Yum!! We LOVE waffles at our house and I love any excuse to make food a little festive. 
Last year I shared some Christmassy pancake ideas {seriously so easy, check them out} but these waffles are probably even easier.

We have a breville waffle maker which churns out these super cute heart shaped waffles. Perfect all the time but even more so when it’s Valentine’s day, or someone’s birthday, or ….
for making Christmas trees!

I just add a teeny bit of food colouring** {try and use a natural one} 

I used a cinnamon sugared almond as the Christmas tree base, a few M&M’s for the baubles and a slice of banana cut into a star for the top. Ta-da!

Are you having any festive fun with your food?


**Last year I received a bit of criticism about using food colouring in our pancakes because I am always talking about how we try to avoid these in processed foods. But like I said then, this is a very occasional treat for my kids and because I feel the majority of their food is healthy, home made, from scratch and additive free the once in a while colouring of their food is ok. I also try to use natural colours as a safer alternative and don’t use colours my kids react to. 
Of course you don’t have to make them green at all and could still make them into festive pretty waffles! :o}