dysonv6absoluteMy house gets messy! Our floor gets covered on a daily basis with sand, crumbs, dust and a mountain of dog hair. A few times a week you can also add to that some rainbow rice or teeny bits of dried beans or lentils from our sensory tubs, and in the afternoon and on weekends, there is also a hefty amount of glitter and teeny bits of cut up paper thanks to some crafty creative kids! 

There are 5 main culprits of mess at my house. The first three are my kids. They are MESSY! No doubt about it.

sensorytubOwen our little 2 year old is usually playing with some sort of home made sensory tub, filled with kinetic sand, rainbow rice, coloured chickpeas or dried beans and popping corn! Inevitably a lot of it ends up on the floor. He’s also a really messy eater. He also likes to bring cups of sand in from the sandpit just for fun. 

craftNoah and Chloe, although much older, make quite a bit of mess too, usually little teeny bits of paper and quite often during a creative craft session, a hefty amount of glitter has been used (and spilt onto the floor). Let’s also not forget all the sand that comes home from school that is meant to be emptied out of pockets and shoes outside before coming in! 

goldieThe 4th culprit of mess in my house is our super cute golden retriever. She is new to our family and has been with us for nearly six months, and in that time I have been astonished by the amount of hair she sheds on a daily basis. I was definitely not prepared for all the hair! (She is totally worth it, but oh my gosh!) 

And the 5th culprit? ME! I am the MESSIEST cook and if I’ve been busy in the kitchen, especially if the recipe involved flour, sugar, rice, or anything that needed chopping, you will find a heap of it on the floor.

ourfloorI really don’t like to stress about these messes but I will admit to being a little bit of a clean freak. This is a typical day underneath my kids activity / craft table. It’s just life and I love that my children enjoy learning and having fun and using their immaginations, there’s no way I want to hinder that magic by being on their backs about the mess. There’s not much we can do about our gorgeous goldie’s hair either! She’s an inside dog and we wouldn’t change that for the world! And as for me in the kitchen, well, unless I get a cook I don’t see that changing very soon, either. 

A little while ago, I was invited to attend a Dyson event at the Good Food and Wine Show. While we were there, we had the opportunity to make a mess while decorating cupcakes and watch how clean up can be a breeze with a Dyson stick vacuum. Well, I didn’t need to be converted, since I bought one of these a couple of years ago shortly after Owen was born! It was the best thing I could have done with the money I saved (which was meant to pay for a cleaner for 6 months, definitely don’t regret buying the Dyson instead!) so when I was asked if I would like to review Dyson’s new V6 Absolute, I was really excited to try it out for myself at home.

Below is a photo of everything straight out of the Dyson V6 Absolute box! It even comes with it’s own docking station that you can attach to the wall to make storage and charging a breeze! We don’t have a spot that fits this in our current house, so I just pop ours on a shelf (without the pole and vacuum head, I just detach those and set aside) in the laundry and plug it in to charge, still super easy and very convenient!

The V6 Absolute comes with two different large cleaning heads and a small turbo head which is great for cleaning the couch and in the car.
The two main large cleaning heads is a main point of difference between our old stick vacuum and the Dyson V6 Absolute. One of the cleaning heads is made specifically for hard floors like laminate, wood and tiles and the other is great for carpets. They’re very different in their design, specifically so they work amazingly on those different types of flooring.  Take a look at them close up!
dysonv6headsThe vacuum head designed for carpet is up the top – the bristles get even deeper into carpet to suck up all that fine dust and dirt that’s hiding in there. It’s amazing on our jute rug that is difficult to vacuum effectively, the suction power is unbelievable. 
The hard floor roller is the one pictured on the bottom. It is covered in nylon fibres, which keep in constant contact with the floor. This means that whatever you’re vacuuming (big or little) get sucked straight up and doesn’t get flung out the back of the vacuum only for you to need to go over that area again. 

You’re probably wondering about run time on a single charge? You get 20 minutes of this awesome vacuum’s super power to zip around and clean up all those daily messes. I am able to do our laundry area, entire hallway, our open plan living, dining, kitchen and play area and all the kids bedrooms on one charge. Sometimes, depending on how long I’ve had to spend around the dining or craft table, I’ll get our bedroom and the office in there too, which ends up being our entire house (minus the bathrooms). If I want to do a deep clean, like window sills, under beds and behind furniture, it obviously won’t cover the whole house on one charge, but I can do a couple of rooms with that kind of detail and then pop it back on charge for later. I normally pull out the big guns for deep cleans though to be honest, our trusty barrel Dyson still gets used, though not nearly as much as it used to!

There’s also a Max power function that gives you 6 minutes of full on amazing power to get through tough jobs!

All in all, it’s an awesome machine. I feel that it has helped me be a more relaxed and go with the flow parent, not being preoccupied with mess and letting my kids have fun and explore even if it means the floor gets covered! Since it’s so easy to pull out this light weight and efficient stick vacuum, it really is a breeze to clean up after a fun day. PLUS, the kids often help and do it themselves, which is another awesome plus to the Dyson V6! 

Thank you Dyson for helping us parents make clean up a breeze!!



Disclosure: I received a Dyson V6 Absolute to review. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions expressed are my own and shared honestly.