I was tagged by Deb at Home Life Simplified and I thought I’d play along for fun! Thanks so much Deb, I enjoyed reading your 10 Things!
So here are 10 things you didn’t really need to know about me.

1. I absolutely hate spiders – I am scared of them .. ever since I was about 10 and dreamt they were crawling all over me, under the bed sheets. It truly scared the life out of me, and I ran out of my room and staying in the living room for over 2 hours. When I went back into my room I turned on each and every light and flicked the blanket off to expose the spiders hiding underneath. I honestly thought I would find a billion tiny spiders all over the place – but there were none! So I went back to bed {with all the lights on} but shortly after I swear I could feel them crawling on my skin. Ugh, gives me the shivers just thinking about it!

2. In October every year I put plastic spiders all around the house for Halloween. Yep I like to torture  de-sensitize myself like that. I am a little queasy at first and then seem to ‘get used’ to them being around – I guess maybe because I know they are plastic? Prior to the incident above I loved spiders and had a pet one.

3. I met my husband when I was 20 and moved in and became a full-time stepmum before the age of 21. Three weeks shy of my 23rd birthday I gave birth to our gorgeous boy. I hid my age for a very very long time and wanted people to think I was older than I really was because I wasn’t treated very nicely for being young at my stepkiddos’ school pick ups. The other mums also enjoyed spreading rumours that I broke up a happy family. But if they ever bothered to talk to me they would have learnt that I met my husband 2 years after they separated.

4. I love travelling, experiencing different cultures and seeing new things but I don’t like air planes and am a petrified flyer. I am much more comfortable when hubby is with me and am doing a lot better now that I am a mum and have to keep myself together when flying alone with my kiddos! {I still sit there and pray my butt off, though!}

5. I have this overwhelming love for New York. You know when they say the first 3 years of your life are the most important? I spent nearly 2 of those first 3 as a ‘New Yorker’ and although I don’t remember it I think it’s ingrained somehow in my psyche. This might sound a little ridiculous but I actually feel homesick when I read about New York or see it on TV. But it’s true and I can’t wait to go back there and to experience it during Christmas with my family. The photo above is me in NYC in 1985.

6. I grew up as an expat overseas – with drivers and a cook, a laundry lady, cleaning lady, gardener, night guard and a full time nanny. But I also grew up in a country where children die from lack of medical care and many don’t get the chance to finish school. Coupled with down to earth parents who wanted us 4 children to be grounded and refused for us to be spoiled by having what we had and I have an immense understanding and appreciation for just how very lucky I am, in every way. Sure, my husband and I work hard for what we have and for our future, but I am acutely aware that I am lucky that I even have the opportunity to do so in the first place.

7. I can’t sleep with socks on and I also don’t like my feet covered up by the blanket or sheets – if it’s really cold I’ll settle but if it’s not absolutely freezing then at least one foot needs to be uncovered.

8. I have a sewing machine and I don’t know how to use it. My hubby had to show me how to do that threading bit with it.

9. I have a funny accent. Americans think I am Canadian and Australians think I am American. I also have a very kid-ish voice and when calling for a taxi once at age 19 I was asked if my Mum and Dad knew I was ordering a taxi.

10. I can’t sleep when any cupboard or drawer around the house has been left open. In summer my hubby likes to leave the en suite door open for airflow and I struggle with this! I am better than I used to be … when living alone I was not be able to sleep if a cushion was not straightened on the couch or if there were any cups left in the sink or laundry in a basket needing to be folded. But when you’re a busy mum and you don’t live by yourself you have to learn how to let some things slide.

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