- 2-Story 3-Bedroom Modern Barndominium Huge Deck and Upside-down Layout

A Complete Gude on Modern Barndominium with Huge Deck

If you’re tired of ordinary houses, then get something special and exciting. What about a home that’s part of a barn and apartment? It will be like living in the countryside with all the benefits of city life. Well, we’ve turned the traditional house design upside down.

The bedrooms are on the ground floor, while the living area is upstairs, offering stunning views and lots of natural light. But that’s not all! Step outside on top of the huge deck, ideal for hosting awesome barbeques and outdoor gatherings. It’s your place for relaxation and entertainment.

Whether you want a fresh start or just want to impress your friends, every creative idea of a 2-Story 3-Bedroom modern Barndominium from this list is the perfect choice. Welcome the uniqueness, enjoy the glamour, and turn every day into an adventure in your very own home sweet home.

Let’s flip that living experience and make it truly rare!

1. Scenic Ash Wood Barndominium with Glass Doors

Scenic Ash Wood Barndominium with Glass Doors

As you step closer to the entrance, you’ll notice the complex art of the scenic ash wood modern Barndominium exterior, showcasing the natural look of the wood grain. The smooth and expansive glass doors not only provide a clear view of the breathtaking surroundings but also easily blend the interior and exterior spaces, allowing you to connect with nature from the comfort of your home.

The thoughtful design ensures that every room is bathed in natural light, creating a bright and welcoming environment throughout the day. Whether you’re enjoying a peaceful morning or a delightful sunset, the interplay of wood and glass creates an environment that will win your judgment of using scenic ash wood.

2. Spacious Second-Floor Kitchen & Living Area Design

Spacious Second-Floor Kitchen & Living Area Design

Go up to the second floor of this 2-story, 3-bedroom Barndominium, and you’ll find a kitchen and living area. The open layout connects the kitchen and living space, making it easy to talk and bond while cooking. The kitchen is fully equipped with the latest appliances, lots of counter space, and smart cabinetswith storage solutions, making it a great place for cooking adventures and creativity. Large windows let in plenty of natural light, creating a refreshing atmosphere for family gatherings and hanging out with friends, even on cloudy days.

Next to the kitchen, the living area offers comfortable seating and new entertainment options, perfect for family movie nights or catching up on TV shows. This modern barndominium is the heart of your home, ideal for relaxing and making memories with loved ones.

3. 3-Bed Barndominium Farmhouse Layout

3-Bed Barndominium Farmhouse Layout

The 3-bedroom Barndominium farmhouse is designed with your convenience in mind. Featuring a comfy living room for relaxing and making wonderful memories with loved ones, A sectional sofa would be a great addition to the living room. The nearby kitchen is every chef’s dream, with plenty of counter space for preparing delicious meals, cabinets to keep things neat, and high-quality attachments that add a touch of luxury.

The master bedroom on the main floor offers an escape to certain things and recharge yourself after a long day. Its joint bathroom provides a luxurious experience at home. With the main bedroom on the ground level, the farmhouse is easily accessible and comfortable for everyone.

4. Modern Barndominium Apartment

Modern Barndominium Apartment

The modern barndominium apartment with a unique and stunning 2-story, 3-bedroom home designed with a twist of living space on the upper floor, while the bedrooms are downstairs. This mix of classic barn-style appeal and contemporary living makes it special. The lower level is where you’ll find private spaces with three spacious bedrooms, with large windows that let in lots of natural light and views of the countryside. An open layout connects the kitchen, dining area, and living room, creating an inviting environment for family and guests.

The stylish design includes polished hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and simple decor. But the real highlight is the huge deck that develops from the living area. It’s a wonderful outdoor spot to have fun with friends and family. This modern barndominium is all about combining comfort, style, and the joys of nature.

5. Modern Bardominium’s Brown Wood-Finished 2nd Floor

Modern Bardominium's Brown Wood-Finished 2nd Floor

As you go up the staircase to the second floor, you’ll be surprised by the lovely brown wood finish that gives style to the farmhouse’s interior. The carefully selected wooden details perfectly complement the design, creating a blend of traditional ways throughout the space. The second floor serves as a bright spot, with the last two bedrooms lying close to the calming environment of the brown wood theme. Using ambient lighting fixtures, such as table lamps or pendant lights, creates a relaxing environment during the evenings.

To put yourself closer to nature, the large windows in each bedroom offer stunning wide views of the surrounding landscape. Waking up to the gentle rays of sunlight and the sight of nature’s beauty is a daily pleasure for the householders.

6. Barndominium’s Second Floor with Cement-Style Finish

Barndominium's Second Floor with Cement-Style Finish

Looking up for modern Barndominium’s second floor, This floor has a cement-style finish that gives the space a relaxed urban vibe. It not only looks great but is also tough and easy to clean, perfect for busy, present lives. The floor’s design flows throughout the area, creating a look that matches the vibe of the interior, installing cement-style floor tiles that be like the appearance of the cement but offer better durability and easier maintenance.

Besides being engaging, this special flooring is practical, too, as it can handle lots of walking and won’t easily wear out. Whether you prefer a simple native way or an industrial spacious feel, this finish offers an excellent starting point for your interior design ideas.

7. Warm Living Room with Fireplace

Warm Living Room with Fireplace

The spacious living room of our 3-bedroom modern Barndominium creates an engaging environment with an electric fireplace. The room is designed for comfort and provides decent and suitable space for family gatherings and entertaining guests. The fireplace adds heat during chilly evenings, making it a pleasant place for relaxation and family conversations.

Large windows fill the space with natural light during the day, making it even more inviting. Whether it’s quality time with loved ones or game nights, this living room with its delightful fireplace is the ideal place to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

8. Barndominium’s Second Floor with Ash Wood Accent

Barndominium's Second Floor with Ash Wood Accent

See inside this 2-story, 3-bedroom Modern Barndominium and light shining on the second floor with Ash Wood accents. The carefully designed interior has beautiful wood accents throughout, bringing a touch of nature’s vibe inside. The pleasant atmosphere makes it the place to relax after a long day. The second floor has an open layout, allowing easy flow between the living, dining, and kitchen areas. It combines peasant design with wood details on the walls, floors, and even some furniture.

The mix of polished finishes and wooden elements, like the Ash Wood coffee table, completely matches the interior’s theme and creates a unique and homely feel. Each bedroom has its special touch with Ash Wood decorations on the headboards, wardrobes, and bedside tables. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, the second floor offers a spacious and stylish environment.

9. Gable-Roofed House with Timber Porch

Gable-Roofed House with Timber Porch

The classic attraction of the Gable-Roofed House is further highlighted by the carefully crafted timber porch, which signals you to slow down and savor life’s simple pleasures. As you sit on the porch, the strong yet modish timber beams above provide a feel of security and shelter, making it the best spot to rest and involve yourself in the peaceful surroundings. Inside, the thoughtfully designed floor plan ensures that each room has its unique personality while maintaining a smooth flow between spaces.

The exposed wooden beams indoors not only add fascination but also remind you of the skilled craftsmanship that went into building this inviting house. The timber porch wraps around the house, creating a wonderful spot for relaxed afternoons. You can enjoy the view of the modern barndominium while reading, sipping tea, or just appreciating the peaceful beauty of the outdoors.

10. Brown Wood Barndominium with Wrap-Around Deck

Brown Wood Barndominium with Wrap-Around Deck

Think about a brown wood modern Barndominium surrounded by nature, complete with a large wrap-around deck. This two-story home combines appeal with living, bringing together the best of both places. The brown wood exterior creates a comfy feeling, welcoming you home after a long day. The earthy tones of the wood blend beautifully with the natural surroundings, connecting the interior with the beauty of the outdoors.

The wrap-around deck extends the living space outdoors, offering breathtaking views of the greenery or beautiful sunsets, with a hanging hammock chair. It’s a perfect spot to read a book or simply enjoy the calmness of the outdoors. The combination of brown wood and the fascinating wrap-around deck creates a truly engaging home for the whole family, blending modern living with the lasting and classic beauty of nature.

11. New Barndominium with Relaxing Deck View

New Barndominium with Relaxing Deck View .jpg

Go outside and experience the beauty of our spacious deck overlooking the living area. It’s an ideal place to ease yourself, have fun, and take in the incredible views. Feel the gentle breeze as you sip your morning coffee or watch stunning sunsets with your family. At night, it becomes a magical spot for stargazing under the twinkling sky. The deck, without any effort, connects to the living area, mixing up the line between indoor and outdoor living, making it a fantastic extension of your home.

For colder evenings, a stylish fire pit can be a center point on the deck, creating a delightful atmosphere for gatherings. This barndominium has an open design that makes you feel free and connected to nature. The deck view inspires you to enjoy every moment in your new modern barndominium.

12. Beautiful Cement Barndominium with Wooden Pillars

Beautiful Cement Barndominium with Wooden Pillars

This Barndominium has a unique and stylish cement exterior with wooden pillars, which gives it an attractive place to live. The strong cement construction ensures durability and low maintenance, giving you peace of mind and a long-lasting home. The mix of cement and wooden pillars creates the latest yet unfading look, making this home stand out. Inside, you’ll find a comfortable environment with an excellent blend of cement walls and wooden accents, making you feel right at home from the moment you come inside.

This home combines cement and wooden pillars to create a classic look, making it stand out beautifully in its surroundings. Increase the exterior of your modern barndominium with cement planters. They will perfectly complement the cement exterior and wooden pillars and design the home’s surroundings.

13. Modern Barndominium with Huge Deck

Modern Barndominium with Huge Deck

The modern Barndominium stands out with its rare combination of wood and metal, presenting a perfect effect of aesthetics and pleasant glamour. The large deck adds an exciting dimension to the living space, offering decent room for outdoor gatherings, stargazing, or simply enjoying a breath of fresh air. It comes with a designed ensuite bathroom that has modern fixtures and a fancy soaking tub for relaxation. The clever fusion of barn-inspired architectural design elements creates a stylish environment.

With its open layout, the home looks attractive and spacious, making it an ideal setting for creating lasting memories with family and friends. The well-equipped kitchen with top-quality appliances invites you to show your cooking talents, while the comfortable living area provides a place to relax after a fulfilling day.


All in all, the impressive 2-story, 3-bedroom modern barndominium! Its unique upside-down layout adds a refreshing twist to traditional homes. With a large space where families can grow and cherish lasting memories together.

However, the real highlight of this property is its huge deck that easily infuse with indoor and outdoor living. The deck serves as a peaceful place for relaxation and becomes a natural part of the home itself, offering a wonderful outdoor space.

Think about walking into your living room on the upper floor, staring out at the world from a sky-high view, and it will be like living in a cloud of awesomeness. And if we talk more about these huge deck ideas, these are not just ordinary decks, there are outdoor gardens where you can enjoy the sunshine and observe the stars shining beautifully.

You must have liked one of these, and you might even start hosting events and BBQ parties just to show off your deck.

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