Father’s day prep started on Saturday, when I started making hubby’s cake – a pecan dacquoise with chocolate cream. Sounds so fancy. The recipe is from Tenina and is a thermomix recipe! I found it pretty easy to do. But it was a little time consuming, so I’m glad I did it the day before. The recipe also states it’s better done 24 hours ahead of time if you can manage anyway!

 I left out the orange as hubby isn’t a fan of orange and chocolate and it still came out absolutely delicious.
It is a layer cake – with 2 layers of a pecan meringue and 2 layers of chocolate cream.

 followed the recipe on the video here – which I found was ever so slightly different from the written recipe. {you don’t need 110g of the Crio Beans for the filling, just 45g – so you can use the rest for garnish on top and to eat while you are making the cake! I also ground them up for much longer as I didn’t want any large bits of the crio beans in the filling as I knew Noah wouldn’t eat any of it if it had chunks} 

I broke my first bottom layer – but it really didn’t matter! 

I also grated some chocolate on top!

The kids also enjoyed licking the spatula and the butterfly after I made the chocolate cream!

The kiddos were so very excited come Sunday morning, all they wanted to do was wake him up to give him his cards and presents but they managed to hold off to let him have a sleep in.

They ate a mini breakfast and then we did some prepping for Daddy. We collected all of his goodies and popped them on a tray ready to take in when it was time to wake him up. We had our ‘picture of dad’ printables and our interviews and our ’10 things we love about you’ ready to go, plus his handmade tie from Chloe and the gifts Noah made at school {a lovely card and some coupons}. Noah hand stamped the tags.

We also bought him a dvd of a new favourite tv series and a bar of chocolate. 
Hubby isn’t the easiest to buy for – which is why I cook for him instead :o} Food is very definitely the way to my husbands heart! 

We then started making his breakfast – baked sourdough egg boats with pancetta. {will share the recipe soon!} The kids helped me by 1. eating the crispy pancetta after I’d cooked it in a pan, 2. breaking the eggs, 3. adding the cream, 3. mixing it all up and 5. hollowing out the bread rolls. 

When they were in the oven it was finally time to go and wake him up.
Can you see their excitement!?

I loved watching as hubby was getting spoilt by our two cutie pies. He had a huge smile on his face while reading his cards and the interview as well as when he put his tie on. Noah and Chloe decided to lie in bed with him for a little bit while I took the egg boats out of the oven and made some coffee. Then they all came out for some breakfast!

Hubby decided he’d like to go to Ikea … who am I to say no? I kind of love Ikea. Just a bit.
When we got home we ate dessert before dinner which is a family tradition we do for quite a few special occasions. It’s just a little fun :o}

We ate some of our pecan dacquoise.
It is honestly AMAZING. Really really good. 

and then I made him one of his favourite dishes from the Philippines for dinner. 
I can honestly say I feel so very blessed to have so many wonderful men in my life. My Papa and my Dad, my husband and my brothers. They are all amazing and I am grateful for each of them. I am so thankful that they are in the lives of my children, to help guide them and teach them how to be good people. 

But most of all I am thankful that my children see a beautiful man every single day. They see that he treats me with love and respect, and that he is hard working and honest. He is caring and loving and we know that we are important to him. He loves his children with all of his heart and I couldn’t have asked for a better dad for our kiddos. He is the love of my life, and theirs. 

Happy Father’s day to all the dads! The ones that are with us and the ones in our hearts. 
I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday with your families.