Happy Monday everyone!

As promised, here are my Tooth Fairy printables. We recently reached this awesome childhood milestone and Noah pretty much burst when I picked him up from school and he had a big gap where there once was a tooth! I was a little sad I wasn’t there to witness the joy of him realising his tooth had *finally* fallen out and the tooth fairy would be visiting, but I thought – that’s ok – next time.

Well, next time was much sooner than I thought it was going to be! Just two weeks later and he’d lost his second tooth. Also at school!! I’m sure I’ll be around for one of them, one day! :o}

When Noah lost his first tooth, we wrote a letter to the tooth fairy and left it on his chest of drawers with a cute little tooth holder. 
Thanks to all of you sharing what the tooth fairy does at your house, ours decided to go the glitter route and so when she came she took his tooth, left him $2 and a 1st Tooth Certificate and a little receipt and A LOT of glitter. Must have been hard for her to see in the dark. Or maybe she was over-excited. Or both :o}

I thought it would also be nice to keep a record of all the lost teeth on one record sheet so I made one of those up to keep in our scrapbooks. The download version here for you today is editable – so you can type your kiddo’s name up top before you print!

The receipts are ready for you to fill in with a pen when the time comes. And are small enough for a fairy to carry along with her ;o} 
And if you do project life – the receipt will fit in a 3×4 photo pocket too. 

I hope you love them! They certainly brought some smiles to our house and I am sure his third wiggly tooth {already! I am assuming it’s normal for them to just keep falling out ahaha!} will come out when he is actually home from school!



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