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We’re still getting better.
It’s been a little rough and I’ve gone a little crazy.
When my kids are sick I stay at home for a couple of reasons. 1, so they can rest and recuperate. 2, so we don’t infect other people and 3, because they sleep so badly when they’re sick I am too pooped to go anywhere anyhow. I lost September in all of that.
For about 6 weeks I have been cooped up at home with only a couple of trips out here and there over the entire period (I don’t count the twice weekly doctors appointments as trips out!). 
I have to say, thank goodness for the Internet. I grocery shopped online. I Halloween shopped online. I window shopped online. I trawled Etsy for just about everything. Did all my uni homework that was due (ok, maybe not all of it). Kept up with reading blogs. Found new blogs. Neglected my blog. 
I’m hoping to be here more often. 
It is October already!