Earlier in the year we saw this idea on Ohdeedoh and we absolutely LOVED it. Only problem is we don’t have a lot of spare wall space in this house. Bummer.
image via Ohdeedoh
I said to my husband that one day, when we have a bigger house, I would love to do this for the kids. He said he’d just make one that we could stick anywhere, instead. Brilliant. I love my husband.
And so he built this with some plywood, Ikea Bekvam spice racks {just $6.95 each!} and right angle brackets.
And I couldn’t wait until it was painted to start using it. So we put all our Easter books on it the very next day.
And so over the Easter long weekend he painted it white. I love it in white.
I love that my kiddos have a mini portable library now. And I’m so thankful my hubby is handy enough to build this. Though he tells me it wasn’t that hard, I’m pretty sure there is no way I could do it :o}
The kitchen next to the library he built too. I’ll post about that when it is finished :o}
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