Stunning L-Shaped Kitchen with Island Ideas

30 L-Shaped Kitchen with Island for Creative Use of Space

Are you looking for a kitchen that effortlessly combines style, functionality, and a touch of luxury? Look no further than L-Shaped Kitchen with Island ideas! This popular kitchen layout offers a world of possibilities, making it a game-changer for home cooks and entertainers alike. In this article, we will explore the endless potential of L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands. Imagine a space where you can effortlessly enjoy delicious meals while mingling with your guests or family.

Think of the joy of always enough storage, ample counter space, and a central hub that becomes the heart of your home. Whether you’re an aspiring chef, a passionate entertainer, or simply looking to upgrade your kitchen, this post is your ultimate source of inspiration.

Get ready to dip yourself in amazing designs, practical tips, and expert advice on creating the L-Shaped Kitchen with the Island you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Choose the Right Open-Plan Kitchen Design and Layout

Choose the Right Open-Plan Kitchen Design and Layout.jpg

Choosing the right design and layout for your open kitchen is important. An open kitchen means that it’s connected to the rest of your living space, creating one big and smooth area with a natural painting. When you’re picking the design and layout, think about things like how big the room is, what shape it has, where the sunlight comes in, and what you like. Take a look at the room’s size and how much space you have. Also, think about the shape of the kitchen and how it fits into the flow of your living space. See how the sunlight lighten up the room and make it feel welcoming. Finally, think about what makes you feel comfortable in your L-shaped kitchen with an island, and make sure the design reflects that.

2. Prefer Simple Kitchen Design in An Open-Plan Space

Prefer Simple Kitchen Design in An Open-Plan Space

In an open-plan space, simplicity is key when it comes to kitchen design. A simple kitchen layout can help you keep things neat and organized. Choose plain and simple cabinets and countertops that offer enough storage space without making the area feel crowded. Choosing neutral colors will help maintain an ideal flow and stop the room from developing specific divisions. Additionally, including a built-in device will increase the order and value of the design. By following these guidelines, you can create a useful and graphic inviting l-shaped kitchen with an island that is easy to maintain and enjoy.

3. Zone Your Open-Plan Kitchen, Diner, and Living Space

Zone Your Open-Plan Kitchen, Diner, and Living Space

You can divide your open kitchen, dining, and living area into different parts. It’s called zoning, and it helps you organize the space better. Use furniture, kitchen rugs, or various types of flooring to show where each part starts and ends. For example, you can put a big sofa or a cool bookshelf between the kitchen and living area. This separates them, but the space still feels open and friendly. With zoning, each part has its job and works well together. It’s like having multiple areas in your room that do distinct things. When you have an L-shaped kitchen with an island, you can focus on cooking, and when you’re in the living area, you can relax and have fun. Zoning makes your open space work better for you.

4. Create a Broken-Plan Layout

Create a broken-plan layout

The broken-plan layout is a fabulous way to design your living or working area. It’s like mixing open and closed spaces to create something special. Instead of using solid walls to separate areas completely, this layout uses smart techniques to make divisions or incomplete walls within the open space. It’s a clever display that gives you privacy and also keeps everything connected. One great thing about the broken-plan layout is that it uses multiple things to separate distinct areas in the big space. Instead of tall walls, you can use bookshelves to make stylish and useful dividers between rooms. This l-shaped kitchen with an island not only separates the rooms but also makes the whole space look nice.

5. Devise an Open-Plan Kitchen Floorplan

Devise an open-plan kitchen floorplan

An open-plan kitchen floorplan is a unique design where the kitchen joins together with the living or dining areas, making one big and friendly space. It’s really important to make sure there’s enough space for you to move around easily and go from one place to another without any problems. You want to create wide pathways and open spaces so it’s easy to walk around and you don’t get stuck. The l-shaped kitchen with an island along with kitchen appliances like an oven and air fryer should be in a good spot where it works well and looks nice too. When you’re making plans for your open kitchen, remember to think about where to put these things so that cooking and eating can be fun and easy for you.

6. Choose the Best Open-Plan Kitchen Layout

Choose the best open-plan kitchen layout

Choosing the best open-plan kitchen layout depends on how big and what shape your space is, and also on how you like to live and what you select. First, consider how big the room is and what you like to do in the kitchen. Next, you can choose from various layouts like L-shaped, U-shaped, or galley designs with hardware like Pressure Cooker. The L-shaped layout is great because it can be changed around and makes good use of corners. The U-shaped layout gives you lots of space to store things and work. The galley layout works well for smaller spaces. It’s a good idea to talk to an expert to help you decide which layout is best for you. Remember to pick a design that you like, and that fits your needs. A simple and neat design can look nice, and having varied areas in your l-shaped kitchen with an island can make it more useful and private.

7. Decide on What to Include in An Open-Plan Kitchen

Decide on what to include in an open-plan kitchen

When you plan an open kitchen, think about how you’ll use it: for cooking, eating, or both. Adding a kitchen island is a great idea. It gives you extra space for cooking and a cozy spot for eating and chatting. Think of a lovely island with a smooth countertop that matches your kitchen. You can even put stools or chairs around it for your family and friends to enjoy. It will make your kitchen a fun and friendly place. Think about what you want in your open L-shaped kitchen with an island and make it a practical and beautiful space where everyone can have a great time.

8. Pick an Open-Plan Kitchen Style

Pick an open-plan kitchen style

An open-plan kitchen style is a favorite for modern homes because it lets the kitchen, dining, and living areas connect smoothly. The latest trend has clean lines and a simple design and goes well with any color. The L-shaped kitchen with an island looks fancy with cabinets that don’t have handles, new appliances, and shiny surfaces. If you prefer a homey feeling, go for the farmhouse mode. It uses natural materials like old wood, stone, and vintage fixtures. You can have open shelves, a farmhouse sink, and visible beams. For a cool warehouse look, choose the city loft mode. It uses stony materials like concrete, metal, and brick. You can have open shelves, hanging lights, and hard-looking devices. Make sure to choose a form you like and that goes with your home.

9. Open-Plan Living Works in Small Spaces Too

Open-plan living works in small spaces too

Even small homes can have open spaces where everything is connected. You can make your small kitchen feel bigger by removing walls and barriers. To save space, choose a small device that matches the kitchen’s look. Use furniture that can be used for different things, like folding tables that can get bigger and dirt that can be built. Keep your countertops tidy and use all the space nicely by using tall cabinets and drawers that slide out. Lighting is important too. Let natural light come in, and add some bright lights to make the kitchen look nice. With careful planning, even a small l-shaped kitchen with an island can be both useful and stylish, making your time there more enjoyable.

10. Think About the Small Details in An Open-Plan Kitchen

Think about the small details in an open-plan kitchen

When you design an open-plan kitchen, remembering the little things can make it look even more beautiful and work better too. First, choose a strong and easy-to-clean floor. Hardwood, ceramic tiles, or luxury vinyl are great options. Next, make sure there’s enough light. Use multiple lights like pendant lights and under-cabinet lighting to make the kitchen bright and comfy. Don’t forget about the handles on the cabinets, the faucets, and the covers for the outlets. Pick ones that match your fashion and make you happy. Lastly, add your personal touch. Hang up artwork, bring in plants, and use fun accessories to make the l-shaped kitchen with an island feel special and inviting.

11. Select the Right Color for Your Open-Plan Kitchen

Select the right color for your open-plan kitchen

Choosing the right colors for your open-plain kitchen is super important. It can change how your kitchen looks and feels. Neutral colors like white, beige, or gray are a great choice for open-plan kitchens. They always look good and match everything. They can even make a small kitchen look bigger. If you want to add some fun, use colorful addition and furniture as accent chairs. Bold colors can make your l-shaped kitchen with an island feel alive without taking over the whole design. Natural colors like brown, green, and blue can make your kitchen relaxed and warm. Make sure the colors in your kitchen go well with the rest of your home to keep a nice flow around.

12. Go for The Right Open-Plan Kitchen Worktop

Go for the right open-plan kitchen worktop

Choosing the right countertop for your open-plan kitchen is super important because it needs to work well and look nice too. Quartz is a good choice because it’s really strong and can handle scratches, stains, and heat. It’s also easy to keep clean with just a gentle cleaner and water. You can find quartz worktops in lots of distinct colors and patterns that match your L-shaped kitchen with an island. Another option is granite, which is famous for its natural beauty and classic style. It makes any kitchen look classy with its unique patterns and colors.

13. Get the Right Window Dressings for Open-Plan Kitchens

Get the right window dressings for open-plan kitchens

Choosing the perfect curtains or blinds for open-plan kitchens is super important. It makes the kitchen look great and helps it work well too. These coverings give you privacy and let you control how much sunlight comes in. They can even make your kitchen look cooler and fancier. Blinds or shades are great for open-plan kitchens because they work well and make the place look exceptional. Don’t forget to pick the perfect window dressings for your open-plan kitchen. They’ll make it a sharp and useful l-shaped kitchen with an island that you’ll love spending time in.

14. Plan Open-Plan Kitchen Lighting Carefully

Plan open-plan kitchen lighting carefully

Proper lighting is important in open-plan kitchens to create a welcoming and useful environment. It makes the space work well and feel secure. When you plan how to light up your L-shaped kitchen with an island, try using different kinds of lights. There are three types you should think about general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. General lighting brightens up the whole room, while task lighting centers on distinct areas where you work, like the countertop or stove. Accent lighting is great for making fantastic things in the room stand out, such as interesting quality or decorations. And don’t forget to add switches so you can make the lights brighter or softer depending on what you’re doing or how you want the room to feel.

15. Pick Open-Plan Kitchen Flooring

Pick Open-Plan Kitchen Flooring

Picking the best floor for an open-plan kitchen means finding a material that looks nice and works well in all areas of the room. Since the kitchen is connected to other parts of your home, it’s important to pick the flooring that looks good and can handle lots of people walking on it. Some good choices are hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring. They are strong, easy to clean, and come in lots of varied ways. It’s a good idea to pick the flooring that has colors and textures that go together, so your l-shaped kitchen with an island and living area looks nice and balanced.

16. Highly Functional Space

highly functional space

An open-plan kitchen is great because it helps you move around easily and get things done quickly. Find good spots to store things and decide where to put your appliances. When your kitchen is set up well, and everything is easy to reach, cooking becomes a piece of cake. Make sure you have many counter space and organized cabinets. Also, put your appliances, like Oven, where they’re easy to use. When everything works together, your open-plan l-shaped kitchen with an island becomes super practical and fun to use. Think about how things go together, find smart storage places, and put your appliances where they’re handy.

17. Elegant Dining Space

Elegant dining space

One great thing about open-plan kitchens is that you can make a fancy dining area right there. This special space holds great value as it brings people together to enjoy meals and connect with each other. To increase the atmosphere, create a tasteful dining space that addition the overall look of your kitchen. Include beautiful lighting, attractive artwork, and stylish decorations to create a warm and refined quality in the dining area. By doing so, you’ll change your l-shaped kitchen with an island into a friendly and stunning space where people can gather, share delicious meals, and build permanent connections.

18. Comfortable and Charming

Comfortable and charming

This kitchen is like a classic treasure. It has white cabinets and cool black handles that make it look really awesome. When you’re in this kitchen, you feel so joyful. You can cook yummy food and have a great time with your family and friends. The white cabinets and black handles together make the kitchen look trendy. Whether you’re using it every day or having a party, this kitchen is perfect. It always feels like home and makes you feel impressive. The mix of white and black in this l-shaped kitchen with an island is wonderful and classy. It’s a place where you can have fun cooking and hanging out with your loved ones.

19. Luxurious Dark Hardwood Floors

Luxurious dark hardwood floors

The colors in the standard kitchen work together like a happy team. Light and dark tones join hands to create a pretty look. These outstanding floors come in deep colors and have a natural texture that makes your kitchen feel extra unique. When you put them next to light-colored cabinets and countertops, it’s like a beautiful difference that makes everything look trendy. The dark hardwood floors are also really strong and last a long time, so they’re perfect for places where lots of people walk around. They always look shining and include a bit of class to any style of decoration, whether it’s old-fashioned or modern. No matter what kind of furniture you have, whether it’s fancy and new or old and unique if you put these amazing dark hardwood floors in your open-plan l-shaped kitchen with an island, it will become a place that looks incredible and makes you feel happy.

20. Brick and Hardwood Mix

Brick and Hardwood Mix

The design uses both brick and wood with a wall mirror, which makes it look old-fashioned and attractive. When you look at the house from the outside, you’ll notice its pretty brick exterior. It has a popular and permanent beauty that gives it a traditional beauty. And when you step inside, you’ll find the floors are made of stunning hardwood. They are not only pretty but also strong and durable. The mix of these two materials makes the l-shaped kitchen with an island look even more wonderful. It adds deepness and character to the design. Whether you’re having friends over or just enjoying a quiet evening at home, the blend of brick and hardwood makes everything feel homely and stylish. It’s the perfect backdrop for any occasion.

21. Cooking and Dining Area

Cooking and Dining Area

The kitchen and dining area with a dining table set in this home is like the heart of the house. It’s where people cook yummy food and enjoy it with their family and friends. The l-shaped kitchen with an island is all set up with advanced things like refined devices and lots of space to work on. It’s really easy to make meals there. Right next to the kitchen is a dining area that’s comfy and looks cool. There’s enough space for a big table and chairs. Whether it’s a fancy party or just a regular family meal, the kitchen and dining area are the best places to have fun and make special memories.

22. Classic Country Charm

Classic Country Charm

The L-shaped kitchen with island hardware on white cabinets has a classic country charm that never goes out of trend. Inside, everything looks lovely with a mix of old-fashioned and simple touches. It’s homey and welcoming, making you want to stay. From the wooden board on the ceilings to the antique furniture, every little detail is carefully chosen to make it look permanent and outstanding. The warm colors, pretty patterns, and delicate decorations add a soft and flashy touch. Whether you’re sitting by the fireplace or having tea on the front entry, this home’s vintage country beauty will make you feel like you’re on a lovely countryside vacation.

23. Modern with Stainless Steel

Modern With Stainless Steel

The standard kitchen black hardware on white cabinets got the latest touch by adding shiny stainless steel parts. It looks really classy with shiny stainless steel touches. The l-shaped kitchen with an island has super fancy stainless steel gadgets that not only look awesome but also work well. The design is simple, with straight lines and smooth surfaces that make it look modish and classy. Not only the kitchen, but you’ll also see stainless steel decorations all around the house, like in the lights, fruit bowl, and bathroom stuff. It makes everything look advanced and trendy. If you want a home that works well and looks clean and polished, this latest design with stainless steel is exactly what you need.

24. Large Center Island

Large Center Island

In this kitchen, the most exciting thing is the big island in the middle. It’s cool and useful. The island has a wide countertop where you can prepare meals, just like a real chef. But that’s not all. It’s also a great place for your family and friends to gather and talk while yummy food is being made. The large center island looks fashionable and attractive, and it even has lots of space to store things. It’s the most eye-catching and helpful part of the kitchen. Whether you need a spot to work or to enjoy your food, the big island is a super important feature of this home. It’s like a special treasure in the l-shaped kitchen with an island.

25. Beautiful Contrasts

Beautiful Contrasts

One rare thing about this popular kitchen design is the amazing difference between the black hardware and the white cabinets. The colors are like magic, with light and dark shades coming together to create an extraordinary feeling. The things you touch are so different too. Some surfaces are smooth, while others are rough. It’s like having a unique adventure on your hands. The house also brings nature and modern things together perfectly. It’s like nature, and the city has become best friends. Every little thing in this house was chosen carefully to make it look superb and interesting. This l-shaped kitchen with an island is a wonderful journey that will leave a big smile on your face and make all your friends jealous.

26. Wonderful Gray Tones

Wonderful Gray Tones

This awesome kitchen has pretty wooden floors that come in multiple shades of gray. The gray colors make the floors look stunning and fancy. The patterns on the floors are very detailed and add to their beauty. The mix of light and dark grays gives the floors more deepness and makes them even more pleasant. You can use these gray colors to decorate your l-shaped kitchen with an island in many rare styles. It doesn’t matter if you like the latest or traditional designs; the gray floors will go well with both. Whether you like neat or fine colors, the gray floors are like a blank canvas that you can use to decorate your kitchen in any way you want.

27. Calm Beige Colors

Calm Beige Colors

The beautiful gray tones of the wooden floor baseboard look nice. They go well with peaceful beige colors that make the kitchen feel quiet and comfortable. The soft coffee colors create a soothing atmosphere and make the kitchen feel warm and inviting. These colors can match with any other colors or decorations you like. Whether you want a quiet kitchen or a friendly living room, the Pacific coffee colors of these floors will help you make the kitchen feel peaceful. The gray and sandy mixture makes the kitchen look and feel quiet and peaceful. The gentle beige colors bring a sense of peace and comfort, making the kitchen feel comfy. You can use these colors with any other colors or decorations you like. Whether you want a restful bedroom or a welcoming living room, these quiet coffee color floors will make the l-shaped kitchen with an island feel peaceful and relaxing.

28. Complete Kitchen and Dining

Complete Kitchen and Dining

This special l-shaped kitchen with an island design gives you everything you need for cooking and eating in one place. The wonderful dark wooden floors flow smoothly from the living room into this space, making everything look connected and balanced. It’s like a puzzle coming together perfectly. The floors in these areas are the same, which adds a trendy and stylish touch. It’s as if they are wearing matching clothes. Moving from one part of the house to another feels like walking on a magic carpet. Whether you’re cooking yummy food in the kitchen or having a delicious meal with your family in the dining area, the wooden floors make the whole space look more attractive and practical. They are like a secret ingredient that makes everything better.

29. Functional


These cool dark wood floors look amazing and are helpful too. They are super strong and will stay nice for a long time, so they’re a smart choice for your home. You don’t need to worry about them getting easily broken or dirty with area rugsbecause they can handle lots of people walking on them. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean. Another awesome thing is that they make your home cozy and save energy by keeping it comfy. This l-shaped kitchen with island floors looks nice, And they’re also really useful, and you can count on them.

30. Natural Light Shine

Natural Light Shine

These beautiful floors are made of dark wood. They help make the sunlight in your home look even more wondrous. The floors have dark colors with sheer drapes that stand out when the bright sunlight comes into the kitchen. This makes the l-shaped kitchen with an island feel bright and gives it a nice feeling. When the dark floors and sunlight come together, the floors become the main thing you notice in the room. The plenty of sunlight shining on these fancy floors adds brightness and makes your home feel warm and lively.

Summing It Up

All in all, the L-shaped kitchen with an island is a practical and stylish solution for homeowners. Throughout the above post, we’ve discussed the benefits and things to consider when choosing this kitchen layout. Let’s summarize the key points. Space and Functionality: The L-shape provides plenty of countertop and storage space, making cooking and meal preparation easy.

The island adds extra workspace and serves as a gathering point for guests. If you’re thinking of a kitchen renovation, why not explore the possibilities of an L-shaped kitchen with an island?

Share your thoughts and experiences with your friends, and let’s create beautiful and functional kitchens together!

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