Haven't seen them yet?  There's still time.  Our 25 most popular movies of the past month.

1. The Heat
2. Homeland, Season 2
3. The Croods
4. This Is the End
5. The Hangover, Part 3
6. The Frozen Ground
7. Pacific Rim
8. After Earth
9. World War Z
10. The Way, Way Back
11. Now You See Me
12. The Internship
13. Behind the Candelabra
14. Homeland, Season 1
15. Iron Man 3
16. The Conjuring
17. Epic
18. Game of Thrones, Season 1
19. The Purge
20. Star Trek: Into Darkness
21. Parade's End
22. The Great Gatsby
23. Pain and Gain
24. Stuck in Love
25. Admission
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Fairly Legal, Season 2
Falling Skies, Season 2
Free Samples
Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card-Counting Christians
Home Alone: The Holiday Heist
Monsters University

R. I. P. D.
Space Warriors
Supernatural, Season 8
The Trouble With Bliss
White Collar, Season 4
Wilfred, Season 2

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Here are dates for the DVD releases of some of this year's biggest films and series.  Typically, new movies are released on Tuesdays, though once in a while you'll see a Friday or Saturday release.

Monsters University - TOMORROW
White House Down; Mad Men, Season 6 - Nov. 5
Man of Steel; Turbo; Dexter, Final Season - Nov. 12
We're the Millers; Planes; Two Guns; The World's End - Nov. 19
Red 2; Jobs; Breaking Bad, Final Season - Nov. 26
The Wolverine; Smurfs 2 - Dec. 3
Despicable Me 2; Fast and Furious 6 - Dec. 10
Elysium; Percy Jackson & the Sea Monsters; The Family; Kick-Ass 2; Justified, Season 4 - Dec. 17

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Fridays at Jet Video, titles from our Foreign section rent for $1 each.  This week's spotlight is on director Leos Carax's surreal feature, "Holy Motors," which emerged earlier this year as one of the better-reviewed (and strangest) foreign-language titles.

The film follows the mysterious M. Oscar, who changes into numerous characters from scene to scene.  Who is he?  What are his motivations?  The plot follows a Lynchian, dream-like logic as it pulls the viewer through a wide variety of bewilderingly intense sequences spanning a number of diverse genres.  Worth a watch!

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