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Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett, a New York Institute of Art and Design graduate, has been a great addition to our Design and Decor team since 2020. With over 15 years of experience working with top design firms, Anthony specializes in creating stylish and livable spaces. He also worked as an art curator and an interior stylist, giving him a unique perspective on aesthetics and space utilization. Before joining us as a freelancer, he led interior design projects for luxury hotels and residences. Outside work, he enjoys traveling and collecting vintage furniture.

25 Preppy Wallpaper to Upgrade Your Home

Preppy Wallpaper Aesthetic Designs

Are you tired of the same old drab walls staring back at you? Well, fear not because we’ve got a beautiful use in store for you! Discover the wonders of “Preppy Wallpaper Aesthetic Designs.” Exciting colors, playful patterns, and oh-so-attractive…