This is an activity we do every year. It is very fun, sometimes messy, always a great way to spend a saturday morning :o}
To make salt dough:
Mix together
1 part salt {table salt, not cooking salt, as it is finer}
2 parts plain flour
and as much water as needed to create a dough consistency. Add this just bit by bit – add more flour if you end up adding too much water.
To bake:
line cookie sheets with baking paper and bake in a 150-160 degree oven until they are hard. This time varies according to how big / thick your salt dough ornaments are.
It should look nice and smooth like this…
And then you can colour it. Separate some dough and then just add a few drops first and knead the colour through. 
You can roll it into shapes and you can roll it out flat and use cookie cutters to make shapes.
I used a mini cookie cutter for the carrots and little chickens. And then I used a larger one for the rabbit faces and the egg shapes.  We then just rolled dough into egg shapes. A lot of this tray is stuff I made.
Noah really just likes to play with the dough – drive cars through it etc. But he is also more than happy to ‘decorate’ the shapes – such as this bunny face :o}
He decorated a few eggs as well – and then also made a mobile phone out of dough which of course we have had to bake!
I also made these salt dough tags to tie to easter baskets or for hanging. This is just an egg shape with the letters stamped into the dough before baking. {I just used a regular rubber stamp set} 
I also made a hole in the top for the twine.
After baking I used a silver pen to accent the letters and I glued a little salt dough chicken on as well.
The eggs often crack while baking in the oven – I think it’s just because they’re too thick? According to Noah – a chicken has hatched out of the cracked ones. :o}
I said that salt dough is sometimes messy … here’s proof. 
It is not usually this messy – but does get harder to keep together the more it dries out, and so then bits and pieces go everywhere! Keep it moist and add a teeny bit of water if needed and hopefully you won’t get this :o}
a little delightful