Single-Story 3-Bedroom Barn-like Country Ranch with 5 Bay Garage

14 Single-Story Country Ranch Houses with 5-Bay Garage

How about checking out Single Story 3 Bedroom Country Ranch house that looks just like a barn and has an amazing 5 Bay Garage? But hold on; this is no ordinary city house. It’s much more than that.

Think about stepping into a fairy tale where countryside dreams come true. This barn house feels tall, wrapping you in pleasant support and a touch of magic.

Inside, you’ll find three comfortable bedrooms that will make you feel as if you’re in dreamland. But that’s not all. Come ride with a garage that can hold not one, not two, but five of your beloved cars.

If you are tired of the usual and ready to see the adventurous side of country living, this ranch-style place is calling your name.

So, let this Single Story 3, Bedroom, Barn-like Country Ranch with 5 Bay Garage house plan lead the way for you.

1. Exploring a Large Parking Area and Gray Garage

Exploring a Large Parking Area and Gray Garage .jpg

You will be amazed by the large parking area and trendy gray garage of this Single Story 3 Bedroom Country Ranch. It looks like a barn and has a 5 Bay Garage. As you approach the house, you’ll love the big parking space that easily fits many cars. The wide driveway gracefully curves up to the garage, and the entrance to the home feels grand. The gray garage goes ideally with the nice look of the country ranch house, standing tall with its unique barn-like design.

The outside of the garage has pretty details like cute windows and decorative hardware, making it even more good-looking. You’ll have plenty of room for your cars, bikes and even space for a workshop or storage with five bays to use.

2. Spacious 3-Bedroom Farmhouse with Classic Style

Spacious 3-Bedroom Farmhouse with Classic Style

Step into this 3-bedroom house, and you’ll feel its classic style in every corner. The well-designed layout creates a spacious and fresh feel for comfortable living and entertaining guests. The house has beautiful classic details like stylish moldings and stunning hardwood floors that add attraction.

Each of the three bedrooms offers plenty of space, providing an escape for every family member to unwind. Besides the interior beauty, the house also has a lovely porch and impressive views of the surrounding countryside, engaging you to enjoy its peace on this rare country ranch.

3. Country Ranch House Blends with Surroundings of Back

Country Ranch House Blends with Surroundings of Back

Nature lovers will be amazed to see how this country ranch house fits right in with its natural surroundings at the back. The house is smartly positioned to make the most of the beautiful landscape. In the backyard, you’ll find lush greenery, carefully planned flowerbeds, and maybe even a peaceful pond or field, creating a picture-perfect backdrop to the property.

Large windows and well-placed glass doors fill the home with natural light and offer stunning views of the outdoors from every corner. When you step onto the back porch, you’ll instantly feel the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside. With a large outdoor area, you can have wonderful barbecues and garden parties or simply enjoy moments of calm.

4. Single-Story Home on a Slab with 3 Bedrooms

Single-Story Home on a Slab with 3 Bedrooms

The Single Story 3, Bedroom Country Ranch house with 5 Bay Garage has a single-level design, making it convenient and easy to access for people of all ages. The house is built on a strong foundation, ensuring it will stand stable and durable for many years. Inside, the well-thought-out floor plan includes 3 bedrooms, giving plenty of space for a family or guests. Each bedroom is planned to offer privacy, allowing you to relax.

Whether you need a guest room for visitors, a home office to be productive, or a hobby space to boost your creativity, these bedrooms can easily modify your needs. Beautify the walls with artwork and mirrors to create a welcoming and pleasing environment. The open-concept layout connects the living, dining, and kitchen areas easily, making it an inviting environment for gatherings and everyday living.

5. Country Ranch with Light Gray Exterior and Backyard

Country Ranch with Light Gray Exterior and Backyard

This lovely 3 bedroom country ranch house looks like a barn. The light gray exterior gives it a lasting look that perfectly matches the beautiful countryside. The moment you enter, you’ll be drawn to its welcoming aura. Just inside, you’ll find a comfortable space thoughtfully designed to create a tempting atmosphere. The open layout connects the living, dining, and kitchen areas, making it perfect for family gatherings and hosting guests.

When you step into the backyard, you’ll be delighted by the vast greenery garland offering a peaceful and healthy place. Whether it’s a lazy afternoon or a fun evening, the backyard is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the bright surroundings.

6. The Garage Fits 5 Cars with Spacious Doors

The Garage Fits 5 Cars with Spacious Doors

Car collectors will love this country ranch house with a large 5-car garage specially designed to provide shelter for your beloved vehicles. The garage has many rooms to park and store your valuable cars, and you can even fit in your favorite motorcycles. Plus, there’s extra storage space available. The garage doors give a bit of style to the property, creating a paradise for car lovers.

Whether you have classic cars that need a safe place or simply want to house multiple vehicles, this 5-car garage is ideal for your automotive treasures. To protect your beloved vehicles from dust and scratches, consider using a high-quality car cover.

7. Single Story with 3 Bedrooms in The Basement

Single Story with 3 Bedrooms in The Basement

Look at this lovely country ranch house and be pleasantly surprised. Everything you need is easily laid out on one floor. The main floor has a sunlit living area, a kitchen with modern facilities, and an outstanding dining space for gatherings. Large windows flood the rooms with natural light and make a pleasant environment that will make you feel right at home. With a single-floor layout, consider storage options to keep your home clean. Also, look for shelves and storage bins.

The cleverly designed basement has 3 bedrooms, offering a private and soothing place for your family or guests. This unique setup gives you the freedom to have everything you need on the main level while also providing additional living space below, catering to all your preferences. From support and easy to adaptable living arrangements, this ranch house promises a rare living experience.

8. Big Garage in Front of Country Ranch House

Big Garage in Front of Country Ranch House

This home sets on a pleasing country ranch and has strong features like a huge 5-bay garage right in front. The garage has plenty of space for multiple vehicles; it is a dream come true for car lovers and those who need extra room for tools, equipment, and outdoor gear. The garage looks like a barn, which adds a delightful addition to the property.

Garage Wall Organizer System will help you keep your tools, equipment, and outdoor gear neatly organized on the walls, maximizing the space in the garage. Whether you want to keep your cars safe or organize your outdoor stuff, this front garage is a very useful and attractive addition to your home, combining practicality.

9. Single-Story Home with a 2-Car Garage

Spacious 3-Bedroom Farmhouse with Classic Style

Settle in the peaceful countryside; this country ranch house offers more than just a beautiful 3-bedroom layout. It also has a suitable 2 car garage to keep your everyday vehicles safe. The one-story design means people of all ages can easily access and enjoy the fellow feeling of this home, making it inclusive for everyone.

The 2-car garage not only protects your cars but also provides quick access, make it your daily routines smoother and more convenient. With easy living at its core, this country ranch house becomes the best place for all.

10. Garage and Spacious Parking up Close

Garage and Spacious Parking up Close

This delightful one-level country ranch house with three bedrooms and a barn-like appearance, One of its most fascinating features is the 5-bay garage, according to needs located next to the front door. No more worries about carrying heavy items over long distances. This garage offers plenty of space for your cars, storage needs, and even a workshop. Parking problems and messed up driveways, as this expansive garage ensures there’s enough room for all your vehicles and belongings.

Use Industrial grade shelving units to store heavy items and maximize vertical space in the garage. This garage is a valuable addition to your home, providing convenience and an inviting look that complements this ranch.

11. Single-Story Farmhouse with Master Suite and Garage

Single-Story Farmhouse with Master Suite and Garage

The one-floor farmhouse design has a beautiful master suite, providing a private and relaxing place. Think of waking up to the peaceful countryside every morning, with everything well on one level. The 5-bay garage is directly connected to the main living area, making it easy to bring in groceries and unload luggage.

This layout not only makes daily life comfortable but also ensures easy mobility for everyone, as there are no stairs to worry about. The master suite offers a comfortable environment, providing the perfect escape after a long day, allowing you to relax and recharge. The garage offers lots of storage and workshop options.

12. Walkway View from Wooden Porch’s Main Entrance

Walkway View from Wooden Porch's Main Entrance

Approaching this barn-like country ranch house, you’ll be impressed by the grand walkway leading to the main entrance. The wooden porch offers an impressive view of the surroundings, creating a welcoming atmosphere inside. You’ll be surrounded by nature, with an ideal place for slow walks or relaxing moments on the porch.

The wooden porch makes it a great spot for enjoying your morning coffee on a perfect coffee table or watching the sunset in the evenings. It’s also a wonderful space for gatherings, where you can make special memories with friends and family. The view from the porch truly captures the life of country living at its best.

13. Gray Country Ranch House View from Afar

Gray Country Ranch House View from Afar

Look at the Gray Country Ranch House; it’s a single-story country house with three bedrooms that are surrounded by green fields and have a lovely gray color. The design is a classic barn, and it fits easily with the natural surroundings. When you see it from a distance, you’ll feel drawn to its welcoming environment. Capture the essence of the green fields surrounding the house with a country landscape canvas wall art that adds a touch of nature to the interiors.

Just inside, it’s a great mix of modern comfort and country glamour. The big windows bring in lots of natural light, making the living spaces bright and inviting. This view of the house is so pretty that you can’t help but want to explore what’s inside.

14. Spacious Backyard Porch in House’s Rear View

Spacious Backyard Porch in House's Rear View

Now, let’s take a look at the back of the Gray Country Ranch House, where you’ll find a spacious backyard porch. It’s a wonderful place to relax and have fun. The porch extends the living area, so you can enjoy the outdoors while still being comfortable. It’s designed to be practical, with plenty of space for outdoor furniture and potted plants.

Think of spending lazy afternoons here, drinking lemonade and admiring the countryside. You can also have happy gatherings with your loved ones. Since it’s easily reachable from inside the house, it becomes a special part of your everyday life. Accepts the peace and calm it brings, and you’ll experience the best of country living.


All in all, this amazing Single Story 3 Bedroom Barn like Country Ranch with 5 Bay Garage is the perfect rural home. It’s like a sweet dream covered in simplicity.

The barn design and 3 bedrooms make it a standout choice for any family looking to move the city’s busy life. This barn beauty offers easy peasy living, no complicated stairs to climb, just one level for convenience.

So, if you’re ready to leave the city’s traffic behind and accept fresh air and open spaces, this Single Story 3 Bedroom Barn Country Ranch house with 5 Bay Garage is your ticket to rural pleasure.

The 3 bedrooms provide enough space for family or guests, and the open living area promotes togetherness. Single-Story 3-Bedroom offers perfect surroundings to fill your memories with enjoyment.

Don’t wait and place install these designs to have the home that you’ve ever wanted.

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