A little while ago I posted a photo on Facebook of my cheeky cutie pie stealing some cookie dough from the mixer :o}

She loves the dough more than the baked cookies :o}
For those that were wondering – we used this recipe here with some choc chips :o}

Some of you asked about my pantry behind sweet Chloe in the photo so here I thought I’d share it with you. It’s nothing that special and it isn’t a large as I would like although it is quite deep – but I find that keeping it as organised as I can helps utilise the space as best we can.

 Quick overview of the kitchen – it is galley style, right in the middle of our open plan living / dining area. 

We make sure to use the back of the door to maximise space. Here we have mounted 3 Ikea bekvam spice racks for our various spices and salt and pepper. We also keep a small amount of panadol/nurofen etc up the top so it is within quick and easy reach when needed.

Hubby popped a hook onto the side of the very top spice rack so we can hang our aprons there and installed a paper towel holder to the bottom of the lowest spice rack. He also installed a paper towel holder onto the bottom spice rack, this is a great spot to keep our paper towels!

I bought some adhesive white board ‘paper’ from big w a while ago so we can write down anything that needs to go on our shopping list quickly and easily – we just keep the pen on one of the spice rack shelves so it is always in easy reach. 

The top shelf is used for our cereals, oats, home made muesli and our teas and coffee / drinking chocolate / crio beans / vanilla powder. We keep reusable labels etc in the little basket.

The next shelf down houses our pastas and all of our honey, syrups, chocolate/coconut spread on a little roll out shelf lined with paper towel to help keep the shelf clean. 

We have another roll out shelf for our olive oils, coconut oil and vinegars
and then behind that is a small wooden tray caddy used for our sauces like soy sauce, sesame oil, grape seed oil etc as well as vegetable oil for playdough making. 

The next shelf down houses most of our dry goods like nuts, seeds, sultanas, popping corn, crackers, rice cakes, breads, lentils, white and brown rice and our canned goods.

The next shelf down is my baking shelf – with all our flours {there are more behind the 4 large tupperware containers of flour} coconut, raw sugar, cacao, baking soda, coconut flour, spelt flour, sprinkles and our baking cases, coconut sugar, choc chips for baking etc. 

I try and label most of the containers we use in here but not all of them have a label.

The bottom of my pantry is not my favourite but we make use of space with lots of containers. 
We store a lot of our reusable bags as well as a few insulated cooler bags in the very back and then we have containers holding ‘surplus’ items such as extra corn chips, tomato paste, coconut oil, coffee, cacao, pasta etc. We also store our bulk bags of nuts and seeds and organic oats down here and keep a basket on top for potato, sweet potato etc. 

Our fire blanket and coffee machine descaling kit also live down here :o}

So there you have my pantry!