Paint Colors That Compliment Red Brick

18 Paint Colors that Compliment Red Brick for Perfect Pairing

In the world of architecture, red brick has been a popular choice for buildings for a long time. Its mild and earthy color gives a homely and good-looking feel. But here’s a question how can we make the red brick look even better with the right paint colors that match it perfectly?

Imagine painting colors like an artist’s palette with many choices. We need to find colors that go well with red brick, not clash with it. Some soft and gentle colors, like neutrals, can work nicely with the bricks. Others, like muted greens and soft blues, can create a nice contrast, making the brick’s color stand out. And there’s even a chance to use strong colors to show appreciation for the brick’s strong presence, making the whole design look attractive.

Let’s go on a journey to explore the fascinating world of paint colors that beautifully complement red brick. Each color we choose will tell a unique story of how tunefully design and aesthetics can work together.

1. Go Indigo

Go Indigo

Indigo is a beautiful paint color that compliments red brick. It has a bluish-purple tone that adds style and works nicely with mild brick tones. Together, they create an attractive and balanced color scheme. Indigo can make a room feel comfy and familiar, making it perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. It’s not just for indoors, though. Indigo can also be used on doors, Blue shutters, or trim to give houses an eye-catching look.

It goes great with other earthy colors like olive green, mustard yellow, and terracotta, making it easy to create a melodious design. People have loved indigo for a long time. It represents depth and mystery and is often linked to natural dyes and traditional crafts. Adding indigo to your decor can give your space a sense of history and cultural richness.

2. With Light Gray

With Light Gray

Light Gray is a soft, gentle color that goes well with red brick. It gives a nice contrast that looks innovative. The color doesn’t take away from the beauty of the brick; instead, it adds a pinch of smoothness to it. Light Gray works great in both old-fashioned and modern settings and fits perfectly with the earthy feel of red brick. In traditional settings, Light Gray makes everything look great and classic. It balances out the strong layout of the brick and makes it more inviting.

In modern designs, Light Gray paint colors compliment the red brick and add a cool and stylish touch, making the place fresh and comfortable. This color can go with different styles, from country-style homes to modern city spaces. It makes homes feel welcoming and comfortable. Whether used outside or inside, It’s a perfect choice if you want to improve your home’s look without changing its character.

3. Mix with Dark Gray Paint Colors

Mix with Dark Gray Paint Colors

Dark Gray has two sides. On one end, it looks intense. This strong color mix beautifully with red brick, making the outside of buildings more interesting and graceful. Many classic and formal architectural styles use this combo, and it never goes out of style. But Dark Gray isn’t just for the outside. It can make walls look advanced and fancy, especially when you add shiny things or nice wood furniture.

It also creates a cozy atmosphere in rooms like living spaces and bedrooms. This color also works well for showing off art. When you use Dark Gray as a background, it makes the colors in the art stand out more. People love Dark Gray because it suits both modern and old-fashioned designs. It’s a long-lasting color that adds character and glamour to any space, inside and out.

4. Try Light Brown

Try Light Brown

Light Brown is a paint color that compliments red brick, adding a kind and welcoming nature that goes perfectly with red brick’s mild tones. This gentle and natural shade makes the brick look even more lovable. Many people love it because it creates an inviting atmosphere, especially when combined with the reddish color of the brick. Not only does Light Brown match well with red brick, but it also goes with many different home styles, making it a flexible choice for homeowners. You can use it on walls, brown trim, or furniture to add a hint of fashion to any room.

Since it blends nicely with other earthy colors, you can easily create a balanced and pleasant color scheme. Moreover, Light Brown reflects natural light, making any space feel even more inviting and comfortable. It’s a lasting color that will remain in style for a long time, bringing a classic vibe to both traditional and modern homes. With its subtle richness and beauty, Light Brown is a perfect choice for creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere that lasts.

5. Get Creative with Dark Brown Paint Colors

Get Creative with Dark Brown Paint Colors

For a comfy and natural look, Dark Brown paint goes well with red brick. The deep and rich tones of dark brown make the outside of the house feel pleasant and inviting. This mix of colors is especially liked for traditional and country-style homes, adding kindness to the design. You can use dark brown for the trim or accents against the red brick to make the house look even more interesting.

This color combination makes the house fit nicely with nature, especially in the countryside or a natural area. Dark brown works well with many other colors too. You can mix it with cream or white for a classic look or combine it with greens and earthy colors for a natural feel. If you want your house to stand out in the neighborhood, try using dark brown siding or cladding with red brick. It will give your home a unique and permanent glamour.

6. Blend of Yellows & Oranges Paint

Blend of Yellows & Oranges Paint

Yellows and oranges are bright and lively paint colors that look great with red brick. They make your home feel welcoming and add glamour to its design. These paint colors that complement red brick create a happy and energetic atmosphere, making your house stand out in the neighborhood. Mustard or sunflower yellows bring a cheerful touch, while apricot or terracotta oranges add a pinch of earthiness and style.

You can choose a softer or bolder shade to suit your taste, and these colors work well with both modern and traditional styles. Adding yellows and oranges to your home’s exterior will make it good-looking. It will feel like a friendly place that everyone will love. So, let these happy and stylish colors boost your red brick home’s beauty and give it a fresh, lively look.

7. Goldenrod Paint Colors

Goldenrod Paint Colors

Goldenrod is a beautiful paint color that looks great with red brick. It has a rich, golden shade that adds simplicity and richness to your home’s outside. Goldenrod goes well with the reddish tones of the brick, making it look energetic and more interesting. This color choice makes the details of the red brickwork stand out, making your home look amazing. Not just for the outside, Goldenrod can also be a good choice for inside your home. You can use it as a wall color or in furniture and decoration to make your living spaces feel lively and fancy.

It works well with different styles, like modern or traditional, to create a nice and welcoming atmosphere. Goldenrod paint colors complimenting red brick are also used in many big buildings and old landmarks to make them look pretty and classic. It makes people feel happy and positive. Businesses use Goldenrod, too, to leave a good impression on customers. If you want to make your home’s outside or inside look more beautiful, Goldenrod is a great color to pick.

8. Get Tuscan Sun Paint Colors

Get Tuscan Sun Paint Colors

Tuscan Sun is a cheerful paint color that goes well with red brick. It’s inspired by the pretty landscapes of Tuscany, bringing a simple attraction to the brick’s natural beauty. Its sunny golden undertones create a comfy and pretty atmosphere, making you feel like you’re in the peaceful Italian countryside. Choosing Tuscan Sun gives your home a classy, fancy look that never goes out of style. When the morning light shines through the curtains, Tuscan Sun brightens up your space and makes it feel inviting for get-togethers or quiet moments.

You can use it in different rooms, like the dining area with a dining table or kitchen, or as a special wall in the bedroom. It also works well outside, adding character to your home’s outer appearance. As the seasons change, Tuscan Sun adapts and reminds you of the beautiful colors you’d see in Tuscany, like the flowers in spring or the golden leaves in autumn. Grab the spirit of Tuscany and make your home feel like a homely Mediterranean place with Tuscan Sun.

9. Simple Orange Paint Colors

Simple Orange Paint Colors

Choosing orange paint colors that complement red brick is a brave and expressive decision. It adds energy and personality to your home’s outside, making it outstanding. There are many shades of orange to pick from, like bright tangerine and burnt sienna, so you can find one that suits your style. Orange goes well with the reddish-brown tones of the brick, making an attractive combination.

Besides looking good, orange also makes your home feel friendly and happy, creating a welcoming atmosphere. It’s a modern way to update a traditional brick house while keeping its classic view. Plus, the color orange is linked to creativity and enthusiasm, giving your home a lively and inspiring vibe. With the right landscaping and accents, your home will look amazing with this bold and daring color choice.

10. Neutral Cream Paint Colors

Cream paint colors that compliment red brick

The cream shade is a great paint color to go with red brick for a subtle and classy look. It’s a soft and neutral tone that increases the brick’s texture and kindness. Cream adds a touch of stylishness to your home’s outside. It goes well with any architectural style, so it’s a safe choice for a classic appearance. What’s great is that cream works well with different trim colors like white, beige, or darker cream.

This lets you customize your home’s look while keeping it all balanced. Cream reflects light, making your house look more welcoming. It also changes slightly with different lighting, which is cool. Cream paint colors that compliment red brick is eco friendly and energy efficient. It keeps your house cooler in the summer, so you don’t need to use the air conditioning as much.

11. With Navy Blue Paint

Navy Blue paint colors that compliment red brick

The deep and rich tone of navy blue makes the brick look even more gorgeous. This color adds a trace of simplicity and smoothness to any place. It works especially well for outside houses, giving them a classic and refined appearance. Using navy blue for accent walls inside the house can create a friendly and inviting atmosphere, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Navy blue is beautiful and easy to match with other colors.

For the outside of the house, you can pair it with white trim and green plants, making it look welcoming and attractive. Inside, you can combine navy blue with light neutral colors like beige or cream to balance the dark tone and add some brightness. You can also use navy blue in furniture and decorations like pillows, curtains, and rugs to make the room look well coordinated.

12. Forest Green Paint

Forest Green paint colors that compliment red brick

Forest green is a lovely color that goes well with red brick. The deep green adds a natural touch to the mellow brick, making it look inviting and balanced. It works great for houses in wooded areas, as it mixes nicely with the surrounding landscape. Inside, it brings a sense of peace and a connection to nature, making it perfect for comfortable spaces like studies or places to relax.

Forest green paint colors that compliment red brick also look great with wood and stone, making the space feel even more natural. You can use it in traditional and present-day homes; it always looks good. It becomes more luxurious and fancy when paired with gold or brass accents, making it suitable for fancy living rooms or dining areas. You can also use it for accent walls or furniture to give the room more character. Whether in a cabin or a modern apartment, forest green always brings a feel of calmness and simplicity, making it perfect for any home style.

13. Charcoal-Grey


Charcoal grey goes great with red brick and gives it the latest touch. The cool undertones of the grey mix nicely with the bricks, making it look both the latest and inviting. Using charcoal grey can make a home’s front look stylish and smooth. It’s a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it works well with all kinds of decorations. Charcoal grey is super flexible and works with many different house styles, from simple to traditional.

You can use it to add pureness to the outside, like for window trims or door frames. Plus, it’s practical because it hides dirt and wear. You can also get creative with landscaping and outdoor furniture to match the charcoal grey and red brick combo, making the whole place look amazing. Whether you live in the city or boomburb, charcoal grey paint and red brick will make your home good-looking for a long time.

14. Taupe Paint Colors

Taupe Paint Colors

Taupe paint colors that complement red brick is a flexible color. It has a mix of brown and grey undertones, which makes any place feel friendly and welcoming. When used as an outdoor paint, taupe matches nicely with the natural environment, making it perfect for homes in rural or suburban areas. Inside the home, taupe walls act as a neutral backdrop, allowing different decor styles to stand out. That’s why it’s a popular choice for living rooms and dining areas.

Taupe is also great for both the latest and standard interior designs. It brings a calming and earthy feeling to bedrooms, making them perfect for relaxing. It goes well with wooden furniture and other natural materials, giving the space a natural touch. Offices benefit from taupe, too, as it creates a peaceful atmosphere that encourages creativity and productivity. You can use taupe in various ways, like through curtains, throws, and cushions too.

15. Try on Butter Yellow Paint

Try on Butter Yellow Paint

Butter yellow is a soft color that brings a happy touch to the outside of a red brick house. The butter, yellow, and red brick mix gives a classic and inviting look, perfect for traditional-style homes. This color choice adds beauty to the overall appearance, making the property look better. Butter yellow looks great with white trims and accents, which helps show off the brickwork’s details.

Butter yellow is a flexible color that works well with different home styles, like cottages, colonial houses, or Victorian homes. During the day, the sunny color looks shining and welcoming in the sunlight. In the evening, it creates a restful enenvironmentThis color not only matches the red brick but also fits well with the natural surroundings, mixing nicely with the landscape.

16. Minimal Sage Green Paint Colors

Forest Green paint colors that compliment red brick

Sage green paint colors that complement red brick have a calming and earthy tone that looks great with red brick. It gives a natural and permanent look, connecting well with nature. The soft green color balances the strong impact of red brick, making the exterior look pleasant. It’s a good choice for homes that want a smooth and organic feel. When paired with cream or off-white trims, sage green compliments red brick beautifully, making the house delightful.

Apart from looking nice, sage green paint also has practical benefits. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and goes well with gardens and other outdoor features, making the house look even better. Sage green can also be used inside the house, as it connects indoor and outdoor spaces nicely. It’s durable and will keep the house lovely for a long time, even in tough weather. Mixing sage green with red brick will surely catch people’s attention and make them admire your home.

17. Pale Blue Paint

Pale Blue paint colors that compliment red brick

Pale blue paint colors that complement red brick is a calm and gentle paint color that looks great with red brick. It makes the house stand out and adds a unique touch to the outside view. The blue mixes nicely with the earthy tones of the brick. White trims and accents make it look even better, giving it a lasting and delightful appearance. This color combination is classic and brings back old memories of beautiful homes. It works well in both countryside and city areas.

The calming blue creates a friendly and inviting feeling. The blue reflects on the brick on sunny days, making it look more interesting. You can also add pretty flowers or plants to make it look even nicer. Overall, the mix of pale blue and red brick is a wonderful choice that will impress everyone for a long time.

18. Touch of Chocolate Brown

Touch of Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown paint colors that complement red brick is a beautiful and deep paint color that goes well with red brick. Together, they make the house look bold and classy. This combination works great for traditional and simple-style homes. The dark brown color makes the red brick stand out and look even better. Adding cream or beige trim makes the house appear even more inviting and stands out in the neighborhood.

Besides, the brown color also matches well with green plants around the house, making it look even nicer. It creates a calming and peaceful feeling, like a comfortable place. Using chocolate brown paint is a smart choice because it’s tough and won’t lose its color easily. It also highlights the special parts of the house, making it more unique. You can add copper things like door handles or lights to make it even fancier. All in all, choosing chocolate brown for your house will make it look amazing and admired by everyone.

Summing It Up

In the world of home decor, we’ve discovered 18 paint colors that compliment red brick. These colors bring out the beauty of red brick and make it look even more good looking. From soft neutrals to bold jewel tones, each color adds its special touch to the simple feel of red brick. These amazing paint colors open up a whole new world of possibilities for home makeovers.

Whether you want a modern or classic look, these colors can make it happen. They work like magic, upgrading any space into an amazing masterpiece. So, get ready to explore the exciting combination of red brick and these impressive paint colors.

Let your creativity flow, and see how they blend to create a lovely and outstanding view for your home. It’s a delightful journey that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and your living space.

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