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Here I am sharing an idea you might like for Christmastime, and I am looking forward to sharing more of them with you over on my facebook page each week in December.

It’s pretty traditional to have Christmas Crackers at the table during any Christmas celebration, but at our house all we really enjoyed in them were the cheesy jokes! 

So I thought we’d make up our own little Christmas favours using empty plastic baubles from the craft shop so that I could fill them with little things we like and use them as a place setting at the table, too. I have seen these craft baubles used in so many ways and was inspired to try a few things with them but these are so far my favourite use for them!

Of course I couldn’t leave out our favourite part – the Christmas jokes! I’ve made some to share with you. They are groan worthy of course! The cornier the better, right!?

These plastic baubles are often found in craft or discount stores and are clear and designed so you can put something in them or decorate them as you wish. I spray painted ours gold and attached ribbon and tags with our names on them so we could use them at the table.

Inside I popped in a little chocolate, teeny toy and a joke rolled up and secured with a little bit of washi tape.

I really like choosing my own little goodies to pop into these – there are only so many nail clippers that don’t actually work needed in one household!
My kids are lego mad and I was able to find these cute lego minifigs for their little favours this year!

These baubles are also great to house a little surprise for adults :o}

They are a very simple but sweet way to set the table when used as table settings. But they’re great also because they can double as a ‘Christmas cracker’ that is reusable and that you can fill with what you like and not with what you don’t like.

I think it’s also nice to have a little home made loveliness at the Christmas table and these are an easy contribution!

My family hopes you enjoy these Christmas Cracker jokes as much as we did. I am sure it’s mandatory for jokes like these to be really, really corny.
Download them for free here.

What do you think? Do you think you could go a different kind of “Christmas cracker” like we have or does it have to be the traditional kind for you?

I really hope I get to see you joining in the fun with the New Idea Project over the coming months. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and everyone has a great idea or a different take on things and to me, that’s what makes life amazing – being inspired by someone and moulding that inspiration into something that works to bring joy to you and your family.