Subway Tile Showers to Modernize Your Bathroom

26 Modern Subway Tile Showers to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Are you also tired of your old, drab bathroom? We all were too. That’s why we’ve come up with these trendy designs that are the perfect way to renovate your bathroom. You can change your bathroom into a space that’s both useful and fabulous.

A wall of glossy subway tiles neatly aligned is just like books on a library shelf. These tiles not only provide a never changing beauty but also make cleaning an easy task.

No more scrubbing endlessly to remove stubborn stains. Just a quick wipe, and your shower will be gleaming like it’s ready for its Instagram close-up. So, why settle for an outdated bathroom when you can showcase the flexibility of subway tile showers? This is the time to say goodbye to shower curtains and hello to a bathroom that’s straight out of a design magazine.

Let’s have a look at these subway tile shower ideas that will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and excitement to give your bathroom the makeover it deserves.

1. Classic Bathroom Tile Idea

Classic Bathroom Tile Idea

Make your bathroom look classy and beautiful with classic tiles. This subway tile shower is always in trend and never goes out of fashion. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a unique look just for you. Classic bathroom tiles have simple and neat designs that make your bathroom look fancy. Whether you like a vintage-style checkerboard pattern or plain white subway tiles, these tiles will make your bathroom look amazing and trendy. With classic tiles, your bathroom will become a special place that feels comforting and stylish.

2. Cool Shower Tile Wall

Cool Shower Tile Wall

Turn your boring shower into a colorful place with awesome tile walls and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. These subway tile showers come in lots of bright colors and fun patterns, making your shower look neat. The tile walls become the main attraction in your bathroom, adding lots of fun and trend. You can choose tiles that have small pictures, fun shapes, or even stony textures to make your shower rare and modern. With the addition of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you can also enjoy your favorite tunes or podcasts while taking a fantastic shower. These tiles not only make your shower look awesome, but they are also strong and easy to clean, so your bathroom will always stay fresh and trendy.

3. Bold Shower Tile

Bold Shower Tile Ideas

Change your bathroom into a solid and colorful place with bold subway tile shower ideas. You can throw out the plain and boring tiles and bring fun patterns, bright colors, and interesting textures. These special tiles make your shower stand out, and it easily grabs everyone’s attention. They bring adventure and show off your design and imagination. With these bold shower tile ideas, your shower becomes a work of art that people will remember. Shower tile decals are another fantastic way to bring patterns and colors into your shower. Whether it’s an exciting mosaic or a refined pattern, these subway tiles shower make your bathroom look outstanding. Make your bathroom a fun and awesome place with these wonderful shower tile ideas.

4. Modern Shower Tile

Modern Shower Tile Ideas

Modern tiles come in different shapes, sizes, and fun colors that will bring a touch of magic to your bathroom. You can choose polished tiles that shine or smooth tiles with a matte finish to craft your ideal look. Whether you like big tiles that make a bold appearance or small subway tile showers for a stylish look, these ideas will make your bathroom feel modish and designer. Think of moving into a grand spa-like spring every time you take a shower. To enhance the spa-like experience in your bathroom, consider adding an LED shower head. Let your mind be creative and turn your bathroom into the most amazing place ever with these wonderful shower tile ideas.

5. Install The White and Textured Tiles

Install The White and Textured Tiles

Renovate your bathroom into a refreshed place by adding fun decorations and using your imagination. Just bring in some beautiful white and textured tiles, and watch the magic happen. The white color will make it look really clean and shiny, while the textured side will make it feel extra fancy. You can choose from multiple patterns like waves, 3D design tiles, or smooth shapes, and feature the dreamy atmosphere with the soft, twinkling glow of fairy string lights. You can put these tiles on the walls or the floor, and your bathroom will turn into an attractive masterpiece.

6. Industrial Shower Tile

Industrial Shower Tile Ideas

You can also give your bathroom a classy and modern makeover with this awesome industrial shower tile idea. These industrial subway tile showers have a smooth and sharp look, almost like metal or material. They add a city vibe to your shower and make it more cool. You can find them in different shapes and sizes, like big rectangle ones or small hexagon ones. You can pick lots of colors, too, like gray, black, and white, to make your shower look just the way you want it. To make it even more industrial, add simple fixtures and let the plumbing show. The mix of stony textures and smooth lines will make your subway tile shower area look trendy.

7. Farmhouse Subway Tile Shower

Farmhouse Subway Tile Shower 

Organize your bathroom into a comfortable retreat with these lively subway tile shower ideas. These special tiles will make your bathroom look like an attractive old-fashioned one. They are made from natural materials like ceramic, stone, or porcelain and have interesting textures. You can find them in multiple shapes and patterns like zig-zags or straight lines. Choose warm and soft colors like cream, sandy, or light blue to make your bathroom feel welcoming. These farmhouse shower tiles will give your bathroom a relaxing and comfy vibe. Add old-style fixtures and wooden decorations to complete the overall look.

8. Glamorous Shower Tile

Glamorous Shower Tile

Recreate your bathroom into a trendy and stylish place with beautiful shower tile ideas. These tiles make your bathroom look super fancy and outstanding. They have shiny and reflective sides like glass mosaic tiles or mirrors. You can find them in many shapes and patterns, like brilliant designs and geometric shapes. Use bold and bright colors like gold, silver, or deep jewel colors to make it look extra luxurious. Add shiny fixtures and attractive lights to make the whole subway tile shower feel impressive. With this amazing subway tile shower, your bathroom will feel like a decorated spa where you can relax and have fun.

9. Colorful Shower Tile

Colorful Shower Tile

Make your bathroom more fun and exciting by using colorful shower tiles. These tiles come in various colors, patterns, and designs. You can mix and match the colors to make your bathroom look beautiful and unique. Choose light and happy colors like yellow, blue, or green to make a big impression. You can also try collage tiles, patterned tiles, or ones that are painted by hand to make your bathroom look even more interesting. Colorful subway tile shower makes your bathroom feel lively and full of personality. To make everything look good together, you can use neutral colors or white fixtures.

10. Natural Shower Tile

Natural Shower Tile

Change your bathroom into a quiet and peaceful place with the help of natural subway tile shower ideas. These superb tiles bring the beauty of nature right into your bathroom with their earthy colors. They can be made of materials like stone, marble, or porcelain that look like wood. You can choose different kinds of textures and finishes, such as pebble tiles, travertine tiles, or tiles that look like wood. To create a quiet atmosphere, go for colors like beige, brown, or gray. Natural shower tiles make your bathroom feel like a relaxing spa in nature. To make it even more natural, you can use materials from nature and soft lighting.

11. Black and White Shower Tile

Transform your bathroom into a standout place with black and white shower tiles. These tiles are like a secret spell that makes your bathroom look fresh and beautiful. When you use black and white tiles together, it’s like creating a kind of puzzle. The difference between dark black and bright white colors makes your shower area too classy and stylish. The tiles have a pattern that looks like a picture, making your bathroom feel more interesting. Complete the mystical look of your bathroom with black and white bathroom accessories. Look for items like soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and towel racks in coordinating colors to tie the whole theme together. You can also choose to make a fun checkerboard pattern or a cool design with lots of little pieces.

12. Pink Shower Tile

Pink Shower Tile

Renovate your bathroom into a peaceful and beautiful place with pink shower tiles. These special tiles make your shower area warm and comfortable, giving you a quiet and relaxing feeling. You can choose a light pink color or a shiny one – both will add a glimpse of pink to your bathroom. The pink subway tile shower is friendly and makes your bathroom feel welcoming. You can use only pink tiles or mix them with other tiles to create wonderful patterns. Pink shower tiles not only look nice, but they’re also strong and easy to clean. If you want a lovely and flashy bathroom, pink shower tiles are a great choice.

13. Green Ceramic Tile

Green Ceramic Tile

Modify your bathroom into a magical green haven with singular tiles. These tiles show the beauty of nature right inside, making your subway tile shower area feel fresh and full of life. You can choose from different shades of green to create a natural look or a fun and active vibe. Green tiles can be used to add a pop of color or make the main part of your shower look amazing. They go well with all kinds of bathroom designs, from modern to classic. These unique tiles are super strong and can handle water without getting damaged, so they’re perfect for bathrooms. With green ceramic tiles, you can turn your shower into a wonderful place that feels like you’re near nature.

14. Shiny Subway Tile

Shiny Subway Tile

Refurbish your bathroom bright with shiny subway tiles. These tiles are like many types of mirrors that reflect light and make your shower area shine like a fairy tale kingdom. Subway tiles have clear lines that give your bathroom a trendy and long-lasting look, just like the castles in your favorite storybooks. You can arrange them in multiple fun patterns, like a brick or herringbone style, just like playing with colorful blocks. The shiny tiles create a mystical illusion, making your subway tile shower area appear bigger and more open, like a secret door to a land of wonders. And guess what? They’re very easy to clean because they have a smooth surface, like flowing down a slippery slide.

15. Modern Octagon and Dot

Modern Octagon and Dot

Make your subway tile shower extra trendy with modish tiles in the shape of octagons and dots. These tiles create an awesome design with big octagons and small dots all around them. It looks fashionable and catches your eye right away. You can choose a variety of colors to match your favorite feature. The octagons and dots tile panels make your shower area look fun and exciting. You can have a shower that’s all one color or mix lots of bright colors. These tiles let you be creative and make your shower unique. Everyone will notice how cool your bathroom looks with these fabulous tiles.

16. Functional Grid

Functional Grid

When you want to make your bathroom look better, don’t forget about the functional grid design. This special way of arranging tiles in a grid pattern can make your bathroom more arranged and efficient. It helps your bathroom look clean and neat, like a fancy place. The grid design also makes it easier to keep your bathroom hygienic because there are no tricky corners or sides to clean. With the grid pattern shower curtain, you can make the most out of your bathroom space and use every part of it well. If you want your bathroom with a subway tile shower to be fresh and easy to take care of, think about getting a functional grid design.

17. Stone Grids

Stone Grids shower tile

These grids have rare tiles made from multiple types of natural stone, like marble or travertine. These tiles will make your shower area look fashionable and classy. The best part about stone grids is that each tile is extraordinary and unique. They have classy patterns and textures that make subway tile showers interesting to look at. Plus, subway tile showers are super strong and will last a long time, which is great for your bathroom. It’s like bringing a piece of nature right into your outstanding bathroom. So, if you want your bathroom to look amazing and cool, try using stone grid subway tile.

18. Warm Wood-Look Tile

Warm Wood-Look shower Tile

Convert your bathroom into a comfy place using special tiles that look like warm wood. These tiles will make your shower feel like a real forest. You can choose from mixed colors like light oak or rich mahogany to match your style. The best part is that these tiles are waterproof and easy to clean, perfect for bathrooms. With these wood-look tiles, your subway tile shower will not only look beautiful but also be practical. Imagine moving into a fairy tale every time you take a shower. Make your bathroom a happy and comfortable place with these beautiful tiles that bring the wonders of nature inside.

19. Size and Color Difference

Size and Color Difference

To make your shower look wonderful, you can use different sizes and colors of tiles. You can mix big rectangle tiles with small square tiles to make a fun pattern that can grab everyone’s attention. Also, by using tiles in mixed colors, like light and dark ones, you can make your subway tile shower look more interesting and novel. This way, you can design your shower to be exactly how you want it and make your bathroom unique. With many sizes and colors of tiles, you can make your shower look amazing and really attractive.

20. Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray shower tile

Gray is a cool color that people love to use in their subway tile showers. It looks advanced and goes well with any bathroom pattern. Gray comes in various shades, like light gray and dark gray. Light gray makes the bathroom look bright and spacious, while dark gray adds a trendy touch. Gray tiles make a nice background for adding colorful tones and decorations. You can be creative and make your subway tile shower look simple or moving by using rare shades of gray. It’s a great color that can make your bathroom look modish and stylish.

21. Ultra Modern Geometric Design

Ultra Modern Geometric Design

Shape your bathroom into a grand and up-to-date place with an awesome geometric design. This mode uses straight lines, dynamic shapes, and an updated look that adds a touch of fanciness to your bathroom. You’ll see shapes like squares, triangles, and hexagons that make your bathroom look comforting and interesting. You can have these shapes on the walls and floors or even in the shower area. The geometric bathroom tiles make everything look neat and correct, making your bathroom look fresh and new. You can let the power of geometry change your bathroom into an ultra-modern space that shows off your awesome variety.

22. Natural Colors and Natural Light

Natural Colors and Natural Light (1)

You can remodel your bathroom into a quiet and magical place by bringing nature inside. Start by using colors that come from nature, like earthy browns, greens, and beiges. These colors make the bathroom feel comfortable and relaxing. Let the sunlight come in through windows or skylights to make the bathroom shiny and airy. This light also shows off the natural colors and textures of things like wood and stone. You can make the bathroom even more special by adding natural things like plants, pebbles, or bamboo. These things bring a sense of nature’s peace and make the bathroom with a subway tile shower feel like a mystic spring.

23. Crosshatch Wood-Look Tile

Crosshatch Wood-Look Tile

Convert your bathroom into a warm place with outstanding wood-look tiles. These tiles look just like real wood, but they’re stronger and easier to clean because they’re made of porcelain or ceramic. The tiles have a cool crisscross pattern that makes them interesting to look at and gives your subway tile shower more touch. You can use them on the floor or as a better decoration on one of the walls to make your bathroom feel extraordinary. These Crosshatch Wood-Look tiles can handle water and stains, which is great for bathrooms. You don’t have to worry about them getting harmed by water or curving like real wood. With these impressive wood-look tiles, you can have the beauty of wood in your bathroom without any worries.

24. You Won’t Be Blue

You Won't Be Blue

Change your bathroom with fun and colorful “You Won’t Be Blue” Tiles. Make your bathroom exciting and lively with our wonderful”You Won’t Be Blue” tiles. These unusual tiles come in different shades of blue, from dark navy to bright turquoise. They bring a burst of energy and become the center of attention in your bathroom. You can use blue pebbles ceramic tile to create a stunning wall, add a joyful pattern behind the sink, or cover the whole shower area. You can mix them with light colors to make your subway tile shower look unique and special.

25. Mexican Subway Tile Shower

Modern Mexican Tile

Discover the amazing beauty of Mexican culture right in your bathroom with modern Mexican tiles. These exclusive tiles have outstanding patterns and bright, lively colors that show the rich history of Mexico. Each tile is like a work of art, with cool shapes and pretty flower designs. When you use updated Mexican tiles, your bathroom becomes more extraordinary and looks superb. You can put the subway tile shower on the walls and floors or use them as the best decorations. They make the bathroom feel warm and happy. You can use them with plain things or add fun and bold accessories to give your bathroom a Mexican vibe.

26. Textured Accent Wall

Textured Accent Wall

Make your bathroom feel super fancy with a singular wall called a textured accent wall. Instead of making all the walls the same, you can pick one wall to be individual and stand out. To make it better, you can use materials like stone, brick, or even unusual wallpaper with texture. It looks fabulous and feels soothing when you touch it. You can choose if you want it to be smooth or stony. You can put the subway tile shower wall behind the sink, bathtub, or even in the shower area. It will look rare from the other walls and make your bathroom look extra stylish and classy.


All in all, these subway tile shower ideas are amazing, and just a few simple tiles can completely transform a bathroom. If you’re looking to modernize your bathroom, you really can’t go wrong with subway tiles.

They’re classic, good-looking, and versatile enough to work with any style. By choosing subway tiles, you’re not only embracing a trend that’s here to stay but also adding a dash of personality to your bathroom.

It’s like giving your shower a fashionable makeover. And with so many different options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your bathroom renovation! Just be sure to take some before and after photos so you can show off your new and improved space to all your friends.

Who knows, you might even inspire them to take on their renovation projects.

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