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Last year for my sweet Chloe’s birthday I bought her some pink roses. Although I admit they suited our ‘colour scheme’, that’s not the reason I bought pink ones. The reason I chose pink roses for my darling girl on her 2nd birthday is that their colour is associated with gentleness, grace, admiration and elegance. I thought them perfect for a sweet little girl that was not only full of those qualities of gentleness and grace, but who I also admired for her ability to be feisty and independent.

Roses are quite the symbolic flower. Their colours carry with them different meanings and associations. 

Red roses are the most popular coloured rose for Valentine’s Day as they symbolise love, romance and devotion. 

Green roses {or white roses with tinges of green} symbolise best wishes, luck and blessings for good health.

Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, care and joy and are a great cheer up colour as they’re bright and beautiful. Yellow roses have no romantic connotations. 

Orange roses are a perfect way to say “I’m proud of you”or can also symbolise passion, desire and enthusiasm. 

White roses symbolise purity, innocence and unity. They are also referred to often as bridal roses, as when used as a wedding flower they symbolise a happy love and new beginnings. White roses can also symbolise honour and reverence, which makes them a fitting memorial flower. 

Pink roses as I said above symbolise grace, elegance and gentleness as well as admiration. Dark pink roses also symbolise gratitude and appreciation.

Lavender roses are traditionally associated with royalty, but also symbolise enchantment and love at first sight.

Blue and black roses cannot be found naturally in nature and are artificially coloured. They symbolise the unattainable or a desire for a goal you cannot reach {blue} or the death of a feeling or relationship {black} – hope I never get either of these! Haha.  

I absolutely love flowers, and roses are most definitely one of my favourites. I used white roses in our wedding bouquet, and couldn’t bear to throw them out after our wedding so I dried them and have kept them ever since.

What is your favourite rose colour? Do you pay attention to what the colours mean?


disclosure: This post was written by me and I received some vouchers courtesy of Roses Only for my time and blog space. All opinions are my own.

sources for rose colour meanings: readers digest and wikipedia