Chloe hasn’t been sleeping very well lately, and hasn’t felt like herself, so I thought making a dream catcher together would be a lovely way to do something for just her, with the hope too that a it would help her feel more settled and calm for bedtime. We’ve also been popping the vaporiser on in her room with some calming essential oils to see if that helps her unwind and have a peaceful sleep.

doilydreamcatcher_fbMy mother in law gave me this doily about 9 years ago, and I just knew it would look beautiful as a dream catcher in Chloe’s room, and surely a ‘nanna doily’ would filter out all those bad dreams and only let sweet, joyful ones through. So on the weekend we ventured out to find some gorgeous ribbon and an embroidery hoop. 

We started by attaching the doily carefully to the inner hoop by threading some thread through and tying a double knot. I did it so that we could completely take it all apart, and the doily be left intact and undamaged. It helps if you bring your doily with you to get the right sized embroidery hoop!


Then once we had the doily nice and flat within the hoop, we then started attaching our gorgeous ribbon to the outside hoop, looping it around and through and allowing a fair bit of ribbon to dangle down.
Once those two elements were done, we simply put the embroidery hoop back together. This hid the little knots we had from attaching the doily to the inner hoop nicely.

We then had our finished doily dream catcher! I am really happy it turned out so nicely, and most importantly Chloe loves it and it has taken pride of place above her bed.
She is also sure it has been working this past week! 

I’m sure the fact that the doily was from her Nanna has something to do with that!