Last week the kids and I made some paper plate space ships. These were pretty easy, and the kiddos enjoyed decorating them with foam stickers. But enjoyed playing with them when they were all done more!
What you need:
2 paper or plastic disposable plate
1 paper or plastic bowl
plastic clear cup
aluminium foil to cover the plates and bowl
stickers to decorate {we used foam star stickers}
To make your space ships, cover 2 paper or plastic plates in foil. For one of ours I covered each plate separately and then stapled them together, {bottom plate goes right side up, the top plate goes on upsdie down} for the other space ship I just wrapped foil around both the plates at the same time. It didn’t make a big difference, so do which ever you prefer.
Then cover the bowl in foil and attach to the top of your plates upside down with glue. Allow the kiddos to decorate as they wish. You could also glue some yellow and orange tissue or crepe paper to the bottom of the space ship if you like!
Make your aliens if you haven’t already. Pop them underneath a clear plastic cup on top of the bowl of your space ship. You could tape the plastic cup down, or glue it. 
But my kiddos flat out refused to have their aliens ‘stuck’ so our cups just sit on top.

Then let them roam around your galaxy!