I know it’s not something widely celebrated in Australia, but I am a Halloween lover and I grew up with it, and so in our house we have a little bit of fun with it. 
So I’m sharing a couple of really easy Halloweeny crafts we’ve done so far. 
1. Egg carton spiders.
We just cut out some little egg carton bits and painted them black. 
We hole punched 4 holes in each side {look closely they are totally not lined up but it doesn’t matter}
and then Noah threaded pipe cleaner legs through. 
We then glued googly eyes {I seriously love googly eyes} onto them. 
The one with big big eyes is actually cute. 
2. Pumpkiny Playdough
These were cute and super easy. It was also the first time I tried out cooked playdough. Oh, never going back to the other playdough now! 
We stuck coloured pasta into them and then the kids just had fun with playdough and pasta 
And were not really interested in doing this {but I sure had fun}
And Noah wasn’t really impressed with this ‘black butterfly’
Hahaha. Playdough FAIL.