I like asking Noah what he would like for lunch at school as I find he is more likely to eat what I pack if he’s had some input. I would normally ask him what he’d like in the afternoon, but by the evening when I often prepare his lunch for the next day … I’ve forgotten something. And on the days where I am making his lunch in the morning – I am even more likely to forget what we agreed on! {I’m not a morning person and it takes a while for my brain to wake up!}.

So I made this up as a way to help as I can now write down his choices and refer to it when needed.
It makes it easy for me to make and pack his lunch quickly without having to ask him during the morning rush {or be left just guessing if he’s already in bed} if he asked me for those crackers or these crackers.

It’s designed so it doesn’t matter how many kiddos you have and how often you find you need to use it. I don’t use it every day because some days I don’t ask him what he’d like, and some days I am making his lunch right then and there and so don’t need to write it down for later.

By popular request, the Lunch Box Planner is now available to print in two sizes :o}

Download this one to print 2 per page
Download this one to print 1 per page

I hope it helps you in your lunch box packing adventures!


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