So as Christmas is well and truly upon us and I am just a few gifts away from being finished with Christmas shopping it is time for me to start thinking of Christmas wrapping! I loved this idea from Eighteen25 last year and decided to create my own this year. 
I fell in love with some gorgeous paper at Spotlight a while ago and bought some rolls which I also ended up using to decorate my gift wrapping caddy with. 
I started with one of these boxes from Ikea – these are free and can be found on those desks / tables where they have string and tissue paper and stuff after you’ve gone through the checkouts.
  They are for bringing your glasses / plates etc home in. I bought some glass jars and a couple of glass bottles a while ago and so of course they *needed* to come home with me in one of these boxes. 
 I decided just to put the pretty wrapping paper on the front and back of the box only. This is so I can still fold it down flat and store it for use again next year. 
And then I just filled it with all the stuff I need for wrapping. I am loving that I don’t have to go over there to get the paper, and then back over here to grab the tape, and then oh where are my scissors? 

and ugh where did I put that really nice gold ribbon? Where are the gift tags? I need a pen. 
None of that!

It’s all here. Happy happy.