playdough pies

We had some fun last week making playdough pies! The kids LOVE when I make pie and we have some left over pastry. They roll it out and play play play so I thought I would make some playdough pastry for them to play with and make their own little mini pies with some of our rainbow chickpeas!

playdough pie making

I pulled out some mini pie dishes for them and grabbed my pastry cutter and a fresh batch of pastry coloured playdough and let them enjoy some chickpea pie making.

playdough_pies2It was fun to roll out the pastry and line the dish. The pastry cutter was a big hit!

playdough_pies3Then it was time to get our pie filling, the chickpeas were so bright and colourful and we used a few handfuls from our stash. They did end up getting permanently stuck in the playdough so just be aware that whatever you use for your playdough pie filling will probably not be salvaged for later. 

playdough_pies5Don’t forget to decorate the tops of your pies! So cute :o}


Yum! Pop into the {play} oven until golden and enjoy slicing into your delicious playdough and chickpea pie!