Well hello there! 

I know it’s been super quiet around here, and I haven’t even shared a little of our Christmas on the blog yet! I will soon, but before it’s too late, I thought I’d share this printable with you! 

I thought it would be nice to have a small snap-shot of the year, and see what Noah was looking forward to and hoping to learn in the New Year. I don’t want to burden him with resolutions and too many goals as he is just a little kid, so I kept it simple and light. 

I debated whether I should make a specific one for 2013, but decided to keep the dates blank, so that you can fill them in with the correct years over and over. :o} That way you don’t have to wait for a new version each year. 

I had a great time doing this up with Noah, and some of his answers were an eye opener into how he thinks about himself and what he’d like to learn and accomplish. 

His favourite book and movie are obviously influenced by the fact we just had Christmas! But that’s ok, because they are his answers and we will love looking back on them in years to come.

We also filled one in with Chloe. She was able to answer some of the interview prompts {like favourite food, colour, book etc} but not all, so for those we either left blank or filled in with something appropriate. For example in her “Something I am proud of” section hubby and I wrote ‘learning how to swim’ because she has come a long way and made a huge improvement in her swimming, going from crying the whole lesson to LOVING every second of being in the water.

I also tried to make sure it would work for kiddos of any age, whether 5 or 15. 
And to be honest, it would probably work well for adults, too :o} 

I hope you have had a beautiful time celebrating Christmas with your families! I will be back soon to share some of our Christmas as well as some other things I have had requests for but will also be chilling out and enjoying these holidays and time with family. 

Wishing you a 2013 that is filled with so much love, happiness, good health, great friends and of course, FAMILY.  




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