We had a really busy weekend, two full days of being out of the house for pretty much the whole day. I need a couple of days to recover now ha ha!

On saturday we took the kids to Scitech as they currently have a dinosaur exhibit called Explore-a-saurus. 
We had wanted to go during the school holidays but I had heard it was crazy busy and the line was out the door to buy tickets so thought we’d give it a miss and go once school was back.
We arrived after lunch at about 2pm and it was pretty busy inside but not insane thankfully. We didn’t have to wait in line to buy tickets so it was easy breezy. 

The dinosaurs are animatronic – very cool. They are in ‘enclosures’ so kind of like a dino zoo. 

They move and make sounds and are really quite realistic! But not very scary.

Of course there is a T-Rex – this was Noah’s favourite.

There is a sand pit where the kids can do their own dino digging to see what kind of work a palaeontologist would do when finding dinosaur bones as well as an area that shows you how dinosaurs and other animals use camouflage to hide.

The Explore-a-saurus exhibit will be at Scitech Perth until 21 October, 2012.
And in addition to all the neat dinosaur fun, there is also a heap of other things for the kids to do and see at Scitech. We watched a baby chick hatch out of an egg 

and also had fun flying the RAC helicopter, changing formula one race car tyres, launching a hot air balloon, playing with some magnetic pvc pipes to make a maze and much more :o}

Hope you had a lovely weekend!