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This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Allison A and Carlene D!

This is one of my all time favourite baby items! We have been using ergoCocoons from ergoPouch since Chloe and I really wish they had been around or I had known about them when Noah was a bub!
Noah liked being swaddled until I couldn’t find any muslin wraps that would fit around my nine month old! The transition to a sleeping bag for Noah was pretty hard as he just didn’t like having his arms out. Chloe was very much the same and once she found out how to wriggle around a little and her hands would pop out of her wrap I knew I needed to find another solution, and I did with the use of the ergoCocoon. 

So this time around for Owen I was pretty sure we’d need the same for him and I was smart and bought another so we have two in rotation, one on the baby and one in the wash! He used his from much much earlier as they are so easy, no origami as they say! I ditched the swaddles in preference to our ergoCocoons and they are definitely a sleep cue now for him. He knows when we pop him in thats it’s time for a little sleep.

The ergoCocoon is made with beautifully soft organic cotton. It’s super stretchy and so very easy to use. The zip moves up or down making it easy to get bubs into it before sleep time, and easy to change a nappy in the middle of the night without letting their arms out.
The ergoCocoon is snug enough to contain that startle reflex that often wakes babies but allows enough movement that baby can get comfy. Owen likes to bring his hands up to his mouth and he is able to do this even while his arms are zipped up into the ergoCocoon. 
Another great feature of the ergoCocoon is that there are snap closures on the sides so when you’re ready to start transitioning to a sleeping bag you’ve already got what you need – let one arm out or both arms out – it’s up to you! 

I emailed ergoPouch and told them about how much I love our ergoCocoons and asked if I could give some away on the blog – I’m so thrilled they wanted to take part and want to give TWO of my gorgeous readers 2x ergoCocoons each! :o}

They also sent me one of their new airCocoon swaddles to try. Oh I am in love with this one big time! The airCocoon is made from bamboo so it’s super light, soft and breathable. We live in Perth and last Christmas we had about 4 or 5 {maybe more, I’ve tried to block it from my mind} days of 40+ degree heat in a row! I am not looking forward to weather like that in the next few weeks but at least with this Owen can be swaddled up in his airCocoon and a nappy and sleep comfortably without overheating while still having his arms all nice and snug.

The airCocoon doesn’t have a zip which I like! But there is still easy access for those late night time nappy changes. Popping baby into the airCocoon is a little different than the ergoCocoon as you have pull it up from their feet to their head instead of zipping but it’s still very easy and quick to do! I am also loving the chevron print! 

TWO of you can win 2 x ergoCocoons each, 0.2tog and in the sizes and colours of your choice!
Thanks so much ergoPouch for this great giveaway!


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