I am not sure how or why this isn’t already on my blog – because ever since Noah was two we have been making these hand and footprint reindeer and they are one of my all time favourite Christmas activities! 

handfootprint_reindeer1They’re also super easy, you just need some brown paper (I use two shades) and some googly eyes (you can also just draw the eyes on!). Some red marker or glitter glue for the red Rudolph nose and some glue or tape. 

handfootprint_reindeer0Trace your kiddos foot on a piece of paper and cut out. If using two shades of brown, use the other shade to trace both hands and cut out. 

handfootprint_reindeer2Attach the hand prints to the back of the footprint so they make the Reindeer’s antlers. Attach the eyes with some glue. Also, I love to add the name and year on the back too for when we look at them again next year!

Add a little red nose – in the past we have used glitter glue, a red dot sticker, a button and just a marker. Take your pic! handfootprint_reindeer3

Seriously easy – seriously cute!! I love that I have years and years of these hand and footprint reindeers! Hopefully you have fun making them too and will start a little collection of your own!


Merry Reindeer making!