...but the rest of the store will be open.
Thanks for your patience.  Our stamps can take a loooooong time to arrive from the distribution center.
For you lovers of "pretty stamps," Jet Video CPU now has the brand-new New England Lighthouse stamps in stock for $9.20 a sheet.   There is also a dedication ceremony at the lighthouse this morning.  Here's a news story with more information: http://www.theforecaster.net/news/print/2013/07/03/new-stamp-gives-portland-head-light-cape-elizabeth/165507

Jet Video will be open from 10-4 tomorrow, and the Post Office will be closed.

Due to per-transaction processing fees that are levied on us when we run cards, Jet now has a $5 minimum on credit card purchases.*  We know it can seem convenient for customers not to carry cash, but since most of our transactions are for amounts less than $10, the fees that we have to pay on our end add up quickly.  We always prefer cash to cards but will continue to accept them for larger transactions -- or checks if you have a video account with us.  This will help keep Jet's prices low.

Our experiment in accepting cards for the Post Office has also come to a close.  Since it is not normally part of the way that CPUs do business, accepting cards made our accounting paperwork difficult.  It also cut in considerably to our already-low commission on postal transactions.  Therefore, we are back to accepting cash and checks only at our CPU.  However, there is an ATM at the nearby Quality Shop on Stevens Avenue, about a block away.

*Because privately-owned credit card companies want their services to appear to be on par with cash, they had prohibited businesses from imposing minimums for some time.  However, the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 has allowed for businesses like Jet to impose up to a $10 minimum on credit card transactions.

Jet's Post Office will be closed this Monday, February 18, in observance of Presidents' Day.  We will resume postal transactions on Tuesday.
Jet's CPU is back to full capacity with a new postage meter now.
The new postage meter we were sent turned out to be faulty, but a new one should be here by tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime, Jet's CPU can only sell stamps and process mail under 13 ounces.
Postage rates will be going up this coming Sunday, January 27th.  Here is an official summary of the changes from USPS: http://about.usps.com/news/national-releases/2012/pr12_114.htm
Jet's CPU will be closed this Martin Luther King Day, but we will still be open for DVD rentals and ice cream.  In honor of Dr. King, here is a free documentary about the events surrounding his assassination: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwLm1bc6f7M