Gorgeous Small Inground Pools for Your Backyard

19 Stylish & Budget-Friendly Small Inground Pools Ideas

Find the beauty of gorgeous small inground pools cost designed for your very own backyard. These pools are unlike the huge ones you find at fancy places – they’re perfect for fitting into smaller spaces right at your home. These pools come in various shapes and sizes – from round pools resembling giant donuts to square ones that let you race like a fish. There’s a pool that’s just right for you, no matter your taste.

And the best part? They won’t take up too much space, so even if you have a small backyard, you can still enjoy a fantastic pool. Having a small inground pool not only brings loads of fun but also adds a special touch to your outdoor area. It’s like having a secret hideaway all to yourself. You can decorate the pool area with colorful chairs, cute umbrellas, and twinkling lights for cozy summer evenings.

Put on your swimsuits, and let’s dive into the world of small inground pools.

1. Making a Natural Vibe

Making a Natural Vibe

To make your small inground pools feel natural and relaxing, use elements from nature in your backyard design. Choose plants that fit in with the surroundings, like lots of green plants and native flowers. Add some rocks in planned places too. You can also put a wooden deck or a structure with a roof to increase the natural feeling. Use earthy colors like greens, browns, and soft neutral colors for the furniture and decorations around the pool. You can also use Nature’s Backyard Pool Kit to improve the vibe even more. By using nature-inspired things, you can create a peaceful and calm atmosphere for your backyard reverse.

2. Go with Black

Go with Black

When choosing a color for your small in-ground pool, consider black for a stylish and rare option. A black pool adds style and makes it look deeper. The dark color also absorbs more heat from the sun, which warms up the water naturally. Black pools look nice, especially when there’s greenery around or colorful tiles. You can have a black interior for your pool or use black tiles to create a cool effect. This distinct color choice can make your small inground pool’s cost area look even better and become the main center of your backyard.

3. Mixing the Tiles

Mixing the Tiles

To make your small in-ground pool more interesting and personal, mix and match different types of tiles. Try using different colors, sizes, and textures to create a unique design. For example, you can combine small colorful tiles with larger, more plain ones to make a cool pattern. Or you can use different tiles to make a border or a decoration. An anti-slip coating paint can be used to prevent anyone from slipping. Mixing tiles lets you make your small inground pools look the way you want and show off your style. Plus, having different textures can make the pool safer by preventing slipping.

4. Simple Ways to Use a Transparent Enclosure

Simple Ways to Use a Transparent Enclosure .jpg

If you desire to enjoy your small in-ground pool throughout the entire year, consider the addition of a clear cover, which can prove to be an invaluable investment. A cover crafted from transparent glass or a skilled plastic material cover offers protection against various weather conditions, granting you the freedom to enjoy swimming even during cold weather such as rain or snow. The clear cover lets you feel like you’re in the small inground pools while being sheltered in an enclosed space.

5. Bringing the Green Closer Lawn to Your Doorstep

Bringing the Green Closer Lawn to Your Doorstep

To make your small in-ground pool look like it belongs in the backyard, bring the grass right up to the edge of the pool. Instead of having a big area of hard pavement, leave some space for a small strip of grass or fake grass. This makes the small inground pool area look softer and more inviting. You can add some artificial grass to make it look even better. It also gives you a nice place to walk without shoes and reduces the chance of slipping. By having some grass around the pool, you can make it blend in with the rest of your backyard and create a peaceful and welcoming space.

6. Mix and Match Materials for Shiny Edges

Mix and Match Materials for Shiny Edges

To make your small inground pools more interesting, use different materials for the edges on opposite sides. For example, have a wooden deck on one side and a stone or concrete patio on the other. Different docking materials can be used for this. This mix of materials creates a clear separation between areas and makes your pool area look more exciting. It also lets you add different textures and colors, making your backyard design more varied and personal. By using different materials for opposite edges, you can achieve a balanced and attractive look.

7. Adding a Touch of History

Adding a Touch of History.jpg

If you want your small in-ground pool to have a nostalgic feel, consider giving it a historic vibe. You can do this by adding architectural elements or design features that remind you of a certain time. For instance, use decorative tiles with old-fashioned patterns or choose classical columns and detailed decorations around the pool area.Vintage-style lights, antique-inspired furniture, and traditional landscaping can also help create a historic atmosphere. By bringing back the memories of the past, you can make your small inground pool area unique.

8. Convenient Staircase Design

Convenient Staircase Design

To make your small in-ground pool easier to use, consider adding steps. Instead of just using ladders or a single entry point, steps provide a gradual way to enter the water. These small inground pools cost not only improve safety but also add beauty to the design. Steps can be made with different materials like tiles, stone, or concrete to match the overall pool design. They can also serve as a seating area or a place to relax and dip your feet. By including steps, you can create a useful and pleasing pool environment.

9. Resort as Inspiration

Resort as Inspiration.jpg

To turn your small in-ground pool into a luxurious paradise, get inspired by resort-style designs. Look at different resorts or hotels with stunning pools and take note of their features and looks. You can copy some design elements or adapt them to fit your own space. For example, you might include modern poolside chairs, umbrellas, or a stylish cabana. Consider adding water features like fountains or falling waterfalls to create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. By getting small inground pools to cost from resorts, you can upgrade the style of your pool area and create a relaxing reverse in your backyard.

10. Paradise Courtyard Pool

Paradise Courtyard Pool

If you want your small inground pools to cost to stand out, create an attractive courtyard pool. This design involves placing the pool at the center of a courtyard, surrounded by other architectural or landscaping elements. A courtyard pool provides a private and intimate space while making the pool the main center. You can increase the look with trendy patio furniture, soft lighting, and lush plants. Additionally, adding a water feature or an interesting sculpture can further improves the clear impact of your pool. By designing an eye-catching courtyard pool, you can create a stunning and unforgettable outdoor space.

11. Kid-Friendly Pool for The Backyard

Kid-Friendly Pool for the Backyard

If you want a fun and safe water play area for your kids, a pool designed just for them is perfect. These pools are smaller and not too deep, so kids can splash and play comfortably. They have safety features like no-slip surfaces and fences, giving parents peace of mind. These pools come in bright colors, with cool designs and toys, creating an exciting space for endless water adventures in your backyard. If you’re thinking about small inground pool costs, these kid-friendly pools are a great option. They are budget-friendly and provide a fantastic way for your little ones to have fun in the water without worries. With these pools, you can bring the joy of water play to your home and make lasting memories with your children. Investing in a pool designed for kids is not only practical but also a delightful addition to your backyard. Your children will love having their special pool, and you can join in the fun too.

12. Wonderful Waterfall Pool

Paradise Courtyard Pool

Picture yourself relaxing by your pool, listening to the calm sound of water falling. With a pool waterfall, you can bring the beauty of nature right to your backyard. It’s like having a mini waterfall in your very own swimming pool. The waterfall makes your small inground pool’s cost area look even more beautiful and peaceful. You can choose whether you want a gentle flow of water or a big fountain. Either way, the sight and sound of the water are so calming. It’s like a natural gentle song that helps you relax. As the water gently splashes into the pool, it creates a stunning effect. It’s like watching a magical dance of water. This makes your outdoor space feel extra special and inviting.

13. Poolside Perfection

Poolside Perfection

If you want an awesome and unique pool, try a pool on the edge. It’s like magic. This kind of pool is designed to blend perfectly with the area around it. It looks like the water is almost spilling over the edge, but don’t worry, and it won’t. It’s just a cool illusion. This pool is extra special when it’s on a higher level, and you can see a beautiful view from it. Small inground pools cost can also be affordable and fit your budget. So, you can have your very own cool pool on the edge without spending too much money. If you love swimming and want a pool that will make your friends say “Wow.” then a pool on the edge is the way to go. Adding LED lights can be pretty impressive. It’s a pool that’s exciting and breathtaking and will make you feel like you’re in a magical world.

14. Modernist Pool Design

Modernist Pool Design

If you like different styles, a pool with an industrial design might be just what you’re looking for. Inspired by modern architecture, this pool design uses raw materials and sharp shapes to create a unique look. The small inground pools cost often has exposed concrete walls or surfaces, which give it a simple and industrial feel. The design is strong and eye-catching, making it a focal point in any backyard. You can add a fountain so it will complete its overall look. The industrial-style pool combines art and practicality, giving you a special experience if you appreciate innovative designs.

15. Effortless Multitasking

Effortless Multitasking

Think of having a super cool pool in your small backyard that can do more than just let you swim. It’s like having a magic pool that combines fun and relaxation all in one. The swimming area is perfect for splashing around and having fun with your friends and family. But wait, there’s more. The spa or hot tub part is like a super cozy and warm bath that makes you feel all relaxed. Having a pool with multiple uses is like having a smart friend who knows how to make the most of your small backyard. It’s like having a little piece of paradise right outside your door. The addition of an umbrella will increase the overall look. So, you can invite your friends over for a splashing good time or have a relaxing soak in the spa all by yourself. Not only is it fun and relaxing, but it’s also super convenient. It’s like having two awesome things in one small pool. If you want a cool pool that fits in your small backyard and gives you both swimming and spa time, you should check out a small inground pool and consider getting one for yourself.

16. Keeping It Private

Keeping It Private.jpg

If you want a pool that feels like a secret, hidden paradise in your backyard, this design is just perfect. It’s like having your special place tucked away from everything else. To create this magical spot, we’ll carefully choose a quiet and private corner in the yard, surrounded by trees and lots of green plants. When we put the pool there, it feels so peaceful and comfortable. Nature will be our best friend in this design. You can add a bamboo waterfall decor as a decoration. We’ll use big rocks and create little waterfalls so it feels like we’re swimming in the middle of a beautiful, untouched forest. It will be like a real adventure. Think about having a small inground pools cost that’s not out in the open but hidden among all the natural beauty. You’ll feel safe and comfortable, like you’ve found a secret hideaway.

17. Give It A Curve


Incorporating smooth curves into the design of a pool can upgrade its pretty looks, adding an element of class. A small inground pools cost with smooth, curvy lines look beautiful and melodic, like nature’s grace. Choosing this design makes the pool feel inviting and relaxing, tempting you to take a refreshing swim. Curved tiles can also be a showpiece and will also save anyone from hurting the sharp edges. Curved pools have a soft and inviting look, unlike pools with sharp angles. They fit well with different backyard styles, like modern, tropical, or traditional, blending in effortlessly with the overall look.

18. Choosing the Best Level

Choosing The Best Level

If your backyard has a shelve, including a level ground pool can truly maximize the use of the space available. This pool design is made for uneven ground, creating a level area for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Above-ground pool shelves will be useful too, and can be used as storage. Careful planning and expert construction make sure the pool blends with the slope, looking beautiful and stable. It becomes a stunning focal point in your backyard, using your property’s unique shape. A small inground pool offers a refreshing escape from the heat and adds an interesting dimension to your outdoor space.

19. Keeping it Budget Friendly

Small inground pools

Small inground pools are a great option for affordability. Unlike larger pools, they have lower costs for building and maintaining, making them perfect for homeowners on a budget. One wallet-friendly choice is the Bestway steel pro frame pool. It offers different designs to match your style without the high price of a concrete pool. These pools are also strong and easy to personalize. If you enjoy DIY projects, consider using DIY pool kits. These handy kits come with all the materials and instructions needed to set up your small inground pool without the extra cost of professional installation. Not only are these pools kind to your wallet, but they are also eco-friendly. Choosing a saltwater system reduces the need for chlorine and is gentle on both your finances and the environment.


All in all, these little wonders may be small in size, but they pack a big punch when it comes to fun and relaxation in your very own backyard. You, basking in the sun by your poolside, a refreshing drink in hand, and the worries of the day melting away like ice cream on a hot day.

Who needs to go to fancy resorts when you’ve got your slice of heaven right at home? So, if you’ve been dreaming of a cool spring in your backyard but thought it was impossible, think again. Small inground pools are here to make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? It’s time to make a splash and take the jump into the world of small inground pool costs.

Your backyard will thank you, and you’ll be the captain of a mini aquatic adventure right at home. Happy swimming, folks.

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