If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll remember Valentines last year here on the blog. I shared a lot of our little crafts and fun things and you can see them all here.
I also designed these 14 Days of Valentines cards with Jade for her lovely readers. 
They were available for purchase last year for $7.95 but this year Jade has so beautifully offered that I make them available here on a little delightful – and we are offering them to all of you for free :o} 
Here is a list from Jade’s post last year for some ways to use these cards:
*Posting them to a different loved one each day for 14 days.

*Using the cards as a countdown to Valentine’s Day
*Send your child a card each day to arrive for the 14 days of February
*Package them up in a small plastic container and gift them to a friend to do as an activity with her children.
*Use the cards as an actvity countdown (similar to Christmas) with love related crafts, cooking and activities for the 14 days.

This year I will do the same as I did last year and write up a card each day for my sweet family. You could use them just for your partner, or you could do them for your kiddos too. Totally up to you :o} I love the idea of using them as a Valentines ‘advent’ calendar as Jade suggested above and I think I will incorporate that idea into what I am doing also.

We show each other love and appreciation every day. But Valentines is just a bit of extra fun for us. I get to put red and pink everywhere and we do lots of Valentine’s related activities. I give the kids a little token something {like a book and some chocolate etc} but hubby and I don’t do gifts for each other. Last year we wrote each other a message each day on these cards and enjoyed a take out candlelit dinner once the kiddos were in bed. Bliss.

Download the 14 Days of Valentines pack here. Best printed onto white cardstock :o} You can mount them onto card as Jade did {see the link above to her post to see how lovely that looks} or leave them as they are and just cut them out.
So go forth and spread love amongst your beautiful family this Valentines :o}  

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