It’s been a bit quiet around here lately. 

Thank you so much for the messages and emails from some of you checking up on me! No, baby hasn’t  joined us yet {and hopefully won’t for at least another 4 weeks}, I’ve just been so exhausted and honestly not really coping on 2 hours sleep a night. 

I suppose it also doesn’t help that I’ve been in super nesty mode too – with a huge huge to do list. But with not a lot of energy available to blitz through it all I get a bit {a lot} cranky and frustrated. Time to reassess things I think, because the burning out isn’t ok and although we are nearing a more ‘ok’ time for baby to join us, a few weeks ago we were at risk of pre-term labour so I’ve been trying hard to chill and let some things go.

Decent sleep has left the building {for me at least} and I already felt like I had been running on empty – so now I’m not sure what I’m running on. Strawberry milk maybe :o} 
{that stuff is so bad for me, and I usually really do not like it, but right now it’s like all I can think about!!}

I have also been incredibly ‘home sick’ – or more so ‘family sick’ if there is such a thing. I feel really isolated and – not really lonely – but sort of. I am finding it really hard not having any family around {they are all a road trip or plan trip away!}
Although my hubby is the most amazing guy and we are a fantastic team and we have the most beautiful friends we can rely on when we need to, it’s just not the same as being able to lean on family for support. I hope that doesn’t make me sound ungrateful for what we do have {which I know is a lot! I am so lucky to have the most beautiful people in my life!} but sometimes I’d give anything to be able to ring one of my parents and tell them I’m struggling today and know they’ll come over and just be here

I have been missing my little blog! I have so much to share but I’ve really been struggling to get everything I want to on here for what feels like months! There has been a definite lack of balance when it comes to the blog and I’m really sorry about that! I said yes to some opportunities I was so excited to try out and to share with all of you too but had barely enough energy to put into my regular posts. It’s also been a learning curve, with me trying those new things and learning what I like and don’t like when it comes to my space on the net, so I thank you with all my heart for sticking around while I learn + grow. Thank you xx 

I have a few review/giveaway posts to share with you in the next week or so {I’m very excited about them and I know you will be too} and then I’m hoping to share with you some new printables, baby’s nursery, some activities and crafts we’ve been up to and a post about our play areas as this is one of the most requested topics I receive emails and messages about! 

I’m also over-due a Q+A post so if you have any questions shoot them my way and I’ll include them :o}

Meanwhile it’s school holidays for us here in WA! FINALLY! We are enjoying the slower pace, not having to leave the house at 8am and having long lazy afternoons. We also sorted baby’s clothes and washed them. I totally don’t remember my kids ever being that small. 

Today we have been spending our rainy day inside drawing, colouring, playing with balloons, making s’mores, building with lego, drinking tea, reading under comfy blankets and now I’m about to pop a stew on the stove and we’re going to craft the afternoon away. 

It’s been a good day and I’m so grateful.

I hope today has been good to you.