sit and play and feel busy without it being too tiring for them. I kneaded the playdough with some lavender essential oil, making it a lovely wind down time activity.

This bottle is based on the ‘time out jar’ I have seen so many times on pinterest (a much bigger jar with heaps of glitter in it that kids shake and then watch the glitter settle which signifies the end of time out). I thought it would be nice and calming to sit and watch the butterflies and jewels swirl around in the bottle and this is one of her favourite things now. She helped me by choosing what she would like to have in it  and what colours etc to use.

And then my favourite is the lavender rice. The lavender essential oil works so well on the rice and it’s so nice to breathe it all in while you play. A tub of rice is really such a nice sensory experience. I just store this in an airtight container when we’re done playing for the day. I coloured the rice with some purple food colouring and then added the lavender essential oil. You add another drop or two of the oil whenever it seems like it needs it. 

I would LOVE to know what you are doing with your exhausted school kids in the afternoons!! What works at your house??