One of our Spring activities recently has been these ever so cute egg plantings. These would also be fantastic as an Easter activity!

I saw this idea here where they used egg cartons filled with soil to grow grass seeds. As I wanted this to be an indoor thing I really didn’t want to use any dirt so used cotton balls instead. We had been collecting egg shells which thankfully doesn’t take too long around here when you bake a lot and your husband likes poached eggs for breakfast. We just carefully broke the shells at the top so we could use them as a little pot for the seeds :o}
As you can see we got impatient and wanted to start before we had collected a full dozen :o}
We used Jamie Durie’s Patio brand grass seeds from Big W {about $3 I think!} and a little mung beans I bought from a spice shop. They grow pretty quickly too.
We placed the cotton balls into the clean egg shells and then wet them down with a little water. We then added the seeds and added a bit more water. 
Noah did a little mix of mung beans and grass seeds in some of the eggs. 
I let Noah do the watering – so as you can see here we kind of drowned the seeds a little. This didn’t seem to be a problem though :o}
Not much happened with the grass seed for a few days {except starting to look a teeny bit mouldy? not sure if it was just the cotton but it looked like a bit of white fuzz} but the mung bean started to sprout the very next day.
We added a little water here and there when they had started to look a bit dry – not too much though as the cotton balls should be retaining some water for them anyway.
By Day 5 we have lots of action!
We had been keeping them here on our playroom windowsill for lots of sunshine.
And what a huge change from Day 5 to Day 6! I was so surprised by how quick we went from little sprouts to full on grass! Noah was most impressed and checked on the little things multiple times per day!
Here is a timeline, growth explosion from Day 5 onwards :o}
We popped a few into our little egg cups for displaying around the house. 
I let Chloe play with a few of them. She’s not very gentle, but really loved touching and feeling the grass and sprouts, and pulled a few out too accompanied with a “wooow!!” 
We then decided to add some googly eyes. Any excuse for googly eyes! 
And then they needed hair styles. 
Wow this is a really long post about grass seed egg plantings!! Haha. Well, we really enjoyed this. Super fun, super simple and it was awesome watching Noah get so excited about little seeds sprouting and growing before his very eyes. Chloe loves them too. Thankfully they get to stick around here for a little while as long we we keep watering them and they get some sunshine. They might just need some haircuts now and then :o}