Here’s an easy and fun Easter activity. Noah particularly enjoyed this one as he hearts glue.
Firstly we needed a cute sheep that was large enough to glue cotton balls to, so I drew this one up for us to use. We also needed cotton balls and I bought a bag of 300 cotton balls for $2 at a discount store.
Then get your glue out. You could use a glue stick, but my little guy just loves using glue with a paintbrush, so that is what we normally do. This is his favourite part of any glueing activity.

Then start putting the cotton balls on.

Teehee – a wooly sheep.
We made a few of them. This one apparently needed a moustache.
I thought you might like to have a go at your own little wooly sheep!
Download him here :o}
I am linking this up to The Imagination Tree – don’t forget to have a look at some other fab ideas for playtime with your kids!