Here is a super fun and easy Easter craft to do this extra long weekend with the kids!!
The other day Chloe said to me she wished and wished with all her might that she would find a little bunny pet in the back yard for us to love and take care of. 
I said to her that that was a lovely wish, but that it was one that probably couldn’t come true right now as we aren’t ready for a pet! I encouraged her to play with her hundreds of soft toy bunnies {my kids honestly have a ‘thing’ for bunnies! we have so so many!} but then I thought we should make one that could be a ‘pet’ {pet rock style!}

All you need is some air dry clay {you can make some yourself or you can use store bought {which is what we did}
Some white felt for bunny ears
Googly eyes
and something for the nose – we happened to have these little heart shaped beads which did the trick nicely! But a little pom pom or a bit of felt would work well too!

I gave the kids a ball of clay so they could each make their own and asked them to shape their little bunnies themselves.
We just pushed the felt ears into the tops of them.

I couldn’t resist adding a little bunny tail to the one I made for Owen.

They just take a few days to dry hard and they trust me when I say they make very good ‘pets’ and are so super easy to care for! They don’t need to be cleaned up after and they don’t chew your stuff! :o}
They are so also cute as little decorations around the house. I really love when I look around and see so many things that we have made together!
For some more easy Easter crafts and activities to do this weekend, take a look through the links below :o}
Maybe even try some carrot shaped meringues?!
I hope you and your family have the most wonderful, safe and happy Easter.