design your own lego mini fig

Do you have a lego lover in your life?? 
My kids LOVE the lego movie big time, and so I just knew they’d love this activity! 

I found this awesome outline of a mini fig from here and popped two of them onto an A4 sheet for printing {I like this size as it’s a little more manageable and not so large for colouring etc}

I let the kids have a couple that they could draw on with crayons and pencils. I LOVE how Noah did these three!

I also laminated a couple for re-usable play. We use dry erase crayons and can decorate and colour, then erase and use again!

And we also decorated our mini fig’s with plasticine! This was a big hit!

Endless and creative fun to be had when your kiddos can design their very own mini fig! :o}


If you’d like to print these out for your kiddos you can download the 2 per A4 sheet printable here.

Free printable design your own LEGO Mini Fig



Please note the original artist allows derivatives of his work, and the copyright remains his. You can check him out here