Yes, trick-or-treaters get free chocolate soft serve all day tomorrow (though probably not quite as big as the cone pictured at left).  Why?  "Because we like you" -- and because we're about to shut 'er down for the winter.  Get it while it lasts -- but you've got to say the magic words!

Keeping the Deering Center window painting traditional alive... photo slideshow below.  Thanks to everyone who participated, and to Amy Segal and Theresa LaGrange for organizing!
Jet Video is the first sponsor of Maine Loves Movies, an afternoon movie trivia event hosted by a local group.   Prizes include Jet Video merchandise.

When:  1 PM to 3 PM, Sunday 11/17
Where: Borealis Bakery & Bistro, 182 Ocean Avenue, Portland

From the flyer:
"If you love to watch movies, talk about movies, or just know a bunch of stuff about movies, then we love you!  Join us for movie games, conversation, food, fun and PRIZES.  Enjoy “pizza and pitcher” specials, a sandwich, or a cup of coffee. The event is free (even if the food isn’t.)"
Jet Video has tickets for the upcoming Dimensions in Jazz shows (payable by cash or check only):

Frank Carlberg Quintet's "Word Circus"
Sunday, 10/26, 8 PM
Woodford's Congregational Church
Prices: Students $5, Seniors & Advance $10, At Door $20

Free prize for returning a colored-in page, and we'll hang it up in the window!
The first customer to rent a movie today gets a free* ticket, valid for today and tomorrow only**, to see Disney's new "Planes" movie.  See movie info at IMDB here.

*Up to $8 off ticket price
**Expiration date 9/15/13

Jet is now closed for the day.  See you tomorrow!
We didn't quite make it to 300 likes on the Facebook page for 20% off, but we made it pretty close, so how about 15%?  That's today only...
Customer Appreciation Week continues today with face painting from 3-5 PM and a magnet giveaway from 6-9.  Also, cups are still available for $1 each.
Today, free with the purchase of a float, shake, or smoothie is a souvenir Jet Video cup.  You can also buy them on their own for $1.