Yesterday we did a little more Christmas decorating around here. And although it isn’t even cold at Christmas here in Australia I feel there’s no reason why we can’t ‘winter wonderland’ it up a little bit. 
I saw this oh so cute idea on Pinterest and decided we’d have to do it. 
And so we added some snow to the kids reading nook and they love it – they just lie there and look up at the pretty little puffs of white. 
My hubby is brilliant and thought we should put some up in the entry to our hallway and so we did. This was all him {except for me making some of the snow ball strings} – he’s awesome. 
He attached them to a stick and hung the stick using two 3M hooks on the ceiling. Did I say he is brilliant? Brilliant and awesome.
The instructions on the photo I found on Pinterest said it was just ‘cotton balls and fishing line’ – I guess it would work if you found very thin fishing line but our fishing line was really thick and I found it really difficult to get through the cotton balls. So we switched to white cotton thread and it was so much easier. 
Another tip is to do a loop around your cotton ball – so once you’ve threaded your needle through the cotton ball and positioned it where you want it on the thread, thread the needle through it again to help secure the cotton ball into place otherwise they eventually all just fall down to the bottom of the string. 
Loving this cute little touch – and the family time we enjoyed together on a beautiful Sunday morning :o}
Hope you had a lovely weekend!