So I have been doing a lot of walking down memory lane lately – specifically because we are approaching our baby girl’s first birthday and I just don’t know where all that time went? 
A lot has changed in our home since this time last year – we have a bouncing baby girl who is now walking and laughing and playing. Our house is fuller, maybe a little messier. The plants are bigger, the cubby house looks older. 
And this little boy doesn’t look like he used to! This is my picture of the day for my project life album for April 18 2010. Wow! How much my little guy has grown in a year.
 I think I’ll post some old POTD’s now and then. I loved looking back at photos from this time last year. And I most definitely love having these photos, of random moments like this, just out watering his little veggie patch.
Do you have photos from this time last year?
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