I’m not sure how it’s very nearly September already! But here we are, gearing up for Father’s Day! 

I wanted to share with you this updated 2015 Handprint Tree for Father’s Day as it was so popular last year! 

This time though I’m including a tutorial on how to add your own kids names to it yourself! It’s free and easy using Pic Monkey, so let’s get started! 


Firstly you download the image file from here. Save it somewhere on your computer like the desktop so you can find it easily.



And then head on over to picmonkey.com and upload it.


Once the image is open in picmonkey, you can start editing it. Choose the ‘Tt’ from the left hand side panel to play round with some text options! There’s a heap of fonts to choose from, I liked the ‘Special Elite’ as it’s a little type-writer-ish. Once you’ve chosen your font, click the “Add Text” button at the top of that left hand side bar where all the fonts are and a text box will pop up on the handprint tree image. 


Type what you want into the text box, then play around with the settings. You can change colour and size. Drag the box down to position it under the “Happy Father’s Day” and adjust the size so it fits well. If you’re happy with how it looks, you’re done!text2picmonkey

Now you’re ready to save your customised image to the desktop again so you can print it out. Change the name so you will know which is the template you downloaded and which is the personalised version you just did.
savepicmonkeyI chose “Sean” quality but I think “Pierce” would be ok too. Click the green ‘save to my computer’ button and then you should have your very own personalised handprint tree ready to print! 

Designed to be printed on A4 sized paper, yardstick is great if you have it especially if you want to paint the kids handprints onto it as it’s a little sturdier! You could also trace their handprints or cut out from coloured paper and stick on! 


Please let me know if you have any problems! I hope this tutorial is useful! 🙂