My kids love to write Christmas cards and I love that they love to write Christmas cards!

I set up this Christmas Card writing station for them a couple of weeks ago and so far so good, they’re enjoying the access to everything they need to write cards to their friends and family when they’re in the mood for it.

In the box I have included some mini cards, some Christmas stampers, coloured and regular pencils, Stencil cards {to use on the bigger cards in the back of the basket}, word mats {see more about these below} and a book full of Christmas stickers!
I printed and laminate these Christmas and Christmas Card Word Mats to help with the card writing. These are a free download from the Teacher’s Pet website:
 I think I will have to make a grownup Christmas card writing station for me! It would be helpful to keep everything in one place, plus it makes it portable :o}

We are loving our little Card Writing station and the kids are enjoying writing to their sweet friends. 
I am yet to decide if they’ll write to each child in the class. In previous years Noah has done, but he has a pretty big class this year and I’m not sure he’s keen.

Are you a Christmas card kind of person? 
Do you get as many cards as you send?
At what age (if any) do you think kids don’t need to write one to each child in their class but just to the friends they choose to?